Sunday 24 April 2011

All Filler No Killer

Happy Easter! I hope you had either a fulfilling spiritual experience, a happy secular celebration of chocolate and bunnies or indeed just a nice relaxing saturday :)
This is another filler post I'm afraid. Basically I want you to do all the hard work for me!
I have a tonne of things to swatch or review that have been waiting for over a month now.  I can't decide what to work on first!

So help me out, tell me what you are most interested in seeing out of:
a review of Illamasqua Cream pigment
Shiro swatches and review
Hi Voltage cosmetics swatches and review
A new Evil Shades haul
Blog sale/CP/ various bits haul
A trip to Brighton

Or none of the above :P

Oh and by the way, thank you all for voting in my last poll. The winner was Morgana Minerals new lipsticks with Shiro coming a close second. I bought from Shiro first as I hadn't tried anything of theirs before, whereas I already have quite a bit from Morgana. I was planning on getting a sample set of all the new lipsticks to try but unfortunately soon after I made that poll a lot of bad stuff has happened financially and I can't afford to buy that (or indeed any makeup) anytime soon :( I'm sorry to anyone who is disappointed and I will get them as soon as I have any sort of income again!

Sorry again for the delay in 'proper' posts, my cold is finally leaving and i'm not too busy in the coming week so a review of Brazen cosmetics and a new swatcharama should be up in the next couple of days as well as lots more of my big ol' face :)

Friday 22 April 2011

Lillian Low and her big stupid lipstick wearing face

I have tonnes of proper reviews and swatches and hauls to post. But they'll have to wait for another day, today I was too busy stuffing my face with orange Lindor and watching episode after episode of Come Dine with Me. So all you get is my big ol' face.

I'm wearing High Voltage eyebrow powder in Redhead, some black mascara and Illamasqua Atomic lipstick, but other than that your guess is as good as mine!
Sorry for the boring post. Hopefully I'll have a review up tomorrow but I still have a terrible cold and it's making me want to just lie around the house whinging and avoiding anything that could be even the slightest bit productive. If worst comes to the worst I've got more pictures of my face to post!

Thursday 21 April 2011


Ok. Really sorry, I never meant to go this long without posting! Not going to go into the whys and wherefores, so instead I'm going to post some amusing pictures (well they're amusing to me anyway!)

Sometime before Christmas I bought a size playsuit on ebay, when it arrived it didn't fit. I could have sent it back as the auction had called it a 16 and it was actually a 14 but I liked it so much I decided to keep it and try and slim into it. And somehow miraculously I now fit it! Do I look good in it? Well... see for yourself:

...So that's a no :P Ok I look like a black glittery bean desperately trying to burst from it's skin. But it fits! And I can pretend I'm now a size 14 (I know I'm not really, the playsuit is either mislabelled or just runs really large but I can still wear it and claim I'm a 14!). And yes it's in the beautiful setting of right next to the bin.

Here's Claire and I on the tube a while later. We went to see my friend Mikey playing at a Glam Rock club, which was fun but I ended up having some panic attacks which sucked. We looked good though! You can't see my makeup properly though, I had a red lightning bolt on my cheek. I stole the look shamelessly from my mate Liselotte (only I couldn't do it as well).

Claire decided I needed a pompadour to tr and make me look like La Roux. Unfortunately I look a lot more like a fat, ugly boy :P

And finally here I am making the most beautiful face in the world:

I have a cold and am grumpy! But at least I've dragged my lazy bum back to my blog! Sorry for the disappearance everyone! What's been going on?