Saturday 12 June 2010

Soap and Glory Reviews

Soap and Glory is a brand i really like. They have lovely vintage style packaging, are reasonably priced, often smell gorgeous, never test on animals and the names are punderful! Also the brand is very often on sale or offer at boots (currently 1/3 off)
 One thing i do object to with the brand is that i wish they had more variety of products. They have about a million different body scrubs and moisturisers in their line but only one hair product, no facial moisturisers and with their cosmetics they only have lip glosses and one powder. I'm hopeful they'll start introducing a bigger selection.

Go beneath the cut for some product reviews :)

Clean Mary

They say:
A luxury complexion purifier, fit for a Clean!
Made in Switzerland, then imported over, Clean Mary™ dissolves deep down dirt, purifies your pores and smoothes away dead skin cells, leaving your face fresh, bright and fabulous.
Note: You can also clean Susan, Elizabeth, Fiona, anybody you care to, really. We’re not picky. We just like pure pores!
Clean Mary™ includes a natural, seaweed derived non-acid exfoliating complex PORESHRINK-RS™ that helps reduce dead skin build-up (and therefore helps prevent blackheads!).
What’s inside that counts?
- Andiroba Oil: (a rich amazonian oil) renowned for skin soothing and smoothing
- PORESHRINK-RS™: to help reduce blackhead build-up protects the skin
- Orchid Fruit, Vanilla and Mango Extracts: as natural, refreshing and reviving aromas
- Vitamin E: that supports the skin’s moisture content
How do you do, it?
Whenever you’re feeling a bit dirty (minds out of the gutter please girls, this is an unsullied milky face wash) rub a handful of Clean Mary™ onto your face and neck and massage it in circles, giving your large pores priority. Rinse well, pat dry, then apply moisturiser.

I say:
Well... i don't really know what to say about this. I have to admit before starting to use this last year, having just started blogging and getting into a proper skincare routine, i rarely cleansed my face properly. I would remove my makeup and occaisionally nick some cleanser or exfoliator off my Mum but never properly had a regime. Also this lasted me a long time so i have only just finished it and started to use a different cleanser (The Bodyshops Passionfruit one) so it's hard to actually say how this compares to others. However i did like it. 
It is basically a milky white cream. You only need to use a small amount, i used around the size of a pea, and because of that it lasted me almost half a year, even though i only had a mini size (i think 75ml) from a gift set.
It easily took off all my makeup except mascara and left my face feeling very clean. The smell wasn't amazing, a slightly medicinal, slightly minty scent but it wasn't overpowering or unpleasant at all. 
It didn't leave my skin feeling softer, but it didn't feel tight or dry either after use.

So all in all... It's fine, but not amazing. I think it's very fairly priced, the packaging is fun and pretty and i do like it. I'm not sure if i would repurchase as i liked it but i like the cleanser i am using now more.

£6 for 180ml

The Greatest Scrub of All
They Say:
It’s a scrub, formulated to leave even the most exhausted face looking FRESH. With a super fresh chamomile and mint scent. We’re pretty sure this is self-explanatory. But go ahead and write to us if we are wrong.
The Greatest Scrub Of All™ has a strategic blend of super-gentle silicami particles, and salicylic acid loaded scrub beads, the more you scrub, the more it smoothes. Like DIY microdermabrasion. Suitable for all skin types – if you adjust the frequency according to whether you are sensitive, dry, normal or oily.
What’s inside that counts?
- Superfine Ground Silicami: that rolls across the skin to lift off dead cells without scratching
- Salicylic Acid: that activate when you start scrubbing, for a double boost of smooth.
How do you do, it?
Apply a pea-sized amount onto damp skin and smooth around the face, paying particular attention to blackheads, blocked pores, flaky foreheads and oily chins. Rinse well, pat dry and then apply moisturiser. Use 2-4 times/week for oily skin – less often for dry/sensitive types.

I say:
Similarly to Clean Mary this was the first exfoliator i used regularly, before that i had just grabbed anything that my mum had left near the bath so it changed practically every week. As my skin is dry and sensitive i used it around 2 times a week. In appearance it is very similar to Clean Mary, a white cream with a slightly menthol, medical scent, though this was thicker with tiny shards to exfoliate. Again i only needed a pea sized amount for my whole face, focusing mainly on the dry skin on my nose, chin and jaw. I liked this product a lot, when using it i could feel it scrubbing my skin well but it definately wasn't overly abrasive, there were no raw or scratched patches of skin but my skin was left entirely flake free and feeling a lot smoother. The only problem i have with it is that i wish it could have a nicer scent. Again i had a mini size but it lasted me the same amount of time as the cleanser. Very nice, i would repurchase.

