This is just for me, a list I can look at when I have extra money. Of course if anyone wants to send me anything that would be most welcome :P heh heh heh

Anastasia Beverly hills
Waterproof creme color in: Coral Reef, ice Blue, Barbie Pink
Liquid Lipstick in: Craft, vintage, Unicorn, neon coral
Lip gloss in: Purple Rain, Venom, Orchid,

Base Duo in: Linen
Corrector and concealer in: 1
Eau la la liner in: Buillion, canary yellow, Pumpkin, Melba, redskynight
Blush by 3 in: Flame,  Pink Lemonade,
Dip it eyeliner in: Pink, pastel green, Imperial purple,
Skin Base in: Oyster, Linen
Blemish Balm in: Fair
I-Divine palette in: Acid, Snapshot,

 Lipstick in: The Damned, Inhibition, Fast Lane, Depth, Beguiled, Screen Siren
Cheek Jelly in: Sibling, Beep,
Glow Pot in: Polished
Nude eyes in: Stripped

Coloured Raine:
Lipstick in: Arabian Night, Diva, Dragenista, Emerald Raine, Lady Boy, Lavender Raine,  Stalker, Studio 54, Valley Girl, VVS lipsynch, Xpose,
Lip Paint in: Berri Raine, Electric Raine, Raine Fever, Soul, Suite Raine
Lip Gloss Pot in: Arabian night, Candy Girl, Orange u sexy, Plum fairy, VVS lipsynch

Palettes in: Sparkle Berry, Cold Chemistry,
Brush Set
2015 loose shadow collection
All Elektro cute pigments

Silk Naturals:
Lip Stain in: Kiki,Trixie, Dixie
Slick Sticks in: Broadway, Swank,
Velvet matte lipstick in: Peplum, Chemise, Bauble,
Kisser Slicker in: Bitten, Hot Blooded,
Lipstick in: B52, Zap, Zing, Wham
Cream liner in: Astoria, Wildcard,
Eyeshadows in: Antenna, Frequency, Episode, Butterfly Blue, Magpie,

Paul and Joe brush holder

Magnolia Makeup:
Velour Galore in: Get It Girl, Flapper, Midnight Violet, Sirahbi,
Ultra Matte lips in: Noir, Bam,
Blush in: Ouch!

Pretty Zombie cosmetics
Liquid lipstick in: Purple Poison, 3 witches, Potion no 9, Sea witch, Dahlia,

Darling Girl cosmetics:
Cheek Gelee in: Kiss Me, Pinch Me
Wonder Wand in: Miss Muffet, She's so violet,
All 4 liquid stardusts
Chroma Glow in: Phoenix Tears, Moon Beam,
Semi-Loose eyeshadow in: Antiquity, Rendezvous,
Sparkle Matte ic in: Twilight, Galactic Love Story, Dreamy,
Pucker Paint in: Lady is a vamp, Fruit Punch, Raven, Drop Dead Red,
Balm gloss in: Love & Melancholy, Endless Night, Dark & twisty, Tickled Pink,

Blush in: Tonic, Fruit Stand, Rain,
Highlighter in: Hippo, Stole the show, spoon, smoke n whistles, Monster, Sticky Sweet,
Eyeshadow in: Flux, Snap Dragon, Cowboy, Swan, Fizz, Glowstix, Dare,
Lippie Stix and pencils in: Fern, Pepper, Tipsy, Chichi, Wifey, Scandy, Heart On, Flawless, Grind, Leather, Feminist, Brills, Raw, Charm, Bunny,


Smitten liptint mousse in: Bewitched, Nagini, Sirius, Bellatrix, Ravens Claw,
Waterproof lip lustre in: Esmerelda, Faline, Tiana, Lady, Evil Queen, Alice,
Elix'r waterproof lipstick remover
Lip couture in: Vindictive, Malevolent, Phantom, Criminal, Poison Apple, Hidden Desires
Lash Splash mascara in: Sea Squirt,
Liquid Eyeliner in: Poison Ivy,
Hydro liquid shadow in: Aphrodite, Holographic,

La girl
Glazed lip paint in: Coy, Hot Mess, Tempt,
Lip pencil in: Viola, Deepest Purple
Matte Pigment gloss in: Stunner, Blackcurrant,

Lipstick:  Rebel, Cyber, Sin, Viva Glam Cyndi, smoked purple, Dubonnet, Lavender Jade, all fired up
Lipglass: Viva Glam Cyndi, Girl About Town, Morange, Pink Poodle,
Dazzleglass: Funtabulous, Love Alert, Sugarrimed
Face protect lotion SPF 50
Chromaline in: red, orange, cyan, purple, magenta
Pro Longwear lipgloss in Full Speed Ahead
Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in: What A Blast, Dynamo, Fashion Boost

Meow cosmetics:
Munchkins in Purrfect or Pampered coverage, 0 -inquisitive or 1 - sleek intensity, Chausie, Sphynx and Bengal breeds. Matching breeds of Skinnydipper contours in light and medium.

