Monday 25 May 2015

MUA Wet Look Eyeliner and Luxe Velvet lip Laquer in Atomic

So here are some mini reviews of two of the products I picked up in Superdrug.

Firstly the Wet Look Eyeliner. Oh boy do I love this eyeliner! It stays on amazingly. Here is a swatch freshly applied:


And here it is about 8 hours later:

Now maybe you think I'm some sort of filthy, unwashed degenerate...And you would be right! But I had washed my hands (yes with soap, God Mum!) at least 3 times while it was on my hand. Very impressive. Later on I had a bath and started scrubbing at it and it began to peel off neatly which was very satifying.

Here it is on the eyes:

And again at the end of the day: 


You can see that at the end of the day a little bit has flaked off in the inner corner of my eye and that's about it (it appears much less shiny but I believe that's the lighting)

While it does not actually look wet, it is nicely shiny and more patent looking than any other eyeliner I've tried. And it's wonderfully pigmented, appearing a nice solid black and not patchy at all. The applicator is one of my favourite kinds, a pointy felt style tip that's a little softer and more bendable than a 'felt tip' eyeliner, quite long and nicely tapered. I find these styles the easiest to use as they let me hug the lashline and control the thickness of the lines.

The Velvet Lip Laquer is a liquid matte lipstick (the kind that goes on as a liquid and then dries and attaches yourself to your lips and becomes completely smudgeproof). I've tried quite a few of these products in different brands and these are my favourite. A problem I often get with these matte liquid lipsticks are that they don't go on quite opaque in one layer and to avoid it looking streaky I have to apply at least 2. But putting more layers on top just doesn't seem to work well in the formula and they end up sloughing off my lips. The MUA ones I've tried have all been opaque in one stroke and a little goes a long way. It dries a little slower than other brands but I find this helpful as it gives me more time to apply it evenly and neatly. And when it does dry it doesn't feel uncomfortable or dry my lips like other brands. It lasts about the same amount of time as other brands, which for me is basically all day...Until I eat. I find when eating the product either rubs off from the middle out or if it's anything remotely oily it sort of melts.

Atomic is a bright, red based orange. Here it is on my lips:

...Unfortunately it's a really bad photo. It is much brighter and more orange in real light.

Here's my face! (I'm also wearing one of the shades from the MUA Birthday palette and Makeup Revolution foundation in FB01 pink tones) Again the lips colour isn't really accurate:

The eyeliner is £2 and it is awesome so you should buy it, the lip laquers are £3 and if you like matte lips you should try one. I'm really happy that such a nice inexpensive brand is making such quality products :)

Thursday 21 May 2015

A little Superdrug Haul

I was feeling a bit down at the weekend and as I was in town already (you should go see Mad Max! :P ) I wandered into Superdrug to cheer myself up a little. Now I know that shopping is a really bad remedy for feeling down but I hadn't treated myself to any makeup or frivolous stuff in a while and... Well unfortunately for me it works. And it's less destructive than vodka frenzy.

Anyway here's my haul:

MUA had an offer where if you spent £8 you got a free limited edition palette and they had a bunch of stuff I hadn't seen before. So I got a highlighter (or 'Undress Your Skin Illuminating liquid glow' to give it it's full, ridiculously long name) in Pink shimmer, Whipped Velvet blush in Chichi, Wet Look eyeliner, Velvet lip Laquer in Atomic and the palette.

NYC was on some offer, I think Buy 1 get 1 Half Price. So I picked up two of these 'Smooch proof liquid lip stains' (which from swatching I thought they might be like the Topshop Gloss Inks but they're not really :( ) in 'Faithful Coral' and ...I don't know the name of the red one. Stupidly the name is only written on the outer plastic wrap that seals the product. So as I've removed that to use it the name is gone forever!  A 'Fancy Dotty' nail polish in Greenwich Goddess and a peel off base coat which should be good for glitter polishes.

GOSH was £2 off everything so I picked up a 'Xtreme Liquid Gel Eyeliner' (how can it be both liquid and gel at the same time? Answer me GOSH!) in the shade '007 Lavender'.

Finally there was a very naughty impulse buy of some real techniques brushes. But they were over 50% off and my old ELF face brushes are slowly dying so..yeah. That's my excuse :P It's the 'Sculpting Set' with a Sculpting Brush, Fan Brush and Setting Brush.

I'll have some reviews of the MUA products coming up, is there anything else you'd like a review of? What naughty splurges have you had recently?

