Tuesday 29 November 2011

FOTD - Lumi-nescent

 Here's a purple and green look I done (apparently I was channelling the Joker) I think it turned out pretty pretty! 

Face: Illamasqua Skin Base in 02, ELF Studio HD powder (can't remember or tell if I was wearing a blusher)
Eyes: Sugarpill Lumi, Sugarpill Tipsy, black mascara
Lips: Mac Violetta, Sugarpill Lumi

For the eyes I applied Lumi lightly all the way up to my browbone and then heavier on my lid. Then I took Tipsy and used an angled eyeliner brush to line my top lashline, create a wing and then bring it into the crease.

And I patted Lumi over my lipstick to just give it a little highlight. It made my lips look slightly fuller as well as adding a fun green sheen :)

  I also really liked my outfit:

Black fluffy top thing (it's horribly short so I was wearing a primark vest underneath) by Motel
Fluffy skirt from Asos
Spotty tights from Primark
Black bow shoes from Office
Callooh and Callay Sparkling Snowflake necklace

I need to do some product reviews but I've been tidying my room and most of my makeup is thrown into a box and hard to reach at the moment. So it's gonna be faces and outfits for a while :/

Friday 25 November 2011

FOTD - The Walk of Shame

Last saturday I went dancing with a friend of mine. All was going well and we were having a gay old time ala the Flintstones until suddenly and without warning she disappeared. I was lost and worried and very stressed . I  found out later that she went out for a ciggy and the bouncers wouldn't let her back in. She had no credit and I, being stupid and slightly drunk and wandering around the club looking for her, didn't think to try and ring/text her. When I found out what had happened she had already started off for her home, so I was very worried about having to journey home on my own at night as I can barely leave my house alone when it isn't dark and scary and I'm not inebriated and vulnerable. Luckilly we had gone to a club run by someone I know and he took me back to his house and let me sleep on his sofa (good old Carl!). In the morning I was so embarrassed and shy and worried about having been an imposition I got up before him and went on my merry way.
Wandering home in a sleep deprived stupor I felt very wicked and cool and youthful for once. It was a bit like having a one night stand, I would imagine, but without the awkwardness of having sex with someone for the first time.

Anyway the reason I'm relating this whole underwhelming story is that, somehow through a night of dancing, hours of sleeping scrunched on a couch and slight tears of stress, my eye makeup remained practically perfect!

(I shoved some lipstick on for the photo but the eyes were left alone)
And all that without primer!

Eyes: Sugarpill Magentric all over lid, Illamasqua Static in browbone and slightly in inner corner, Barry M Fine Glitter dust in 23  in outer v and crease.

Lips: Makeup For Ever lipstick in 152 (I think its discontinued)

I hope everyone in the US had a fun black friday and didn't get run over by stampedes of bargain hunters!

Speaking of, we're having a big sale!


Yes, I know, plug plug plug :P

Monday 14 November 2011

Old Photo of the day and Christmas for Callooh and Callay

So back when I was about 18 (I think, I can never remember so I guess by what my hair was like) through a bizarre series of events I ended up at the Mighty Boosh Live Tour's after party. It was absolutely terrifying annd very surreal. I was with my sister (who is also shy) so we ended up just standing in a corner gawping and wondering how on earth we got into that situation. However we ended up chatting with Noel Fielding for a little while!

He was absolutely lovely. A complete sweetheart! My sister stupidly decided to tell him that I fancied his brother and I was mortified, but he was really nice and went and got Mike (the brother) to come talk to me. Julian was also there and we tried to talk to him but he was having none of it. We stole a drink he left unattended as revenge (actually not really, we were just dying of thirst and had no money with us -___- we are tramps).

In other news our Callooh and Callay Christmas Collection is being released tomorrow!  


Please take a look tomorrow at 7 PM (GMT) for lovely sparkly, wintery goodies!

Saturday 12 November 2011


I've been feeling very down the last few days, this morning I decided to cheer myself up by watching Jedward videos. Those guys are just so delightful and happy they never fail to make me smile. So I decided to do my makeup and hair like them (well as much as possible) because obviously that's the normal reaction to liking musicians.

This is my attempt at looking androgynous... Well that didn't work but I think there is something slight Jedward reminiscent in my face! 

And if you don't know who Jedward are I think this pretty much explains it all:

God I love them.

Friday 11 November 2011

OOTD - Mango dress

A while back I went on a big shopping trip with Claire who wanted to go into Mango to look at some workwear stuff. I've always thought of Mango as very dull and boring with nothing to interest me, but I take it all back! Claire didn't find anything but I came away with a dress and a cardigan!
This is the dress:

It's not the most exciting item in my wardrobe I grant you, but I really like it! It's made of thick, soft wool so it's lovely and warm for winter, and it has a vintagey feel but is a bit different because of the neon pink plaid and the black piping waist thing (you can't see it that well because I'm at an angle).

I paired it with my Ruffled Rabbit necklace (plug plug plug)

The light makes my hair looks all green here! I was in a rush to go out so I'm just wearing mascara and Darling Girl Liquid Kiss Luxe in Strawberry Fields (my skin would look alright without makeup if it weren't for the blemishy chin!)

What do you think of the dress? :)

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless Collection

Yes, I'm stupidly late with this post once again. The collection has been out for quite some time now, but because Illamasqua is awesome with it's collections, the products are all still available and will be for a long time :) 

This collection was inspired by the dark and decadent nightlife of Berlin in the 1920s, the images really reminded me of expressionist cinema. The colours are vampy and rich, but with hints of sparkle and iridescence. While the collection of darker, vampier hues seems perfect for autumn/winter, as usual Illamasqua has not gone down a 'safe' route. The dark cerises, smoked purples, forresty greens and rusty reds are also joined by flashes of bright magenta, light peaches and greyed pinks. There's new textures too - shimmery blushes and rubberised nails. 

