Sunday 2 January 2011

Insert Lime based Pun

I know what you're all thinking 'Oh no, Lillian's going to bore us all with another rant about Lime Crime' and yes you're right. And I am truly sorry, I had tried very hard to keep my mouth shut through all her recent shenanigans because I didn't want my blog to be seen in any way as a complete attack on her and because I had more interesting things to write about and didn't want to give her the time of day. But well now she's decided to insult me. So I figured I should respond in kind.

I would also like to point out that while I have repeatedly called her a lying, cheating, sexist, offensive moron, and written posts on all the immoral and shady stuff she has done on my own blog and youtube videos (which I would argue she brought on herself) I have never done anything outright to bring her down. I have not gone around trying to convince Lime Crime supporters to listen to my story, I only posted on her blog once (in response to the person who said I hated Lime Crime because I was fat, my comment was deleted). I've not reported her to any consumer groups or spoken about her/left reviews on makeup forums.
And like I said, even though i have had LOTS of fodder in recent months I've chosen to not discuss them.

But now look what the stupid mare has gone and done:


I'm not a hater or anything, just curious. Was the duct tape dress rumour true? The TKB thing I don't really care about because it's not like you mark the price up while reselling in cheap bags/whatever, although if I'm honest your prices are high

Glad you asked that -- it's about time that misunderstanding was put to rest.

7 years ago (gosh, I'm old!) I sold a beautiful, long velvet dress on eBay. It was vintage from the 1960s and, alas, came hemmed with duct tape. Since removing the tape would mean cutting off the bottom, I chose to preserve its length and list it "as-is". I did make sure to include a clear disclaimer about the item's condition -- I wouldn't want my customer to find duct tape as a surprise. The buyer received the dress & didn't seem to have a problem with it. Had they complained, I would've taken it back without a hinge -- but they didn't. Years later, a *friend* of the buyer's daughter posted on the internet a picture of the dress, trying to unfairly out me as a bad seller. I told that person what's up using strong language. They shouldn't have jumped to conclusions, as I was upfront about the dress from the beginning.

I have never spoken to the actual buyer of the dress. I would hope that if there was a problem with their purchase, they would have come to me and allowed me to take care of it.

Regarding Lime Crime, I have covered this in the past, but just to reiterate: our eyeshadows are custom-blended. We are very concerned with making Lime Crime affordable for every budget, with that in mind we do have sales. In fact, there is one coming up very soon! :)'

Oh just charming! Xenia I am SO sorry that my mother bought a shoddily made dress from you and forced you to call her an asshole, oh what a bitch I am! I particularly love how she puts the word 'friend' in asterisks which seems to imply either a) I did it myself, even though said friend posted on the community using her own livejournal, which she had had for several years (Oh noes, she has seen through my evil plan of pretending to be a girl from Canada for several years beforehand just so I could post mean things about her. Come on Xenia, not everyone loves sockpuppeting as much as you) or b) I have no friends D: Ouch, i'm all hot from my burn.

Her reason for not removing the duct tape is complete bollocks also, but more on that later.

Ok so seeing as Xenia is so keen to put this misunderstanding to rest, here's what really went down.

Many many years ago when I was a mere chuppy sprig of a lass I discovered Xenia on the internet. This was back in the days where she sold Lolita-ish style clothes under the name of Thunderwear. She had a livejournal (where she actually spoke about her life like she was a real person and not some weirdo who lives only to do fashion shoots in her own bedroom and pretend she invented mathmatical theorums before then claiming a few months later to be completely useless at maths) and i liked reading her posts and thought her style (which was a sort of Wednesday Addams meets EGL thing at the time) was cool. She seemed like a sweet girl and, besides her being in a truly appalling band, I saw no reason not to like her.
Over the years though she changed, or at least her internet presence changed, knowing what I now know about her I am not sure at all that she was ever a nice person. On the outside her style changed to basically be a lesser quality rip off of her friend at the time (the amazing designer and now fantastic makeup brand owner) Shrinkle. And at the same time her blog changed. No longer did she talk about her everyday life, boyfriend, Guinea-Pigs (i remember she had one who looked just like mine at the time) instead it became all about the Lime Crime brand, mainly adverts for auctions and so on. I eventually stopped reading her journal properly but still thought of her as a cool person and good fashion designer.
I bought a couple of pieces of her clothing, and while I liked the designs they all had something a bit shabby about them. For instance I bought a top that had decorative serging around the cuffs, hem and neckline and somehow the threads just started falling off (I don't even really know how she did that, I had to unpick some serging i did recently and it took forever!). I also heard some slightly suspect things about her business practices. But again I thought it was no big deal and continued to think of her in a good light, thought it was beginning to dim.

Then my Mum bought a vintage velvet dress from her as a gift to my sister. It arrived and from the outside looked lovely. So my Mum was happy, left Xenia good feedback and packed it away for Christmas. Now maybe my Mum should have examined the dress fully before it was too late for a refund, but you don't expect an item that looks nice on the outside to hold a horrible and ridiculous secret on the inside, do you?
So Christmas came, my sister got her dress and went to try it on. She came down with an odd expression on her face, we asked what's wrong to which she replied 'It's hemmed with gaffer tape!' (gaffer tape = what we call duct tape in England). My Mum looked and was slightly annoyed as she had spent quite a good amount of money on the dress, but we just laughed at it, thinking how completely stupid it was. A hem is so so simple and quick to do. (most sewing machines can do a blind hem, but even if they can't a normal stitched hem can be done in a few minutes, it's just a straight line!).  It wasn't too big a deal, though we obviously said we'd never buy anything from Lime Crime again.

My sister apparently wasn't too keen on the dress as it ended up sitting in our house (Lyd lived in Birmingham at the time) for many years, with it's silver taped bottom, undisturbed until one day some friends of mine came to stay. They had both been fans of Lime Crime a long time ago too and we were all laughing at some of the nonsense she'd said recently or something when I decided to tell them about the duct taped dress. We all had a good laugh and one of my friends asked to take some pictures, I said sure. Said friend then decided to post them in a livejournal community called Meanestbastard.

Meanestbastard was sort of similar to Regretsy, only almost entirely about bad DIY clothing and a bit more meanspirited. Lots of people like Superyana and Shrinkle had been posted about but they all just either laughed or shrugged it off. Xenia however got a lot more coverage presumably because of her ridiculous reactions to petty comments about her clothes looking rubbish. She tried to have the community taken down, tried to get a 13 year old girl suspended from livejournal for breaking her copyright (which is hilarious seeing as recently Xenia has been called out for stealing numerous photos without giving credit), and either her or Mark sockpuppeted constantly with hilarious Xenia-is-a-God style compliments while also insulting Shrinkle as much as possible (something Xenia has also done recently) . However while all that is accurate, a lot of comments are just insulting 'she looks bad here' things, which really brought down the tone of the community to seem like a bunch of bullies, which is a shame as they had some very good points. The community proved that Xenia/Mark use sockpuppets, had admissions from members of Xenia's old fashion community confirming that she encouraged them to shillbid and attack other communities, brought the charity scandal into the light and so on. But some of the comments make it hard to take anything seriously.

However while you can see my friend's post is, while laughing at Xenia for selling a dress so sloppily made, not overly insulting. My friend didn't write anything nasty about her personally, just the dress. But I don't know, maybe the fairly innocent post just laughing at the duct tape hem was just the straw that broke the camel's back and she flipped out.
Xenia was furious and decided that the best way to defend herself was to shift the blame. She said that she hadn't put the gaffer tape on originally, she'd just sold it as is, so people shouldn't be attacking her which is an odd train of thought as she was the one who sold it. But anyway I digress. I forget what else was in her comment but the end was  (I paraphrase as the comment was deleted by the oh so honest and transparent Doe Deere) 'I sold a dress hemmed in duct tape, someone was stupid enough to buy it, who's the real asshole here ;) '

(if you don't believe it really said that then look at the replies to her deleted comment, it's very easy to work out what she said)

Now Xenia has constantly said that the ebay auction for the dress had a clear disclaimer that it came hemmed with the duct tape. My Mum has always maintained that it didn't say it anywhere. However let's assume my Mum was mistaken and it did say it, and Mum knew what she was buying at the time and then forgot (giving my friend and I the wrong end of the stick). Frankly I'm inclined to believe my Mum, but let's just give Xenia the benefit of the doubt.
 It doesn't make the fact that someone who claimed to be an amazing fashion designer either couldn't be bothered or didn't know how to hem a dress any less hilariously. And pretty much perfect for a community dedicated to bad DIY clothing.