Tuesday 19 May 2015

Lippie of the Day: Day 2 Revlon Matte Balm in Showy

On Sunday I went to see Mad Max: Fury Road (Quick review: It was absolutely brilliant. It was a fun, stupid action film but also one of the most feminist films I've seen in a long long time. I absolutely loved it.) and so here is my lip of the day.

Revlon Matte balm in the shade Showy:

Showy is a bright, nearly neon, blue toned pink. The Matte balm formula is very nice. I don't find it actually moisturising as a lip balm is usually, however it feels very creamy and is not at all drying as a lotte of matte lip products can be. It glides on the lips very smoothly and have a smell of peppermint which I like.

(this photo is slightly washed out, the colour is brighter in real life)

And here I am making a stupid face 

As well as the lipstick I'm wearing black eyeliner (It was a felt tip one, I think it was Boots no 7 but I'm not sure as I just grabbed it from a load of eyeliners) and Illamasqua Illuminator in Halcyon (sadly discontinued) on my eyelids. I was too lazy for anything else.

I really want the purple Matte Balm called Shameless but I've never seen it in the UK :(

Has anyone else seen Mad Max? What did you think?

Saturday 16 May 2015

Lippie of the day number one!

So at the moment I'm not leaving my house much at all due to my chromic fatigue and social phobia and as i am lazy if I'm staying at home i tend to stay in my pyjamas as long as physically possible. So putting on a full face of makeup is just not gonna happen the vast majority of days. However I've decided that i shall start a project to wear a different lip product every day (or the majority of days, I'm not gonna pretend I'll manage it every day!). It's nice for my self esteem to make just a little effort with my appearance even when I'm just indoors alone. And it will give my ridiculously huge lipstick collection some well needed attention!

So without further ado here is Lippie of the Day number 1: Topshop Gloss Ink in Smitten.

Topshop has discontinued the Gloss Inks and I am really sad about it! I only have this one shade and i really wish I'd bought more when i had the chance. The formula is like a mix between a lip stain and a gloss. It's hard to explain. It's very thick and it sticks to your lips like a magnet, but it doesn't feel very sticky or wet. I love the look of lipstains but sometimes find them a bit drying and flat looking as they sink into my lips. As this is a hybrid it doesn't dry down like that and is very comfortable to wear. 

It's brilliantly adaptable, you can apply just a tiny bit as a flush of colour 

Or you can slap it on thickly for opaque coverage and better shine 

One of my favourite ways to wear it is to apply it very sheerly to my whole mouth but then build it up ib the centre for a slight two-tone effect. 

Smitten is a lovely bright raspberry pink with a small amoubt of subtle pink shimmer (you can only really see this in the photo where I'm wearing it thickly). The product has very good longevity, it fades a bit after eating/drinking but the colour does last all day or until I wipe it off. The packaging is sleek and quite classy looking black with a rubberised finish. It cost about a fiver i think but sadly as i said earlier you cannot get them anymore :(

If anyone knows a similar product please let me know in the comments!
And here's my very very simple face using it. Nothing but the Gloss Ink and a bit of black mascara.

Thursday 14 May 2015

Return of the funny face!

Hello to anyone out there who is still following this blog!
I am really, truly, amazingly grateful to anyone who is reading this. I know disappearing from my blog is really uncool and some lovely people have even sent me emails worrying about me and for that I am truly sorry.

I never intended to abandon this blog. I just kept putting off posting because of writers block and it became more and more intimidating to come back. Then there were some changes in my life that have prevented or put me off blogging.

Firstly my health problems have become worse and as a result physical appearance has changed quite a bit. I have put on quite a bit of weight due to chronic fatigue combined with a broken ankle stopping me from exercising. Also my dermatilomania has worsened and at some points I was picking my face so much it was covered in little wounds and I was ashamed to take photos of makeup when my face was so scabby.

I have, very occaisionally, worked as a character/ugly model for the last couple of years. My social phobia is still extremely bad and so you'd think modelling would be the worst job ever but actually it's not bad. However most of the time I am still just not able to it and haven't worked in about a year.
Here's the best thing I've been part of:

(Did you spot me?)

I also made a (terrible) music video for one of my favourite bands!

I've also continued learning new crafts such as knitting and corsetry and will be starting a new blog regarding those sorts of things soon for anyone interested. There have also been some changes in my personal life but I'm not going to go into at this point.

But through all this I've still been buying stupid amounts of makeup that I do not need, and I will show it all to you soon!

Again thank you to anyone reading this, I hope I can make my extended absence up to you.

Ps. If you're seeing a hideous background of 'Image hosted by Tripod' I'm sorry! My background image link has broken and I am useless at html so my attempts to fix it may well fail.