£8 for 125ml

Scrub Your Nose In It

They Say:

Quite possibly the world’s most perfectly formulated scrub for large, clog-inclined complexions, our Scrub Your
Nose In It™ is not only an impressive exfoliator, it can multi-task as a mask. It helps refine large pores and prevent blemishes. Its special fruit-acid formula leaves skin looking bright and more radiant.
Apply a pea-sized dollop of Scrub Your Nose In It™ to a damp t-zone. (That’s your nose, chin, and forehead). Massage gently in circular motions, then extend out to the less clogged places on your face. Rinse well and follow with moisturiser. Use it 2-3 times a week for a squeaky clean, soft and fresh complexion.
Bonus! Pore purifying clay mask built-in! Just leave a thin layer on skin for 3 minutes longer for an oil-absorbing, brightening, pore cleaning mask!
What’s inside that counts?
- Diatomaceous Earth: a highly refined and purified earthy ‘dirt’ that gently lefts dead cells and debris while
scrubbing the skin and stimulating circulation
- Montmorillite Clay: a soft, white purified clay that absorbs excess oils
- Super Fruit Acids: to dissolve the glue that makes dead cells stick to the surface of the skin

I Say:
As i had liked The Greatest Scrub Of All a lot when i ran out i decided to try this. I can't actually say much about it as i only used it once and shan't use it again. 
This time the formula is a thick green paste with smaller scrubbing particles to The Greatest Scrub. It's smell is similar too, but with a tiny hint  of... something that makes it smell, in my opinion, a little like a bathroom cleaner. I put a small amount on (though i needed more than with The Greatest Scrub as the product is thicker so didn't travel over my face so easily) but before i even began to massage the scrub on my face my face began to burn. Badly. I tried to use it properly but couldn't stand it and washed it off very soon after applying it. It hurt a lot. Afterwards my face was left stinging.
I'm sure most people wouldn't have a problem with this, i've read a lot of glowing reviews of it. But my skin is very sensitive and intolerant to certain ingredients (though i can't work out what ones :( ). There have been many times other people in my family, many who have sensitive skin themselves, have had absolutely no problem with a product while it has left me in absolute agony.
So i can't really give you a review of this! And i'm left with a basically full tube of it. It sounds like a great product, i like the fact you can use it as a scrub and then leave it on to become a mask.
If anyone (in the UK, sorry but i can't afford to send it outside) would like to try it and do a guest review for my blog please leave a comment :)

 £7 for 125ml


They Say:

A fragranced spray-on body moisturising mist. Do your own flirty work: Spritz Girligo™ on all-over post shower for temptingly fragrant, softer, smoother, more supple skin.
Scented with a tempting blend of bergamot, peach, strawberry, jasmine, mandarin and musk.
Results: Sensible men have been driven to dizziness by this moisturising mist.

I say:
This smells beautiful, I think of this as S&Gs signature scent as a lot of their body products (Flake Away, The Righteous Butter etc) have the same, or a very similar smell and i adore it. I am useless at describing scents, but this is sort of fruity and floral, i think i can smell the bergamot and peach and it has a slightly musky undertone but it is not at all strong (i generally hate the smell of musk) also personally i can detect a hint of rhubarb, which is one of my favourite scents but cannot get the strawberry or jasmine notes.
This adds a lovely hint of softness, similar to a dry oil, to my skin. However this softness does not seem to last long, or penetrate deeply into my skin. The scent lingers for quite a while but is not overpowering and does fade away after around an hour.
I really do like this product but i don't find myself reaching for it often. I don't tend to use body sprays before i dress and I prefer to use a more intensive moisturising treatment after a bath. However i did find it very good to use in the winter, when it is so cold that i want to go from getting out of the bath to being clothed as soon as possible. You can this spray this on and then get dressed instantly, there's no standing around naked in the cold rubbing it in and waiting for it to absorb.
One problem is that, like most pump sprays, you cannot use this upside-down, which makes it difficult for me to do my back. Maybe if you're flexible it's no problem, however i am not :P
I think this would really suit people who use a different body spray anyway because it has all the scent of Impulse or other sprays but also moisturises.
I think i would repurchase this when it runs out, even though i don't use it much. It's great for when i'm in a rush and the smell is just beauteous. (again i have a mini size from a set, mine is 100ml)

£6 for 250ml

Hand Food

They Say:

Hand Food™ is a silky soft non-greasy hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow.
Mend a hand? Apply Hand Food™ Hand Cream as often as you want to soften, smooth and soothe dry, chapped or otherwise hampered hands. Soft, smooth and hydrated hands. The most astonishing hand cream ever? You decide!