So while maybe Mum was wrong and the dress was sold to her with a big, clear disclosure about it being hemmed with duct tape, that's really not the point. I and many other people I know don't actually care too much about the duct tape dress. As I said the reason my Mum never complained was because we all just thought it was stupid and funny, not anything terrible. The problem is her shocking behaviour in response. Calling my Mum an asshole was unforgivable. My Mum and me did nothing remotely wrong. I didn't post the pictures. I didn't say or do anything that could have been remotely harmful to her or her business up until her makeup line launched (and as I said the worst thing I've done is post in my own blog). Not only was the reaction shocking and entirely uncalled for but it said vast amounts about her business practices by insulting someone basically solely for being stupid enough to buy from her.

After that I was obviously furious. I recieved an email from her (more on that later) where she said she was sorry that we didn't like the dress but never apologised for insulting my Mum. I just ignored it. And then more and more horrible secrets about her started to come out. I just didn't want anything to do with her, and didn't say or do anything remotely to do with her right up until my first post on her on the blog about a year ago (despite the awful experience I'd had I was still considering buying her lipsticks, what a moron I am!).

The reason my Mum never spoke to her about it was because she couldn't give a flying fig about her. It was too late for Mum to get a refund and she could easily fix the hem herself so she just shrugged the whole thing off. If she knew that the seller of the shoddy dress she bought had called her an asshole she probably would have just laughed at it, she's that sort of person. However I am not the sort of person who can shrug off someone insulting my lovely Mummy. I am going to hold a grudge forever.

Now the incident happened a long time ago. I've been attacked before for bitterly clinging to the past (though obviously if you've seen even half of the shady crap she's been up to that she hasn't changed and that I don't only have one reason to hate her) but the fact is a while back when she emailed me with a very pathetic apology (she said 'I'm sorry if I offended you in any way' which is an apology but in the loosest possible sense as it sort of implies that I'm somehow pathetic for being offended by her insulting my Mum. I think maybe she's just completely unable to give a real apology and accept any blame whatsoever seeing as the apology I got after the asshole insult was just 'I'm sorry you didn't like the dress' not 'Im sorry I sold that dress' or 'Im sorry i insulted your Mum' ) I was ready to forgive her. I was very happy to finally have any sort of apology. But then someone contacted me to say that, while Xenia had been sweetness and light to me with her apology and email, behind my back she had said that the whole incident had never happened, so basically calling me a liar while lying through her teeth herself.

And now it's been brought up again by her and she's trying to suggest my friend (or me because her implication that it was really me, not my friend is pretty obvious) is the one in the wrong because she dared to suggest hemming a dress with duct tape was bad DIY.
So I think I have the right to be angry about the whole thing!

So yes, I'm angry. And because of that I'm going to do something I said I wouldn't do. I mentioned earlier (and have mentioned a few other times) that just after she'd called my Mum an asshole she sent me an email. I have refrained from posting it up until now because it is so incredibly moronic and I'd rather have just let her shoot herself in the foot. However because I am so mad I want everyone to see how she managed to not only miss the entire point (apologising that we didn't like the dress when I was angry at her insulting my Mum), insult her 'fans' ('butter knife suicide? nice one Xenia) and turn the whole thing into a pity party for herself.
Also I think it's important and it proves she lied in her formspring. In it she says she purposefully left it hemmed with the duct tape to 'preserve the length', in the email she gives a completely different reason.

It may be a bit bitchy to post this, but frankly I don't care. She's insulted me and my friends and family too many times for me to care about respecting her privacy.
'Hi. I figured I'd email you directly instead of commenting in your journal.

First of all, I am sorry you didn't like the dress. Heck knows why I didn't fix it up. Maybe my sewing machine was broken that week, or maybe I just didn't know how to do it at the time. Or maybe I was just broke and desperate to sell it in as-is condition. I really can't remember.

LJ is a wonderful place. Reading other people's thoughts entertains me immensely. But then there are these people always looking to say something nasty and then act deeply offended at my punchy comeback. And yes, I understand everyone has the right to bitch on the internet and blah blah blah but come on. It got to the point where I am not allowed to even be a *real person* any more without someone getting on my case. I'm not allowed to make mistakes without getting scorned by a stranger. I'm not allowed to look ugly without someone snapping a picture and posting it for everyone to laugh at. I'm not allowed to be in a bad mood and make a sarcastic remark. All I can do to stay out of trouble is to be is this perfect, bubbly girl with lime green eyeshadow and hot pink mini skirt. I just can't do it any more. I'm done with the limelight, (pun intended!).

I stopped selling on eBay 6 months ago. I don't really do fashion nor music either. I quit both in favor of a steady-paying job a few months ago. I'm getting rid of all my sewing stuff. You're probably wondering why I still haven't 'announced' it yet. Well, frankly, I can't think of a way to do it without coming off like an asshole once again. Imagine hundreds of emails from girls all saying how much you've inspired them 'to be themselves and to follow their dreams' and then bam, "Listen up kiddies, it's all a bunch of horse puckey and you'll be broke for the rest of your life, so forget it and conform now before it's too late." I don't think I'm special. In fact, I think what happened to me is very typical. But oh, the pressure! You know someone is gonna call me a traitor and a hypocrite and commit butter knife suicide because I no longer reconstruct t-shirts. lol

Or should I tell them the truth? How much of the truth? Should I tell them that if they think any of the top eBay designers make any real money, they're crazy? They all act upbeat and pretend to be successful because no one will buy from them otherwise. And the money you make slaving away 18 hours a day? You'd be better off working $10 an hour at a convenience store! It's freakin' depressing. As in, I was actually diagnosed with depression last year and am taking pills for it. O__O

Anyway, I'm not sure why I'm telling you all this. I guess I feel like there must be someone who will understand. I am a nice person (seriously). I try to do as much good as I can, and when someone undeservingly attacks me over something I did or didn't do 3 years ago, it breaks my heart. I hate being in a public eye, that's why I left entertainment. There is a lot of pressure to be this and that, and to be nice and to smile when all you want to do is punch walls and die.

Sorry about this lengthy email. Don't worry, I don't expect you to fall in love with me all of a sudden or anything. In fact, you can still hate me if you choose - I'm used to it. :) '

And i do choose to still hate her! While some of the things she said wrote (if true) would be very sad, such as her having depression (I suffer from it and wouldn't wish it on everyone, not even her) there was no reason to bring it up. Talking about those things was just an obvious tactic to gain sympathy, without her actually having to do something crazy like apologise for her behaviour. And depression is not an excuse to do something horrible to another person.

And again it's everyone elses fault, not hers (I'm on pills because of you!). While I agree that some of the things said about her in the meanestbastard community were cruel my friends post was really not. And my Mother did nothing wrong, so lashing out at her was completely unnessecary. Mum didn't laugh at photos of her stupid makeup, Mum didn't do ANYTHING nasty to her. She says 'But then there are these people always looking to say something nasty and then act deeply offended at my punchy comeback' But my friend didn't really say anything too nasty, just 'this is a bit rubbish' basically and Mum did absolutely nothing wrong, so why shouldn't I be deeply offended by her nasty, bitchy, completely uncalled for comeback?