Geek Chic cosmetics:
Geek Gloss in: Guardian of Venus, Moon Princess Guardian, Banished, Retromutagenic Ooze
Joystick in: Nightlock, Sweet Transvestite,
Blush in: Mistress of the dark, Egon Makes me Slime, PB,
Foundation in: Codex

Venomous Cosmetics:
Lip Poison in: Laughter, Smiles, Special Moments, Flighty, Burnt Out, Cloud Bound, Believe, Electrify,
Eye shadows in: Sweet Pea, Peaceful Night, Jetlag, Salmon Pink Birdeater, Fire Ant, Greenbottle Blue, Boomslang, Earthtiger
Blush in: It Girl, In Demand, Fashion Forward, Modern Art, Trendy, Model Behaviour,

Dose of Colours

Lip Lustre in: Fashion Disaster, Ghostly Voice, Isis, Nemesis, Romantique, Sexy Nerd, Triceratops
Matte lips in: Wizardry, Desire, Delicious, Dublin, Kitten, Graffiti, Sinister, Naughty and nice
Blush in: Royalty
Pixie epoxy
Eyeshadows in: 

Wet n Wild:
Mega Last lipstick in: Vamp it up, Sugar Plum Fairy, Cherry Bomb
Color Icon glitter single in: Vices, Bleached,
Lipstick in: Vendetta, ESP
Lipgloss in: Iridesce, Touch, Wanderlust, Opulent
Powder blusher in: Excite, Thrust, Katie, Unrequited, Hussy,
Brushes: Blush up, Smoothing, Fine liner, Smoulder
Nail Varnish: Geist, Melange, Blizzard, Swarm, Perseid, Marquise
Eyebrow cake in: Peek and Stark
Cream Pigment in: Hollow
Gel Sculpt in: Silhouette
All three gel metallix
Complement Palette
Skin base in 01 and 02, hydra veil and Skin Base lift concealer in Light 1

Barry M:
Nail paint in: Indigo, Arabian, Pacific, Persian,
Lip gloss wand in: Coral, strawberry milkshake
Lip liner in: Fuschia, coral
Lip paint in: Sunset, Pink ribbon, Royal Raspberry, Dolly pink, Silver glitter, Mulberry, Chestnut Red

Lip paint in: 59
Sleeks Cream Lip Paint in: 93
All AMC lip glosses
Nail enamel in: 204, 203, 207
AMC matte eyeliner gel in: 84, 79, 85




Makeup Revolution:

Coloured Raine:
Lip gloss in:
Lipstick in:
Lip Paint in:

Lipstick in:
Wicked Lipstick in: Betrayal, Scandalous, Envy, Immortal, Cold Hearted,
Macaron Lipstick in: Black Sesame, Earl Grey, Orange Blossom, Violet, Key Lime, Blue Velvet
Vamped Up lip Top coat
Simply Vamp Lip cream in: Enamoured, Temptress, She Devil, 
High Voltage lipstick in: Playdate, Twisted,
Wonder pencil in: Light

Colour mascara in: Pink petals, Perfect pear, coral reef, Mint Julep, Forget me not, 

Epically Epic Soap Company
Lip Balm in: Sharmrock Shake, Gummy Bears, Anjou Pear, Fuji Apple,
Lip Tint in: Epicberry Noir, Passionfruit Rose, Red Velvet Cake, Rosa, Bullfrog
Perfume in: I love Lychee
Custom Perfume: One in Rhubarb. One in Pear. One in Green Apple, Rhubarb, yellowcake and almond.  Possibly more.
Solid Lotion in: Yellow cake, I love Lychee

Custom scented solid lotion in: Pear, peach, rhubarb, tangerine, guava, marashino cherry and mimosa,

Tinted Balm in: It's called love, Who swallowed a star
Contour powders in: An East Wind Coming, Do Your Research, An East Wind Coming, The Game is On
Eyeshadows in: Pikachu, Shaymin, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Zelda, Dins Fire, Deku, Master Sword, Small key, Majoras Mask, Farores Wind, SS Anne, Rapidash, Articuno, Poliwrath, Gengar, Mew, Butterfree, spiritomb,

Portland Black Lipstick Company:
Lipstick in: Lux et Voluptes, Black, Bad Penny, Bugs Blood, chlorosis, Black Lagoon, The Purple Cloud,

Jeffrey Star: I'm Royalty

Melt Cosmetics:
Lipstick in: Blitzed, Dark Room, Blow, Shady Lady, Space Cake, Darling,By Starlight

Haus of Gloi
Scents I love/think I'll like:
Who needs love, Elevenses, Honey Tree, Imp, Vice, Satyr, Twice is Nice, Madcap Garden, Litchi Milk Tea, Peach Mama, Troika,

Venomous Cosmetics
Lip Poison in: Hysteria, Sedated, Hypnotize, Corrupt, Cupids Arrow, Love Potion 9, Xanadu