Tuesday 12 July 2011

Friendship is Magic Look and Tutorial - Rarity

Sorry I've been gone for a few days everyone, I've been a bit busy working. Claire and I think we'll be ready to set up shop by the middle of August or failing that the beginning of September and we're so excited! Eeeh!

Here is my second Friendship is Magic look, based on the lovely Rarity.

Rarity is Claire's favourite pony and I love her too. She's the seamstress for Ponyville and while she has her own strong ideas about style she tries her best to make her friends and customers happy, even if that means going against her own instincts. She's a little vain but never snotty or haughty. And while she is always ladylike she can be tough and strong when she needs to be. I find her character very refreshing, most times when girls are portrayed as being preoccupied with their appearance it goes hand in hand with being selfish. Rarity isn't at all, she's incredibly generous, always willing to give to those in need, even at her own expense.

So here's my look:

 As Rarity is an elegant and sophisticated pony I tried to make the look quite classy and stylish, while sticking with the royal purple and light blue colour scheme.

There's a step by step tutorial beneath the cut if you are interested :)

Here is my naked face!

Firstly I put on some base. I used Illamasqua Skin Base foundation in Shade 02 lightly all over my face and then more heavily around my cheeks where I have some redness. Then I used some translucent powder to set it (ELF Studio High Definition loose powder). I didn't use any blush.

Next I drew in my eyebrows. I used an angled brush and Sugarpill's Poison Plum eyeshadow. I made them a bit more arched and tapered than they are naturally, but my brows are naturally wonky so they're not completely even :P

For the eyes I first used a matte white shadow (Sugarpills Tako) on my brow bone and onto the bridge of my nose.

Then I used a light sky blue colour (the one I used didn't have a name, it's from an old 17 palette) putting it all over the lid and bringing it up just above my crease in a roundish shape.

I used a slightly darker matte blue (Aromaleigh Hi Fi Matte in Cool It ) all around the edge of the lighter blue (so in the crease and framing it at the outer edge) and blended it as well as I can. I'm not very good at blending :P

I lined my upper lash line with a purple liquid eyeliner (BeautyUK Pearl Eyeliner in Purple Haze), ending it in a small wing.

And then added some black mascara.

I really wanted to use false eyelashes for this look, Rarity has beautiful long black lashes. However I just couldn't get them on right and I was going out so I didn't have time to keep reapplying them. This was as good as I could get them. I took them off.

For the lips I used High Voltage Cosmetics Amped Up Lipgloss in Jukebox (review coming soon)

Nearly there!

Finally to complete the look I stuck a little blue gem (made from an offcut of acrylic I had lying around) to match her cutie mark and because Rarity loves jewels :)

So there's my Rarity look, I hope you liked it. I wish I had lovely curly royal purple hair like a pretty pony! <3


  1. :o I love it! Gorgeous! I love it when people do matching lips and brows.

  2. Like Robyn said, I love matching lips & eye brows! Makes me happy. :-)

  3. Your lips look amazing, the colour is so vibrant and they're a lovely shape! Matches your eyeliner perfectly, I would have loved to have seen this one with falsies, but they're a bit of an uphill battle sometimes (I have to cut mine in half).

  4. Ooooh the brows and lips, oh my! I love this look. I'm adding Jukebox to my wishlist.

  5. SO CUTE!!! Rarity is my second favorite pony. I think this look represents her perfectly. The lip color you used is to die for!

  6. I love the lips, cute look!

  7. OMG, I absolutely adore this. You look great, and the purple brow is so fun!

  8. I love this look. The purple and blue look so nice on you. Love the purple eye brows too.

  9. I LOVE the purple eyebrows. I think that is my favorite part of the whole look. And the eyeshadow is almost the exact color of your eyes. You are so gorgeous!

  10. I LOVE this look! It may be my favorite from you!

  11. Love the eyebrows!! And I love the BeautyUK eyeliner!

    Such a fun look!

  12. LOVE! I love the brows, the eyeliner, the lips, everything! The blues and purples come together fabulously!

  13. Robyn:
    Thanks lovely. I know, matching lips and brows is bizarrely flattering!

    Me too! :D

    Thanks so much! I wish I could have got the falsies on properly too, I love them but I just can't work them at the moment!

    It's an absolutely gorgeous colour, I'm not so fond of the formula of the glosses but lots of people love them.

    She's a lovely pony, I love the episode with her and the Diamond Dogs :D And thank you, I'm glad you think it works!

    Thank you :)

    Candace McCarty:
    I'm so glad you like it! I think I should wear purple brows all the time :P

    Jessi M:
    I think the brows looked really good, the shape was really flattering, I should do them like that more often :P Thank you so much, you're really too kind :)

    Thank you!

    Aww thank you so much Phyrra!

    Thank you! The eyeliner is actually amazing, Well worth the 3 quid or whatever it was.

    Thank you! I didn't think that baby blue would work with the purple but I think it actually looks quite nice!

  14. Really enjoying browsing your blog, especially the My Little Pony makeup tutorials. So imaginative and different! I had an Applejack toy back in the day :)

  15. Lovely! I've been planning out a human Rarity cosplay, and I love the makeup look you've put together! I may take some inspiration from you when I put it all together. (Rarity is my favourite pony...)

  16. This look is so pretty, Rarity herself would be proud! Do you think you'll ever make a Pinkie Pie look? :) Have a lovely day!

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