'I'm not allowed to be in a bad mood and make a sarcastic remark' well not when you insult an innocent person you're not!

Also: 'I try to do as much good as I can, and when someone undeservingly attacks me over something I did or didn't do 3 years ago, it breaks my heart' a) you DID do it, you sold the dress. b) it was not undeserved, it was bad DIY, the post was made on a community about bad DIY, simples. c) That isn't an excuse to call someone who bought a dress from you in good faith an asshole.

And her saying that she hates being in the public eye is just laughable.

In a way I am sort of thankful for Xenia calling my Mum an asshole. Before it happened I may have laughed at some of the more amusing things she said and did but I wouldn't have found about what a gooddamn lousy excuse for a human being she really is. I would undoubtably have bought into her candyfuture nonsense and possibly bought her crappy repackaged eyeshadows and awful formulated lipsticks. Also while personally I have a bias to feeling that calling my Mum an asshole is the worst thing she could do it isn't. In the huge list of horrible things she has done calling Mum a nasty name is pretty low down.

This woman has lied again and again to her customers, has repackaged her eyeshadows then blamed tkb for copying them. (confirmed by Audrey Kitching who worked with her),  has tried to assasinate her competition repeatedly, has threatened to sue someone for a bad review then when the review was deleted and replaced with a nicely written apology claimed that wasn't good enough and made her put up a new retraction written by Lime Crime, has asked bloggers to delete negative comments, has given out a bloggers personal email in a newsletter and asked her fans to send emails   disagreeing with her fair review, has then claimed said reviewer was not objective, posted horribly sexist remarks, admitted to stealing a jacket, blatantly shillbidded (and according to people in her old community used to encourage them to shillbid) and kicked people out of her old community for not being power hungry enough while talking about them behind their back and has (almost certainly) STOLEN FROM CHARITY (sadly links have been deleted over the years. Ask if you want the full story, but you might not believe me). Her history would be hilarious if it were fiction but sadly it is not.

She is a nasty piece of work. But I had tried to be the bigger person and stop writing about her.

And then she had to bring it up herself but make things sound like she was in the wrong and again just the victim of nasty bullying.

The hilarious thing is I basically predicted all this back in 2007 replying to her insulting Mum:
'If you reply to this i'm simply going to ignore it because i know you wouldn't do anything as crazy as offer an apology for your behaviour, you'd probably attempt to shift the blame back to me for having the nerve to stand up for myself when being insulted.'

To quote someone on the examiner article: 'calling somebody's mother a hideous name for buying something in good faith is not "telling them what's up, with strong language!" it's being an odious little reptile with no sense of how to act.'

What a complete cunt.


  1. What a nob. Even if you were a total I'm-all-out-to-get-Xenia, lets pretend she sold me a shitty dress to make her look bad kind of person, for her to call any of her customers anything negative is really unprofessional. Bell end.

  2. An unbelievable dick, she really is.
    Ps As you normally come across as so mild mannered and nice, being the mean spirited human I am, it tickled me somewhat that you ended this post in "What a complete cunt." :D good work

  3. I have been bored one day and shifted through most of the Xenia stuff, it is really interesting to see the person that bought this dress. She defiantly seems not to have everything screwed on right there.

  4. I spent quite a while reading this post, and boy was it worth it! Internet drama is hilarious, but not the extent she goes to by calling your mum an asshole! Your argument is solid and has plenty of evidence backing it up so I can't see how she can 'defend' herself after this :P
    Plus, lying to potential customers, as she did in that formspring question, is bad buisness. It makes me sad knowing that loads of people think she's a great person and look up to her ): xxx

  5. I knew Lime Crime was a bit shady, but this is crazy! There is no excuse for her to be a jerk to people and especially seeing it was her mistake/problem in the first place, why twist it round to be someone else's fault. Good for you posting this!

  6. I won´t buy anything from Lime Crime, ever, after reading this.

    It´s great that you´ve stood up for yourself, your friends, and your mum.


    P.s. Please do not insult the cunts with calling X one! ;D

  7. When you put it all together in one place like that, the evidence is overwhelming about how nasty she is.

  8. I'll have to agree with the poster above, don't insult the cunts by lumping Dough in with them!

    I was so disappointed to hear about all this stuff. I was so excited to buy my Lime Crime eyeshadow (through Mod Cloth), I got Dragon Scales, and when it came in the mail... And then I found out about the whole controversy a few months ago and I felt ill because I'd spent $12 I didn't even really have to spend because my pay at my job was ridiculous and my hours were steadily being cut. I had just wanted to treat myself to something nice for once.

    So obviously I saved my money for more reputable companies in the future. And Sugarpill has a repeat customer in me!

    I'm so sorry she kept dragging you through all that. She's a horrible person and someday she'll be seen for what she truly is by everybody. It may be several years down he line when Lime Crime is being mass-produced and is sold in Ulta or something (they carry Napoleon Perdis, so why not Dough's line?) and she'll screw up in a big way and fall harder than she's ever fallen before, but everyone who said she was a liar and a cheat will be standing there, saying, "I told you so."

    I found your blog through all this BS and I'm really glad I did. You're a lovely person and I admire your classiness through this whole thing because I sure as Hell wouldn't have been so nice about it.

  9. How irritating! I didn't know all the details, I thought I knew most... I had heard she posted under fake names, but never seen the proof. Wow. Just... huh? Wow. She is actually factually insane.

  10. Robyn:
    Well yes! I mean obviously in that case I would be a nob too but seeing as she's a business owner it's just no way to act!

    Ha ha yes! I am usually very milk mannered and in real life horribly shy and quiet and meek. But she brings out a bad side of me that makes me swear :P

    I think she's just someone you can never trust, she lies through her teeth constantly and will blame anyone and anything but herself.there.

    I agree. If say just one or two of these things had happened (even the terrible ones like stealing money) it would be bad but possibly forgivable and understandable. But the list of crazy stuff she's done seems to be neverending! I don't really like posting about her anymore but when she really brings it on herself and feel I have to defend myself.

    Thank you :)
    And yes I am sorry, I usually never swear but I just got very angry and wanted to make a 'punchy comeback' of my own :P I do apologise to all the lovely cunts in the world.

    It doesn't seem real, does it? Like how one person (or couple) can do such a ridiculous amount of shady crap!

    I would like to issue a public apology to all the cunts of the world!

    I can understand how awful it would be. $12 for the tiny amount of shadow you get (even when she doubled the size of the jars it was overpriced compared to a bunch of other sellers who actually make their own products) and then finding out you can get the exact same thing for so so so much cheaper must be so infuriating!
    I feel very stupid myself because even though I knew about what she'd done in the past before starting the makeup company I was still debating buying lipstick from her! What was I thinking?

    I somehow doubt she'll ever get into a place like that. From what I've seen and heard her product isn'd selling well in Space NK. And if you look at her twitter she keeps approaching random strangers telling them they should try her products, which really makes her seem desperate!

    I'm not out to try and make her business fail. I just want the information to be out there for people to read.

    Thank you so much for your support. I was debating whether or not to post this because I honestly don't like saying nasty things about someone, even if they're deserved. I think I was in the right though because I'm just sticking up for myself and my loved ones.

    It's annoying how much has been deleted. There used to be actual screenshots showing Marks ISP was the same as a creepy anonymous poster who would ask for Xenia's address in an attempt to get the community shut down. And lots of info on the charity scandal has disappeared. It's a good thing that lots of people remember it happened.

    I think she's too calculating to be properly insane. She's just nasty and deceitful and generally gets away with it because she's got a sugary veneer.

  11. Ugh. I love how she says she has "Peter Pan Syndrome," because in a sense, she does. Because she refuses to admit fault in anything, she will learn from her mistakes, so she will never mature and grow up.