To be honest while I absolutely loved the collection imagery that came out before the products, I didn't imagine I'd end up wanting to buy much. To me while the pictures were absolutely breathtaking, I didn't imagine that too many exciting products were involved. For instance I adore this picture: 

But the only product really featured is a black liner (and whatever created the flawless skin)

But then when I actually saw the products, there were loads I wanted! 
And the lovely people at Illamasqua were kind enough to send me a few items, including two that I was absolutely craving, so that was a bit of good luck for me! 

The products came with a catalogue, featuring more gorgeous artwork.

And in the normal, sleek Illamasqua packaging. This is the one thing I would change about Illamasqua's collections, special packaging would be nice to distinguish them from the main line of products.

The three products I recieved were Sheer Lipgloss in Violate, Lipstick in Kontrol and Pure Pigment in Berber.

Firstly the product I was the most excited about, the Sheer Lipgloss in Violate. I won't do a proper review of the formula because it's the same as one's I've talked about extensively before here

However you can see from my picture that while this is called a 'sheer' gloss it really isn't very sheer (though you can make it look sheerer by applying it very sparingly). It's a fantastic colour. A sort of red-ish brown with tonnes of green shimmer. You can see the brown colour a lot here because of the angle of my lips, from straight on they look much more green.  I really love it, such a cool colour, I can honestly say I've never seen a metallic, forrest green lipgloss before and this is a wonderful one. However what I would say is that the  pigmentation is a little odd, it's not opaque like their Intense Lipglosses but it certainly isn't sheer. I think it would look better over a base, perhaps black. You can also apply a tiny bit of this over another colour to darken it and add a hint of the green sparkle. It's good over red! 

Next the other product I loved the look of, the lipstick in Kontrol.

This is an amazing and unique colour. It's a real, true purple (not an aubergine or plum just called a purple) but with a hint of grey which makes it look really sophisticated and special. Berry lips are usually big for winter and I think this is a more interesting alternative. I've had problems with Illamasqua's lipsticks before, a lot of the shades I've tried have been very dry or drying or just not that great. I don't know if they've made any changes to the formula or if it's just this shade but this is just a fantastic lipstick! It's super pigmented, opaque in a single stroke and has a matte finish, however it is not in the slightest bit drying. It's creamy and smooth and glides on like a dream. It's just an amazing lipstick, I don't have anything bad to say about it!

Finally I was sent Berber, a  pure pigment. 

Pure Pigments can be used all over, as eyeshadow, blush, highlighter or you can apply it wet to make an eyeliner. Berber is a great metallic red colour with gold and green sparkles. It's beautifully pigmented and the different colours of the glimmer really shine through. I've not used this as an eye shade yet but I have other Pure Pigments which I have and they make fine eyeshadows, they last ages and don't tend to crease or fade. If you apply this lightly it makes a fantastic blush! It doesn't say anywhere if this is safe for use on the lips, which is a shame, I imagine it would look beautiful dusted over a red lipstick.

All the products I tried are really wonderful, I'm so so impressed with the lipstick formula and I love the lipgloss. So I really love this new collection, I want basically everything else from it! If the items I recieved seem a bit too 'out-there' and strange there is a lot more in the collection which is more conventional, there are blushes in rosy magentas and peachy nudes and pure pigments in black and white for a great smokey look. 

One last thing, I thought one item I really didn't need was the eyeliner in Havoc, an aubergine shade. Then I saw this:

Bloody heck it looks nice!

Thank you so much to the lovely people at Illamasqua for the products. I can't wait until I have the money to buy more!

Monday 7 November 2011


I have a fringe now.

Terrible photo, my apologies. November appears to have stolen most of the light from my town and tunred what is left a horrible grey colour. Also I couldn't be bothered to get out of my pyjama top. Ahh I am so incredibly hot.

Anyway what do you think? I personally think it really suits me :)

Rubbish post I know, but I'll have a proper one up tomorrow. 

Saturday 5 November 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Hi everyone, sorry this post had been delayed for so long!
Finally it's time to announce the winner of my giveaway :)

I popped everyone into an excel spreadsheet with their choice of prize and (discounting some entries that sadly didn't follow all the rules :( and adding extra entries for tweeting etc) it came to 39 entries. I used random.org to choose a number between 1 and 39 and it came up with...

So congratulations to....

Who wins her choice of Prize no 1 and the MUA Pop-tastic palette.

Then I chose again from everyone who picked the remaining prize and the number generator came up with:

so congratulations to Bourriquette who wins second prize and Prize no 2 :)

If you guys could email me your addresses I'll get your prizes shipped out asap!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, I really enoyed reading about your favourite bright makeup items! Seems like a lot of people are fond of bright pink and orange at the moment! To those who didn't win  don't despair! I'll be having another giveaway soon <3

Wednesday 2 November 2011

It was Halloween innit?


Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a very happy Halloween. Halloween is one of my favourite holidays, we have a party every year and have 3 whole suitcases/trunks of decorations and usually I cook up a ridiculous amount of themed goodies and we play games and go really over the top. This year everyone's been very busy though and as I was the only one around I just couldn't deal with the stress, so we had a much calmer party with only 1 trunks worth of decorations :P

We decided to do the unthinkable and buy our costumes instead of making them. I know, terrible behaviour! 
I was a clown. Here is my makeup.


I know, it's not very well done, but I sweated it all off in about 10 minutes anyway :P