I say:
I looove this stuff. It has the same 'signature' scent as mentioned above and, as i said before, i adore it. It really is non-greasy, perhaps the least greasy hand cream i've ever used. It absorbs very quickly, after rubbing it in it seems to disappear into my skin, leaving my skin feeling really soft and supple and thoroughly moisturised, and i am able to get on with anything i wish without fear of leaving cream or grease on anything. I don't really know what else to say except that this is the best handcream i have ever tried and when i've used up all my other brands alternatives i think i will be happy repurchasing this forever.

£4.50 for 125ml (also available in a mini size)

The Righteous Butter

They Say:

Award winning body moisturising butter with softening shea butter and aloe vera. A formula for anyone who’s lost that ‘rubbing’ feeling and wants to bring it on back. With a new dynamic moisture trap matrix to help hold hydration in longer!
After showering or bathing, smooth a generous handful of The Righteous Butter™ onto damp skin and massage lightly until it all sinks in. Smells like bergamot, strawberries and mandarin, with floral and fruity mid notes and musk, amber and warm vanilla notes on the bottom.
A body moisturising formula so virtuous you might swear you’re wearing velvet. Get sinfully soft skin with our original formula The Righteous Butter™
I say:
Again this is a product i am mad for. It has that 'signature' fruity, floral scent but to me the rhubarb not is more obvious (as i said this is a great plus for me) and the scent, though not overly storng, does stay on the body for hours after it has been applied. Also compared to a Body Shop Body butter this absorbs like a dream, even though this is a thick, rich cream it disappears into my skin, leaving it beautifully soft without a hint of grease or oiliness. For days after applying this my skin feels smooth and hydrated. Another triumph for S&G in my opinion! While it may seem pricey, a Body Shop Body Butter (this is the only other brand of Body Butter i have used in the last few years which is why i have compared them so much) is £12.50 for 200ml and in my opinion this is superior. I will definately repurchase this, but i am too fickle to stick with it permanantly, as much as i like the scent i like other scents too.

£10 for 300ml

Glad Pits

They Say:
A fantastically-fragranced 24-hour anti-perspirant with soothing aloe vera extract. A single spray will turn your unruly underarms into Glad Pits™.
Dew or Dry? With Odour-Armour™ built-in for fresher underarms! Shake can well. Hold can 15-20cm away from body and spray Glad Pits™ under your arms after bathing or showering (and in the Summer may we also suggest on the soles of your feet?). Re-apply whenever you feel you need it.
With a low-whitening formula to help prevent t-shirt streaks!

£4 for 150ml

I say:
Hmm... well this is a fine deodorant and antiperspirant though really no better than any other i've tried. I'm quite a sweaty person, though luckilly only at my armpits (too much information maybe? Well it's the truth :P) and i've never found an anti-perspirant that can entirely stop me sweating, but this did it's beast and my sweat patches were minimal. The smell of it is odd. It's sort of floral but the overriding scent i get from it is of grapes, particularly of grape stalks, it's very odd! Not unpleasant though, just a bit weird, i've never smelled a product like it. The scent doesn't linger once it's on though and it does keep away any body odour.
Overall i think it's fine (and the weird smell actually makes me wear it a lot because i want to smell it's strangeness!) but no different from any other run-of-the-mill deodorant and so i think it's quite overpriced. I bought this with 1/3 off luckilly, i certainly wouldn't have spent £4 on a deodorant and for this reason i don't think i'd buy it again, just too pricey.