    I don't understand her diehard fans. Even when they review her products and admit they are full of flaws (primer won't wash off, lipsticks made their lips look like the Sahara, eyeshadows were duller in person, etc.) they'll look for excuses to continue to use her products and buy her things!

    It's funny, reading those old replies in LJ, how much she hasn't changed. Still photoshopping herself to oblivion, still being desperate for e-celeb status (yet claiming to be shy like Amy), still trying to scam teenage girls for their allowances. I love how she claimed recently that her warehouse ran out of primers so she could scare up sales. But when that didn't work and no one pre ordered them, she claimed that she found a few more hiding in the warehouse (aka her attic closet).

    Nothing is "just because" with her. Everything is calculated, ruthless and intentional. If she focused her energy properly, she could be 3x as successful as she claims to be. I would eventually forgive her for calling my Mom an asshole, because I'd want to be rid of the negative energy and holding a grudge wouldn't make her feel bad about it. She's incapable. I just wouldn't purchase anything from her, ever. Even if she really did reformulate her eyeshadows (did you see how she had no idea what replaced the Carmine in her red pigment to make it red? How can I know the "replacement" is really vegan?), even if she formulates all her lipsticks to be buttery smooth and moisturizing... because I don't condone her business practices and I'm well aware that she's a liar. It's like saying a restaurant sucks and having the chef tell everyone that you're horrible and a liar. Then that chef reworking her menu, even though "nothing was wrong." Then everyone eating there and saying the new food is delicious now. I still wouldn't eat there again.

  12. One thing I have noticed is that she made a huge song and dance on her blog about having bipolar disorder at one point, but has repeatedly been seen to say she just has depression. I wish I had screenshots to show you but I was never clever enough to take any.
    Now, by all means I don't mean to downplay depression. I have had it many times over the past few years and it is the worst hell imaginable, but there is a difference between depression and bipolar disorder. A pretty damn huge one. Not something she'd just occasionally forget like that.
    I'm not saying she's exaggerating her illness, or even fabricating it, but she's been inconsistent in describing it which doesn't seem right.

  13. I'm glad that I google product reviews before I buy them. I won't be buying from them. Sadly my girlfriend did when their lipsticks came out, 2 of them broke the first time that they were used and the other two arrived melted. When she complained she was basically told that it was her bad,they won't refund or exchange anything and they basically didn't care. Then, when she wrote a bad blog post about it, she got harassed and threatened so bad that she ended up deleting her entire blog and starting a new one. They even went as far to say that as she was a lesbian she had no knowledge of "decent makeup" as if that has anything to do with it??? So I know what a witch Dough is. Great business practice huh? I'm sorry she called your mum an asshole, I'd be livid. Good for you calling her out! It deserves to be said. (and for all the Unitards and Dough who are probably reading, I'm replying anonymous so that we can't be harassed any further.)

  14. Tea:
    Yes, exactly. Having a Peter Pan Syndrome isn't anything to be celebrated either. Having a child-like exuberance or similar is a good thing, but actually being childish when you're an adult is not.

    It's insane how she will never ever admit fault. It's like with her horribly sexist entry. She obviously thought everyone would agree with her (which actually a lot of people did to my complete bewilderment) and when they didn't started trying to backpeddle but couldn't really as the post was there for everyone to see. Like she had writted 'Men - and not the fabulous gay variety either - are making decisions about a women's product' (or similar, I'm paraphrasing) and then when people said 'what does being gay have to do with it' she claimed everyone was just misunderstanding her and sexuality didn't matter. But she'd just written something that just blatantly said she believed it did!

    It would be so easy in that situation, whether you meant it or not, to say 'I'm sorry, I guess the way i wrote that was wrong' (especially as english is her second language, giving her a great excuse) but instead of that it's just everyone elses fault for not understanding!

    Sorry I'm ranting again :P

    I don't understand the fans either. If my best friend had done some of the things she did, while I would be more willing to forgive them than I would her, I would still tell them what was what and suggest they change things and so on. But most of these people have never and will never meet her and yet they're willing to deny proven evidence or excuse crap products just because they like her blog! It's just incomprehensible to me.

    It is funny that so many things she's being criticised for she was criticised for years and years ago. Even if she couldn't/refused to actually stop doing those things you'd think she would have learned to at least hide her shadiness better!

    I guess I'm still angry about the whole thing partly because I'm a very sensitive person, I take things hard and hold onto them, I can't help it.

    Your analogy is very good. It's similar to the Glittersniffer thing. Even if her new products really are all safe and better formulated (though again I am baffled by why all her fans believe her and still support her) I would never ever buy anything. The trust is broken.

    And yes I remember her not knowing what was in the new red. It was even worse than just not knowing why it was now vegan though, someone had said they had allergies to certain red dyes (or something similar) and Xenia replied that while she didn't know the ingredients she knew for sure it wouldn't have anything to upset the allergies! Ridiculous!

  15. Catherine:
    I understand completely what you're saying. Being bipolar and having depression are both serious but very different.
    I think though that she said she was bipolar a bit after this email was sent, so she could have been mistaken.
    And i remember she said she had self diagnosed herself with bipolar disorder. So again maybe she just realised she was wrong. Or maybe she's just using it as an excuse. It's a nasty thing to accuse anyone of but knowing all the stunts she's pulled in her time I wouldn't really put it past her to be honest.

    Oh my God that is just terrible. I'm so sorry for your girlfriend, that must have been absolutely awful!

    The only reason Lime Crime started to offer returns (which they are now so proud of) was because people started just contacting paypal and forcing refunds. I guess your girlfriend got them before that happened.

    The thing is usually I would say that she had no knowledge of what her fans were doing, but the fact that she publicly asked people to send things disagreeing with Temptalia's review makes me think she could easily have rallied them privately.

    She's got weird ideas about gay men (never heard her say anything about lesbians) if you read her sexist post she says: 'That’s right: the industry that makes female-centric products is dominated by men – and not the fabulous gay variety, either –'
    YEAH cause you know all gay men love makeup!!
    I'm in a gay relationship myself and the idea of anyone saying something like that is just so hurtful and offensive (as well as being mindnumbingly stupid) that I can't remember how you two must have felt.

  16. Lillian,
    Thank you so much for writing this post. I've followed Xenia's internet career since around 2003 and still can't believe she's still trying to rewrite history by dredging up more drama. Considering the substantial contrary information provided on Meanestbastard and your blog, the fact she decided once again rewrite history shows how unprofessional and naive she truly is. Is it really that hard to publicly say "I was wrong"?

    There are lots of other things that are offensive as her supposed progressive views on gay and lesbian rights are all an act to sell products and play into an awful stereotype of ~living in Brooklyn with her fabulous gays~ fantasy a la Carrie Bradshaw and her usage of mental illness as an excuse for a longstanding history of stealing and attacking people is despicable. She's acting like a big bully and I hope this post finally serves as the hard evidence people need to stop supporting her at all.

    x M.

  17. GAH!!! What a bunch of horseshit!!! I can't believe she would imply that doctors prescribed antidepressants for her BECAUSE OF LOW eBAY SALES, are you kidding me?! You could be "depressed" bcs of low sales, you can't be diagnosed with clinical depression just because of stupid shit like that - it's a disease, ya dumb #$@&(#%@^&%#@*)^% .......

    Still more shocking information on this moron. With all of this so readily available, how is it possible that anyone still supports her?!!

  18. Lillian = +1

    I enjoy your posts on Lime Crime, though it does seem there is a fair bit of character assasination going on from both sides of the debate (or atleast in the comment sections of blogs). I do enjoy how you, Ana, Phyrra etc **try** to be the bigger person in the whole debacle because it really seems that Doe Deere is only prepared to be nice to detractors if it makes herself look good. Though the continual abuse she sends at ANY non-positive/buttlicking reviewer really speaks volumes about her personality.

