Monday 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone!
At the moment I'm feeling ill so it seems like my New Years Eve will be spent watching Batman The Brave and the Bold...Not that that's a bad thing!

Anyway I hope everyone has a wonderful 2013. I generally don't make resolutions but this year I have a few.
1. Be a better blogger.
Seriously I am aware I have been pathetic this year. I'm not going to go into the reasons why because, while I think most of my excuses are pretty valid, they are still excuses and I'm not happy with how I've been doing. I've started already by re-starting my hosiery blog Funny Face Lovely Legs so if you like tights and things please check it out :)

2. Learn more about making makeup! This one is gonna be fun! While I've got some things pretty much nailed down (eyeshadows, lip balms, lipsticks and other easy-ish things) there's lots more to learn! When I can afford the ingredients I'm going to start making things like gel and liquid eyeliners, mascaras, cream eyeshadows and so on. I've also booked myself into some courses next month to learn about making soap and body products and finally about the legistration and selling of cosmetics in the UK.

3.  Try to stop worrying so much. This one is much easier said than done as I have severe problems with anxiety that I can't just get rid of instantly but I'm going to at least try and be easier on myself about things. For instance tonight I was meant to be going to a friends house to celebrate New Years but I'm feeling too sick. I feel really guilty about letting people down but it's something that can't be helped so I'm trying my best to just relax and not beat myself up.

I also want to lose weight but that's not a resolution as it's not something I think is important, I just want to fit into my lovely clothes again.

Anyway eat, drink and be merry tonight! Tell me what resolutions you're making, if any.

Saturday 8 December 2012

A trip to Brighton

Back in summer (ish...maybe even earlier) Claire and I took a day trip to Brighton which we like to do from time to time.

I know I'm wearing a homemade (conjurers cosmetics) lipstick and my eyebrows are a dark blue from the Sleek mattes V2 pallette.

Thursday 6 December 2012

Blue lips and nude eyes FOTD

 Just my face. I think I was going dancing again. I'm very nearly caught up on the months old photos, yay!

 Blue is meant to make your lips look whiter. I prove this is not the case:

Face: Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in 02, some powder, Sleek Pumpkin Blush by 3 (I used the colour 'Squash')
Eyes: various colours from the MUA Heaven and Earth Palette, Illamasqua Wisdom eyeliner, black mascara
Lips: An unnamed Kryolan lip gloss 

Sunday 2 December 2012

Tiger Lillies

A while back (I'm slowly catching up and posting all the looks I've done in the last... year -__-) I went to see one of my favourite bands  The Tiger Lillies. I dressed up nice, have a look-see :)

Face: Illamasqua Skin base in 02, Sleek blush by 3 in Guipere
Eyes: Illamasqua Berber pure pigment, a colour from the MUA Heaven and Earth palette on my browbone, Illamasqua Precision Ink liquid Eyeliner in Abyss, black mascara, black pencil eyeliner
Lips: Mac Russian Red

And my outfit. I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses EVER :)

Hat: Asos
Cardigan: Beth Ditto at Evans
Dress: Handmade by Claire <3 p="p">
Tights: Les Quelles des sardines
Shoes: Clarks (super comfy!)

So as you can see I'm wearing Illamasqua here. I assume everyone has seen the drama surrounding their Christmas adverts. I've been trying to keep away from talking about drama on my blog as for a while it seemed like all I did :P But my feelings about it are quite long and complicated. Long story short I think what they did was very disappointing but not unforgivable and I will be continuing to buy from them and use their products. Because of this I thought perhaps people might want to hear the more lengthy explanation of my thoughts and feelings. Let me know in the comments :)