Sit Tight

They Say:
Every morning, knead a generous layer of Sit Tight onto your bottom and thighs, to set-up the Sit Tight Pressocapsular Firm-System™.
The friction/heat generated by the user during the act of sitting, acts as a release mechanism to trigger increased movement of the product to the lower body areas, most affected by fatty tissue buildup.
Allow it to absorb for at least 30-60 seconds before putting clothing overtop.
(You may feel a heating sensation for several minutes, but PLEASE NOTE: SIT TIGHT’S ACTIVE SYSTEM IS MORE EFFECTIVE WHEN YOU SIT DOWN.)
How does the new PRESSOCAPSULAR-FIRM-SYSTEM work? The exclusive sit-released firming system is loaded with caffeine (at a level between 27-33%) which is known for its extended lipolytic, firming and draining actions.
I say:
This is just a short review as i have been using this for only a few weeks and would like to continue using it a while longer beforeI write a thorough post on it. However so far i must say i am very pleased with this. After applying to your bum and thighs you can feel this begin to work, a heating, slightly tingly sensation, but not at all painful or unpleasant. Even after just a few weeks i have seen an improvement in my cellulite (though i am lucky in that while i am chubby i don't have much in the first place) and my bottom also seems firmer and slightly lifted. My thighs haven't changed too much yet. The price might be very offputting to some people, but the 200ml has lasted me over 3 weeks using it every day and is not quite finished yet. And it is currently on offer from Boots for about a tenner.

£14 for 200ml

Flake Away

They say:
Transforms your scaly legs from reptilian to radiant. Nothing eliminates dry surface flakes as fast as Flake Away™. For superhero-strength skin smoothing spa body polish with Shea Butter, sweet almond oil, peach seed powder, sea salt and sugar.
Apply a handful of Flake Away™ onto damp skin and massage in circular motions until most of the grains are gone. Rinse well, pat dry and apply body glossing oil such as Easy Glistening™ or moisture butter such as The Righteous Butter™.
One round in the shower with this scrub and no-one will ever have to know that all this time you’ve been flaking it.

I say:
I have decidedly mixed feelings on this product. It works very well, however i have never used a messier body product (not even Lush's Whip can compete, and that left black creamy liquid splattered up my bathroom walls).
Anyway the good about this product is that it works well, though the fact is it is so emoiliant i cannot actually tell how well it has scrubbed me! After use my skin is covered in a layer of dry oil which makes my skin feel
beautifully soft (it is similar to the feeling Girligo gave me, though it's as if the moisturising layer is thicker). Because of this i found i could forego moisturising after my bath, there was no need when my skin felt like i had already used a dry body oil on it. It also smells beautiful, again the signature scent weaker than in the other products.
However i found that, while it left my skin incredibly soft, my skin still seemed a little dry, not properly hydrated and with a few tiny flaky patches left. Also as i said before, this is messy. It says on the direction to massage it until most of the grains are gone. I found this basically impossible, the grains didn't seem to go anywhere no matter how much i massaged and scrubbed! And then the grains lurked on the surface of my bath water and clung to my skin again. I rinsed them away with the shower head and they finally left my body, but when all the water was drained they were all over my bath, along with a greasy oiliness that stuck them to the ceramic and made it very difficult to wash it away. Very annoying!
Because of these problems i wouldn't repurchase, to me it was just too much trouble and mess. People who take showers probably will have no such problems, but i hate showers.
The price seems very fair, the pot lasted a good 5 or 6 uses which covered my entire body.
£6.50 for 300ml

The Scrub Of Your Life

They Say:

The Scrub Of Your Life™ is the ultimate super-smoothing award winning body buffer. It’s thick, it’s foamy, it’s fantastically fresh, it’s satisfyingly stuffed with just the right ratio of scrubbing beads. The scent is a combination of fresh bergamot and mandarin, rose, jasmine, peach, strawberry, oakmoss, amber, woody notes and warm vanilla. In short it smells really good.
All you need is scrub: Wet down in the shower, turn off the water, squeeze out a handful of The Scrub Of Your Life™, and get a smooth on. Scrub and soap up until you’re satisfied, then rinse thoroughly. (We’d suggest you follow all this with a Soap & Glory body moisturiser, but we’re biased).
How you’ll know it’s ‘the one’:
- once rough elbows go suddenly silky
- dry shins become suspiciously shimmery
- the bumps are gone from the backs of your arms
- you start to believe that scrub can conquer all