    Please take this comment in the spirit it was meant - which isnt to put u down.
    Keep up the excellent posts (though not too often) exposing Xenia's dodgy/dishonest dealings.
    Happy new year Lillian, hopefully things are looking up for u healthwise ;)

  19. I don't know if this is tangentially bizarre, or just "worse":

    If she were male and working on Wall Street, she'd not only be wealthy off of this kind of behavior, she'd probably be some kind of cultural hero. Assuming she survived the 2008 market meltdown and wasn't thrown in the same cell with Bernie Madoff.

    And she has to live with herself, day in and day out. No form of escapism - not watching TV, not reading books, not making a makeup blog, nothing - will change that fact.

    The fact that people still support her is, I think, indicative of a few things: her skill at socialization; the human need to feel special (her fans); the current prevailing view of society and the world which is: it's all borked (economy, food chain, environment, infrastructure); there's no quick fix; and yes, we did it to ourselves.

    She's spent so long building the fantasy that now she's become the fantasy. She can't escape. She's done it to herself. And it sounds like she's just now beginning to realize it.

  20. Best line I've read all day, "What a complete cunt" lmao. You rock :)

  21. Rather than Peter Pan Syndrome, she's certainly histrionic. Anti-depressant pills aren't going to help much with that, it would just enable her to feel less guilty about lying and scamming. This bitch needs help, seriously. Someone please introduce her to a shrink. =__=

  22. It's okay ^_^ when you don't do what the norm is, you get used to comments. It was before they started giving refunds I think. My girlfriend and I actually found it quite funny and pathetic more then anything, blaming shotty cheap makeup on someone being gay. It was really retarded. One comment said exactly this. "Well you know, you plaid wearing dykes don't know about real makeup because all you wear is some cheap drugstore shit to hide your five o clock shadow, you're just jealous so get a life" I mean really? I read about Temptalia as well, my girlfriend had about 100 horrid comments all from the same Ip address, Hmm wonder who that was? I don't think that you're holding on to the past or a grudge, I think that people should know what a cunt she is. I also find it laughable that she claims her products are vegan when they have carmine and beeswax. Did you see that she registered on Peta? I just think shes shady to the core and out to score a quick pound and some fame. I tell you what, if she'd called my mum an asshole I'd have done the same thing you did. That's unacceptable. Sugar and sparkles can't hide everything forever. To attack someones mother or sexual preferences? Yeah, you're really so wonderful. I also think that making Grey and other people remove posts and threatening is ridiculous, because it's freedom of speech, you can't sue someone for giving your opinion. It's called freedom of speech. You have the right to dislike something. Sorry for the long ass message and adding to the drama ^_^

  23. "Imagine hundreds of emails from girls all saying how much you've inspired them 'to be themselves and to follow their dreams'"

    Dear Xenia,

    You have inspired me to really be true to myself, and to follow my dream of punching you in the fucking face.

    Thank you,


    P.S. I think what you meant to say was "sorry I called your mother an asshole" not "tralalalala I'm so famous it doesn't matter".

  24. P.P.S. I've recently been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and agoraphobia.
    To my knowledge, I have never called anyone's mother an asshole.

  25. Nice read. Loved it!

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  26. It's too bad you had to deal with this.

    Came by way of Phyrra and just wanted to show support. :) I'm new to the beauty blog community and I'm glad that I missed this entire thing going down.

    She really shouldn't be in business. :/

  27. Oh man, I was flabbergasted when the formspring question and answer was posted to the examiner comments. But that email is just something else! I once dated someone like Xenia, nothing was EVER his fault. It was either mine or my friends or someone else's entirely. It's so incredibly frustrated to deal with those types of people because they will do anything to slither out of blame, even when it's smacking them in the face and obvious to everyone. And then they STILL think they're are totally innocent!

    I think a lot of Xenia's problem isn't that she realizes she's lying. I think at this point she truly believes she's innocent in ALL Of this, just like my ex-boyfriend. I mean, after all, she's totally fabulous and awesome, and everyone's being mean to her, so none of it could possible her fault. It's just another delusion, I suppose. And it's insulting to the rest of us who have or have had depression, bi-polar, run legit businesses, just want to get the word out about less than quality products, etc. So frustrating.

  28. To be honest I've always been a huge fan of Lime Crime's make up. I've been folowing Doe since her time in Sky Salt and had some email contact over the years. She's always been very nice to me. And while Lime Crime's lipsticks are still my favorite lipsticks ever posts like this have stoped me from buying more of her magic dusts. I haven't bought Lime Crime's primer yet either. I love the brand and both Mark and Doe have always been so kind when I emaild them. But post like these really make me doubt the company. I just don't know where I stand anymore...

  29. Sigh... just... sigh. I'm staying far, far away from her. I've gotten to where I warn people about her company if they are looking at her products. I remember stumbling upon the website years ago and thinking a lot of the colors looked familiar. Sorry you had to go through this *hugs*

  30. Bipolar? Depression? I know I'm not any kind of a doctor, not by a long shot, but she sounds like a case of narcissistic personality disorder.

    "A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (in fantasy or behavior), need for admiration, and lack of empathy, beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

    1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents, expects to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)
    2. Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
    3. Believes that he or she is "special" and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people (or institutions)
    4. Requires excessive admiration
    5. Has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations
    6. Is interpersonally exploitative, i.e., takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
    7. Lacks empathy: is unwilling to recognize or identify with the feelings and needs of others
    8. Is often envious of others or believes others are envious of him or her
    9. Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes"

    I think the "unprincipled" subtype covers her pathological dishonesty.

    "Unprincipled narcissist - including antisocial features. A charlatan - is a fraudulent, exploitative, deceptive and unscrupulous individual."

    She doesn't need attention or success, she needs a psychiatrist.

  31. Three words: Worth the read.

  32. Also lmao at "what a complete cunt." Agreed! And Shattered beat me to it - I've got some textbook narcissistic bipolar relatives (actually diagnosed by psychiatrists, for what that claim's worth on the internet), and every time I read about Dough, I think about how she sounds exactly like them. And they are pretty heinous. On the bright side, it's brought me to your lovely blog. :)

  33. Before I comment on the LC stuff i want to say that I've been following your blog for a while and I really like your writing style.

    I've been reading Xenia's blog(s) for quite a while, since the beginning of her ebay days. But I've never bought anything from her, though I really like(d) the look of cosmopop.

    During all the years I've read her blog, I have never been able to figure out who the hell she is. I'm usually a good judge of character but she baffles me. I think she is creative and does have a flair for unusual but fun fashion, but she also seems very egocentric, very naive, very childish and can not take any criticism whatsoever. I personally find it rude to say that maybe she has a personality disorder, but it really seems like it. Well, either that or she really is a nasty person and is aware of what she is doing, which in my opinion is worse.

    So yes, I don't really know what my point is exactly, but there you have my thoughts about all this.

  34. And also, I wish you all the best for the new year. I've suffured from depression bouts so I can imagine what you've been through and I really wish you all the best as you seem like a very sweet and genuine person!

  35. @kathyeffingjacobs: I have family diagnosed with the parallel: antisocial personality disorder with narcissistic tendencies. A lot of Xenia's behavior waves red flags for me.

    @Louise: You make a point there; I try not to say much about people themselves, just their actions. However, my reasoning is that if she can blog and email and tell everyone she's got disorders so she can get sympathy or attention, she's waived her right for people to be quiet on the topic.

    Done hijacking your comments now Lillian, I promise. :)

  36. I've never liked Lime Crime, and I like her even less in reading this. I read it to my bf and he laughed and shook his head.

    Internet drama is hilarious and she really does it all to herself. You have every right to do what you have done, I only wish someone would have taken the bitch down sooner.

  37. I've read post on the e-drama and to be perfectly honest, I really don't care if she is mean to some people (she is human after all, and we all do it at some point), that's not to say I condone the way she sometimes handles criticism (it definitely doesn't help her product/company reputation). Anyway, I've contemplated buying the "magic dust" (which one only realizes sounds like a reference to crack after saying "magic dust") because there are a few that I love, however they are pretty expensive (the lipstick as well but I don't really care since I prefer stains/gloss) and I don't think I'll buy any until I really have the extra cash to play with (for now, I use Revlon's Perle shadows which I love--plus, they are about $4 and you get a lot of eyeshadow, its not powder but goes on like it and looks great wet, AND its really sparkly in a pretty way which I think is why I was drawn to Lime Crime/Doe and her blogazine).
    Anyway, I understand that you are mad about the whole "asshole" incident and you have every right to be, however, you've said in the past that you are letting go and yet YOU keep on going which frankly seems a little pathetic on your part. I'm not one to apologize for the things I've done/said intentionally and I don't "forgive and (definitely don't) forget", but I find that letting go of such incidents and cutting all contact with someone who has hurt you is better than continuing to beat a dead horse (does it make you feel better that you're not the only person who dislikes Xenia?). Its fine laughing/bitching about stupid drama with friends, but when you do it publicly (long after the fight is over), its tacky and says a lot about you as well. In a way, it seems like you're trying to make people hate someone they've never met or even spoken a single word to. I'm sure everyone has at some point in their life been close to someone disliked by many others (or has possibly been THAT person themselves without realizing it).
    As I said before, I don't condone her lack of maturity when it comes to handling negative feedback/making excuses, but like all people (including you), she will be nasty to those whom she feels insulted by (even if its unintentional) and she will be kind to those who are kind to her. But really, WHO seriously cares if she "stole" a lost jacket or gave a cat grapes not knowing beforehand that they were poisonous (it would be bad if she'd done so knowing its harmful affects)? Its stupid things like this that make the people who dislike her look really bad as well, is it really necessary to pick at irrelevant flaws and what you might see as lack of immorality in a person? I'll admit, I'm guilty of making fun of those whom I dislike with reason, however, posting it up for the world to see is stupid, besides, its only funny to those who know the person.
    I like your blog (as well as Xenia's) and you seem nice, but really, this e-drama needs to stop especially since its pretty much dead. I'm not saying you are a bitter person for continuing to bring up this particular subject, but with things like this, you definitely come off that way which makes your personality appear inconsistent as well. There's a saying that the people we loath are really just reflections of ourselves, I don't agree with this completely, but in some cases, it certainly appears so.

    Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not trying to be mean, just honest.

  38. First off Lillian, I really admire how you handle yourself in this situation. You stand up for yourself and expose her shameful behavior without resorting to what loads of other LC detractors do, like the personal stuff. I really admire you and enjoy reading your posts.

    But what really prompted me to respond was Sara's reply above. I don't want to disrespect you Sara, but I just wanted to say I think Lillian is not "refusing to let go"- she has only brought up the subject because Doe did first, and she lied through her teeth. If you had a bad experience with a company, told people about it and then they LIED to make you and your family look like liars, wouldn't you want to post about it to stand up for yourself? It's easy to let go of things when they are in the past, but when Doe keeps bringing it up and changing her story every time, would you want to set the record straight? Lillian is not on the attack with this one, it's all Doe.

  39. @Anonymous
    I get what you mean, but in a way, wouldn't you agree that continuing to rewrite the same story numerously (a link to MeanestBastard would suffice as well as Lillian's first post regarding Xenia's comment), continuing to insult Xenia, and posting updates on her "recent shenanigans" is just giving life to a dead, (and apparently) seven year old subject?
    Its seems a great waste of time "following" people on Twitter as a fan, but to go as far as to see what a person is up to when you don't even like them is definitely worse. I don't know if Lillian is the person following Xenia on Twitter and her blog or if others tell her about Xenia's posts, but what does any of what she posts now have to do with the "asshole" story? I read Xenia's blog and as far as I can tell, she hasn't publicly posted a single word regarding any of this. I'm not taking sides at all, but Xenia will defend herself whether she is right or wrong just as Lillian has (the difference is that Xenia doesn't write replies publicly to people who message her personally). As I said, a link would be enough for people who want to know about this incident, as well as a link to Lillian's first post where she defends herself and talks about her side of the story.
    I'm not saying Lillian should pretend any of this ever happened, but the public posts are really tacky, especially since they tend to go beyond her experience with Xenia. Setting the record straight once is more than enough.
    Both girls are acting like children, Xenia for refusing to admit her faults, and Lillian for letting the whole world know that she can't leave an ancient incident in the past.
    Really, all that's really missing from this public, old, and pretty much dead feud (if you can even still call it that) is "Team Lillian/Team Doe" t-shirts.

  40. "She had a livejournal (where she actually spoke about her life like she was a real person and not some weirdo who lives only to do fashion shoots in her own bedroom and pretend she invented mathmatical theorums before then claiming a few months later to be completely useless at maths"

    OK this seriously had me cracking up. I didn't know you were such a comedian and great writer! LOL

    I was there from the beginning. I saw all of the meanest bastard drama unfold, and saw all the drama and comments before it was deleted... I also was a "fan" of Xenia's back in the days she was with some band called Sky Salt, and sold her DIY clothes on Ebay and such...

    I believe everything you say here, because, well... I was there, silently watching... and also I mean, you have done your homework and have this buttload of rope that just hangs her.

    And, I can understand why you still carry animosity. I mean, it's difficult to forgive and forget when someone still continues to rub salt in your wounds.

    And no one calls my mom a name! NO ONE! haha So yeah i get it...

    She had plenty of chances to woman up and apologize appropriately and redeem herself, but well, unfortunately she continues to blatantly lie, despite all the evidence...

    And, not to sound like a jerk, as I know this is not some fun field trip for you, that some of this might even be painful, but well...I can't help it that, I quite rather enjoy reading all of this juicy gossip drama. It's like some disgusting tabloid that I just can't wait to see what happens next. LOL

    But all in all, I really hope there is a peaceful end to this. That she will do some public youtube video apologizing to you, and send you your money back for the duct tape dress, and some free TKB eye shadows and shoddy unicorn lipsticks. But I wouldn't hold your breath.

    Whatever the case and for whatever it's worth, I believe you and you have my support. *nods*

    -Another Anonymous(because I don't have a blogger account.

  41. @Anonymous(after my post)
    The difference is that Doe isn't doing all of this publicly on her blog letting the whole world in on this dead subject. Of course she's going to defend herself when people ask about this in an e-mail, but she doesn't respond on her blog as Lillian does.
    Another thing that interests me is how is Lillian getting all this new information about Doe? I find the whole Twitter thing really stupid, especially when you follow someone you're not even the least bit fond of (does Lillian actually check Xenia's blog/Twitter JUST to see what she can rant about or does someone else send Xenia's posts to her? Regardless, both are just as bad). How is anything that Xenia does these days relevant to the Meanest Bastard fight? That's what I mean by not letting go. Lillian doesn't have to forgive Xenia and I assume most people wouldn't, but by continuing to post about Lime Crime/Xenia's life is really stupid especially since it no longer has anything to do with what happened, really, Lillian has taken this whole thing from "defending" herself to simply continuing to attack Xenia. Both girls are behaving like children, Xenia for not admitting her faults, and Lillian for continuing to give life to a stupid incident that happened long ago.
    I read Xenia's blog regularly and as far as I can tell, she has yet to post anything regarding e-fights.
    This is something that Lillian should just let die (publicly) already, continuing to publicly write the same story (has Xenia done anything to suggest restarting this whole thing?) and attack Xenia for irrelevant reasons is just tacky.

  42. " however, you've said in the past that you are letting go and yet YOU keep on going which frankly seems a little pathetic on your part"

    No, it's Xenia who can't put the past away, in fact, she's constantly rewriting it!

    For Lillian's situation, it's the fact that Xenia just (all of a week ago) called her a liar in front of thousands of people. That is not the past, that is the now. Lillian is totally justified in posting this.