I say:
Before i started using this i had been using a vast bottle of Ikea Family brand body exfoliator which had lasted well over a year (i used this before trying Flake Away) which had various sizes of grains, many of which were rather sharp. When i first squeezed some of this out I was a little disappointed to see that the grains in this are tiny pink spheres, i figured that there was no way that a perfectly round bead could make my skin softer than the sharp, abrasive shards of the Ikea scrub (which didn't work too well at all). However i was dead wrong. Once applied and massaged gently this turns into a light lather as the beads gently do their work. It again has the beautiful signature scent and it lingers lightly on the skin long after the product has been washed away. And goodness this leaves my skin soft, so soft and smooth, hydrated and plumped. The little red bumps on my arms are diminished after one use and any flakes of dry skin disappear. Unlike Flake Away this doesn't leave any softening balms on the skin, it just leaves my skin feeling like skin should, but the softest, smoothest skin a girl could wish for.vIt also lasts rather a long time as, due to it lathering, only a small amount is needed. The tube lasted me at least a couple of months. I would certainly buy this again (indeed i am on my second tube) and if it weren't for some new indie scrubs that have tickled my fancy of late this would be my 'holy grail' exfoliator.
£6.50 for 200ml

Hope you enjoyed these :)


  1. I'd love to do a guest review for you Lillian :) I'm always up to try new things!

    Email me?

  2. Great reviews hun. I have only tried The righteous butter, Flake away and The daily smooth. Whilst I love the 1st two the 3rd doesn't suit my sensitive skin :(

    I would really like to do a guest review for you, if you are interested my email is :)

  3. I loved this! Among the products you reviewed I have tried or am still using: Body Butter, Flake Away, Scrub of Your Life and Hand Food and I agree with everything you said about all of them!
    I love the "signature scent" too <3

  4. Thanks for the reviews!!! I'm a big fan of herbal mineral (face moisturizers, cleansers, etc) and the goth rosary any other bath and body products... but I may give some of these a try now!

  5. I wish I could try The Scrub Of Your Life, but in seems to be sold out everywhere in the US :(

  6. I need to purchase another tub of The Righteous Butter. It smells lovely a bit like Miss Dior Cherie, it a lovely vintage feminine scent. I can indulge in the scent without having to spend over $75 for the bottle of Miss Dior Cherie at sephora. Ive been meaning to try other products out maybe a body scrub.

  7. I've heard you talk about "the scrub of your life" more than once, and I'm quite inclined to try it now. I can't wait :D

  8. I'm in love with clean on me body wash, the righteous lotion and scrub of your life, along with scrub actually...
    the no clogs allowed mask is awesome and the deep pore cleansers amazing.

    I adoree Soap&Glory!

  9. I love Soap&Glory but I do wish they would expand their line of hair products and cosmetics.

    I really love their 'Trick&Treatment' under eye concealer.Unfortunately though it only comes in one shade.

  10. great review i love all of the products would love to do a guest review if you havent found anybody to do it yet :) xx

  11. Great review! I just bought Flake Away, Righteous Butter and Scrub Your Nose In It and I love them all so much. I have sensitive skin and I haven't had problems with any of them. That's to bad you reacted badly to the scrub as it does work quite well. And you're right, the Flake Away is absolutely find in the shower. I am tempted to try the other products now :)

  12. Lora:
    Have emailed you :)

    Aww that's a shame! I was thinkin of trying the Daily Smooth but if it didn't work for you it might not do well on my sensitive skin either :/
    And thank you, but i used a website which selected Lora to review the scrub. I have some more products i'll be offering for guest review though, so please see if you;re interested in any of them :)

    Well i'm glad that means you;re enjoying most of the products too! :) And it smells so gooood!

    T, the Bee:
    Ooh i've not heard of the goth rosary, intriguing :)

    Zoë Danger Awesome:
    oh that's a shame! I hope you can find it sometime!

    I've not tried Miss Dior Cherie but if it does smell like the Righteous Butter then i'm sure i would like it! But perfume is too pricey for me.

    it really is lovely. I am loving Haus Of Gloi's scrubs at the moment but it's definately the best 'drugstore' one i've tried. It smells so good and makes my skin very smooth.

    I have a thing of clean on me but haven't tried it yet, looking forward to it now :)
    might have to try that mask too!
    And me too! :)

    Glowing Doll:
    Me too! And other products might be nice, a shaving gel for instance.
    I've seen that but sadly it's far too yellow for my skintone :(

    Thank you! Not this time i'm afraid but look out for more guest reviews i will be asking for :)

    I'm glad you're enjoying them all!
    Yes it's awful, my skin really hates a lot of products :(
    And i figured Flake Away would be ok in the shower because the scrub stuff can just be washed away easily :)

    Also thank you to those who offered to do the guest review for me :) I used to select between the 3 of you and the result was number 1, Lora.

  13. Wow, I love this post. I just discovered Soap and Glory but have not had a chance to try most of their products yet, so this really helps me when it comes to deciding which ones to get next! Thanks! :)


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