  43. It doesn't matter that it wasn't on her blog and it doesn't lessen the fact that she's a huge liar. Xenia isn't going to display her all of her shadiness on her blog where most of her readers go (why does it matter which type of medium she uses, by the way?)

    A lot of this info on Xenia is out there, check out her encyclopedia dramatic article for some details. On flickr, someone had a picture of Lillian on their photo stream, and Xenia posted a public, very snide remark on it.

  44. Michelle:
    Thank you for your comment! It really is quite jawdropping that after all these years she's still doing such shady crap. As for saying 'I was wrong' I just think she's unable to ever say that.

    A lot of people stereotype gay people but she really does disturb me a little. I remember years ago she wanted some backing dancers for her video and said she was looking for gay men specifically. Then there was a post where she said men were 'mysterious creatures' and then the sexist one where again she acts as if gay men are completely different from straight men.
    And yes, I find her using her mental illness an excuse very distasteful. Thousands of people have mental problems (myself included) and it's not an excuse to do things that are hurtful to other people. Or if it genuinely is causing her to act in that manner then she should be being treated for it!

    Well the antidepressant thing is difficult. I'm not saying that it's not true (but I've heard from other people that she sent them similar emails, so it's possible that it's her go-to excuse) and if she did have depression, for whatever reason, it would be terrible. But don't blame people for it! Like it's other peoples fault that you got depressed because they weren't buying your stuff and were looking up to you. That's the thing that really gets to me, she's blaming people for putting pressure on her, but all they were doing was being nice and admiring her. Boo hoo.

    As for her admirers, lots of people don't know about it, and those that do just don't care. Which is fair enough, though I don't understand it.

    Oh don't worry, I understand what you mean. In a way blogs like mine are acting as a character assasination. But the things is that she brings it all on herself :P
    The thing about Doe is that, even when it seems she's being nice, she can be very two-faced. For instance recently there was a blog about her and people replied talking about her shenanigans. Xenia replied, all sweetness and light, apologising that they felt that way but explaining that of course everything was untrue. Then very quickly after on twitter she posted: 'People who talk sh*t about me online: just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy steamrolling over you. With pleasure.'.

    Thank you very much for enquiring about my health, I'm still not 100% but am better than I was a while back :)

    And happy new year to you too!

    Thank you for your comment! It's probably one of the most insightful ones I've read on the subject.
    And there's nothing more I can really say on the matter!

    Ha ha! I felt weird writing it! I very rarely swear let alone use 'the c word'! I'm such an old lady. Still I think she deserves it :P

  45. Ryou:
    Whatever it is she has (if anything) it shouldn't be an excuse.

    Ha ha ha! You're the best!
    I'm sorry to hear about your recent diagnoses, I hope it's all under control or getting there. I have depression and social anxiety. But I guess that makes me too sad and shy to go around insulting Mum's :P

    Lady In A Top Hat:
    Thank you very much for your support! And I hope you don't think all beauty blogging (or indie brands) is like this. For the most part it's a very positive place!

    It is very frustratring. Like i said in my post, I was so so happy to get her (sort of) apology a while back, and then I found out that she was saying to other people that I was lying. So even when she does admit she's wrong (well as best as she can) she's also again convincing herself that she's still in the right. Sorry, this is worded horribly! It is very frustrating, and means that you really can't trust anything she says. Thank you for your comment!

    Make Up Monster:
    I'm biased against her company so it's hard for me to remain unbiased replying to you. But well, these are just my experiences. I'm very glad to hear that she and Mark have always been nice to you, and if you love her makeup there's nothing wrong with that. I'd suggest just looking everything up and making sure you're fully informed. If you are and still want to support her then there's nothing wrong with that :)

    Yeah i think staying away from all this is very sensible! Thank you, it's not so bad really, it doesn't hurt, it's just annoying!

  46. Shattered:
    Someone before has pointed out the similarities between Xenia's personality and narcisstic personality disorder. Some of it makes a lot of sense, but who knows? We don't really know her, noone does. I hope she doesn't reallt have any mental problems, they can be awful.

    Thank you :)

    Some of the things do seem to apply to her, but like I said who knows?
    And thank you, i hope you enjoy reading my posts!

    Thank you very much!

    Just to say, Cosmopop doesn't look anything like it does on her website, i'd look up some swatches if you were interested in getting it :)

    And i completely agree with you, couldn't have put it better myself! Some of the things she wears, or does, I think looks so great and is really interesting, but she also seems so full of herself. And like I've said above, Noone can say if she'd got any sort of disorder (and it is a bit rude to suggest it) but it would make sense.
    And thank you very much. You're very kind!

  47. Jessi:
    It really is all very funny as well as nasty, isn't it? Half the stuff she's done just seems so stupid! And thanks, though i really am not trying to take her down, just think people should know the truth.

    I'm sorry if my reply to you is a little defensive, I understand that you did not mean to insult me but it's hard not to be a little defensive when you're calling me pathetic and tacky. I can assure you I am not trying to make anyone hate anyone. I have absolutely no problem with people liking Xenia or Lime Crime, I just think people should be informed.

    It's easy to say that you're letting go, but hard to do. I have honestly tried. I am a very sensitive person which i do realise is a big fault of mine. However I truly believe that if Xenia had never done anything else dishonest I could easily have forgiven her, again I was interested in her makeup when it first came out but still held just enough resentment towards her not to buy it (but certainly not enough to attack her in any way). However then I saw that she was cheating, threatening and insulting other people and that not only brought back my memories but greatly increased my anger towards her.

    And then again she 'apologised' to me in an email and I was really surprised and very happy and willing to forgive. And then someone told me she was still telling other people I was lying, which showed me that she was entirely disingenuous. So it's hard to let go when she is continually denying it ever happened.

    And I'm sorry but she did bring this up again publicly. She wrote it on her formspring and then linked it on twitter. And lets be honest, even those and not her real blog are going to have a much, much bigger number of readers as this blog post. So she insulted me and my friend in public.
    And I defended myself with this post in public.

    Maybe a bigger person than myself could easily shrug off someone lying about them and their friends but I'm not that sort of person. Especially because i think it's quite relevant to her business practices that she is willing to lie and lie and lie instead of just saying 'I made a mistake, I'm sorry'.

    The links at the end are possibly a little petty as they don't have anything to do with me personally but I think a lot of the things she and her company have done are important to know.

    I understand what you mean about not airing your dirty laundry in public, but this is my blog, I talk about a lot of personal things on here and see no reason not to post about my dealings with Xenia, especially as this is a beauty blog and she runs a makeup company. But I do not go around forums or peoples blogs about Lime Crime insulting her (I think i remember one time where someone on a forum accused me of saying something that I hadn't and i replied saying it wasn't me. That's the only thing I've said about her anywhere other than my own blog and commenting on other negative blogs. And now I can't remember what forum it was so maybe i'm just talking bollocks). Lots of people i follow on blogger like Lime Crime products and I have never mentioned my dealings with them in comments or anything like that.

    And a lot of people find my posts about her interesting and informative. I'm not saying in any way that your opinion is wrong, just that as this is my blog and the majority of my followers enjoy reading these posts I see no reason not to.

    I never mentioned the thing about her feeding her cat grapes so i don't know why you brought that up.

    I also don't understand why you say it makes me look inconsistent. I've said before anything I've written about Lime Crime that I am biased, I'm not pretending to be anything. Honestly I don't know what you mean.

  48. Sara:
    I don't follow Lime Crime on twitter but I do read the examiner article, because I find it entertaining. A lot of it is nonsense however a lot of it is very relevant, it was there that she was caught bashing Sugarpill.
    Is it a bit sad of me to read it? Yes, undeniably. But it's a guilty pleasure of mine and, like a lot of people, I like to be informed of the stuff she gets up to.

    I don't think we'll ever agree about this. I understand your point and respect it but I do disagree. Perhaps subconciously I am just attacking her in revenge, but honestly I wrote this to defend myself. You said initially that you don't care if Xenia is mean to people. Of course everyone can be mean to others at certain times, however the point was that she was unjustifiably mean to a customer of hers. This is the thing, if it was just one person being nasty to another on the internet there wouldn't be anything to say, but Xenia is the head of a company. She insulted my mother, not as just some stranger, but as a business who had sold to her. That's also why i think some of the more petty things (such as stealing the coat) are important. It shows that if she as a person is willing to admit to things like that, then it's understandable that as a company they might cheat people. What she does these days isn't relevant to the meanestbastard fight but it is relevant to her current business, and I think if it's something important then people should know if they want to.

    I am truly sorry if my post offended or upset you in any way. It was not my intention to do so. I honestly wrote this just to defend myself and inform people who were interested in the truth of the matter. I don't plan to post more on Lime Crime unless she directly insults me again or does something deeply deceitful, like attack another company again.

    I don't think I'm behaving like a child, but I understand your position. Xenia didn't write on her blog but she wrote it on her formspring and twitter, which is public. So she did bring up the e-fight. She also posted (and recently removed) a video where she said anyone saying anything negative about her was lying.

    And if it's one of the old magic dusts you're after, you can get them all direct from the suppliers, so that's even cheaper than the Revlon Perles you like (never heard of them, we might not have them over here, but they sound lovely!). But her new magic dusts are not repackaged.

    Again I'm sorry if this was defensive, I know not everyone is going to like me and my blog and i do understand your point. But honestly I don't see anything wrong with me writing this. It was Xenia who brought it up, I just told the full story.

  49. Anonymous 1:
    Thank you very much. I probably do get a bit petty and personal but i do try my best not to just attack for any and all reasons. I'm very glad you enjoy my blog :)
    And thank you. I do understand what Sara is saying but like you said, if someone lies about you I don't see anything wrong with defending yourself.

    Anonymous 2:
    Thank you very much! Though really i think Xenia should get the credit for any humour :P

    Also while I've linked and found a lot of stuff the majority of her shadiness was discovered and linked to by other people, I'm just linking to it to share :)

    Oh and i completely agree that it's like a tabloid or some guilty pleasure, that's partly why i've kept up with it all. it's like a train wreck, I cannot look away! And also it's just amazing and mind boggling that she keeps doing this stuff. It's seemingly endless.

    I'm not expecting any sort of apology (which is good because I'm obviously not going to get it!) but I just honestly hope she changes her ways and stops lying and cheating.

    Anonymous 3:
    Thank you. I may have been a little petting linking to all her past shenanigans but the majority of this post was just my comeback to her formspring answer. Thanks for defending me!

    Anonymous 4:
    I'm very surprised she'd actually answer that formspring because anyone who knows anything about it would know what she says is rubbish, and those who didn't know could now look it up. Not very clever in my opinion.

    Ah yes that's my friend Liselotte, she took some photos of me and Xenia said something like 'oh my biggest fan'.

    Anyway thanks for your comment :)

  50. All I really got from her email is that she is desperately obsessed with money, which would go along with my thoughts of her from the get-go.

  51. Anon:
    Yeah, I think she'd do a lot of unscrupulous things for money :/

  52. I've been reading your limecrime articles on this blog for quite some time and I have to say that you really have taken this well. Despite the immature things and really absolutely awful business practices Xenia has done, you have managed to keep yourself in good humor about the entire situation and really put forth a good chronicle list of why limecrime is a business that perpetuates it's name sake. Thankyou for writing these articles, because like you, I probably would've bought into the candy future nonsense too. I know I shouldn't laugh at your poor misfortunes, but in reality you've been snarky and funny and not yet have you run out of witty things to say and settled for calling Xenia's mom anasshole. Good for you. C:

  53. Dear Lillian,

    Kudos for doing what you've done. The amount of evidence you contributed to this whole issue is incredibly solid. Now that all of this is available online, it's possible to make an informed choice. If any one wants to go on beleiving that this business owner handles things professionnally, then so be it, but at least the information is out there thanks to you and a few others (as well as, obviously, her own doing which everyone can see for themselves!)

    Also you seem very nice and creative, and your blog is a lovely place to visit

    Best xo

  54. Ok I was already enamoured with you and now I am totally in love! You said it with your last statement. CUNT indeed. :)

  55. This is an absolute must-read for anyone contemplating buying from or supporting that shadester. How she manages to still have fans, I don't even know. Everything she does is devious--she doesn't even wear her own products in her ridiculous living room ~photoshoots, as she is NOTORIOUS for Photoshopping the pigmentation and even the actual COLORS of what she's advertising to push a completely different expectation of how her products look and perform. She is an all-out scammer, liar and crook--how apt that she is the Lime Criminal. If that company name's not a self-fulfilling prophesy, I don't know what is.

    Great post.


  56. I have to say that I was contemplating shelling out the near 20 dollars for a Lime Crime lipstick. BUT.. then I started to research the company and I have to say that I will NEVER be purchasing ANYTHING from Lime Crime. Not even if there were a makeup apocalypse and Lime Crime somehow were the last makeup brand on earth, I would rather slather MUD on my face then purchase ANYTHING from this person.

    She is just dreadful .. she really is. And how she has groupies still, is beyond me... but then again whilst all the Glittersniffer crap was going on, and it was more than obvious that Lela was a lunatic and thief, she still had blind little groupies still singing her praises. . . In my 31 years of life I have never understood how people become infatuated and down right OBSESSED with these indie makeup creators.. its just weird. honestly... but perhaps I am just too old to grasp the concept.. or maybe it's the fact that I have common sense.. either way, kudos to you Lillian for letting your voice be heard on the matter.

    And also when reading through the above comments.. I have to say the post written by "Sara" = "Doe Deer"ish.. just saying that the writing style and how she is putting Lillian down just seems to me that it COULD be Miss Xenia herself... just sayin.

    All in all I love reading your blog Lillian, it is a must read for me! I am trying to start up my little beauty blog, and I hope it to be a place, like this blog, that I can voice my opinion and share my love of makeup and the like. You really have such unique style and I have to say that I just adore YOU! :)


    The Makeup Pixie

    ps. I have ordered 3 OCC liptars and I can't WAIT TO PLAY with them!! :)

  57. Obviously what Xenia/Doe/whatever the heck her name is has done is really stupid, but honestly I'd just totally forget about her and quit posting on her. I mean, no offence, but at some parts you come off as someone with a bit of a childish grudge. Forgive and forget, right? If it's any consolation, everyone knows that Lime Crime is a total rip-off and basically a tiny amount of pigment that you can buy for like £0.00001. I'd just stop adding fuel to the fire and then hopefully everyone will forget about her and her makeup.

  58. If you still have that dress, keep it. Some amused follower of drama will totally pay money just to wear it. I know I would, at this point, it would be amusing to me.
    Although it would really piss Xenia off, up to you if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

  59. Wow. So many idiotic trolls coming in to defend a 33 year old con artist clinging desperately to her last shreds of e fame. Doe Deere is a fake and she's still doing shady stuff, kiddies! Don't attack people just because they won't stay silent about her lying and bullying.

  60. Hey Lillian!
    I know I'm hella-late in commenting on this. I've only started to get into beauty blogging lately and while discussing LC with a friend she was like NO NO GOOGLE IT BEFORE YOU BUY. I fell down the rabbit hole of long-winded blogs about the whole saga, and ... hello, suddenly there's my friend's little sister! Well done with the way you've handled this whole sorry situation. They're definitely not getting any of my money!

    1. Just wanted to add that I am also "late to the party" but thanks to the courageous people who have stood up to Xenia, these blogs are still saving people like myself, who would otherwise be Lime Crime's target audience, on giving any money to this ridiculous company. Thanks for standing up for yourself and looking out for the rest of us!


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