Tuesday 29 June 2010

A sort of rant

Maybe I'm completely naive but reading this completely shocked me. The idea of recieving something for free from a PR and, without even trying it, selling it is just absolutely appalling to me. I could totally understand that if you knew you wouldn't like the product you recieved giving it away to another blogger who would like it or similar things or maybe, maybe i would be ok if you used and reviewed the thing and then sold it for a fair price (not really sure how i feel about that but i guess it's fair to the company) but selling something given to you in good faith to review is just absolutely not acceptable behaviour!
I have no problem with people accepting products for review, i've done it before and would be more than happy to do it again. While the whole point of sending freebies is to get free advertising the vast majority of bloggers will tell the absolute truth about their feelings behind the product. I've seen many reviews where the person who recieved the product hated it and is more than willing to say so. And for this reason i do believe that companies who send samples, especially indie companies, want honest feedback on their products.
The few times i've been asked to review something i have felt absolutely honoured. Not only is it always lovely to recieve something for free and get to try something that i might not have otherwise but it is such a compliment that people are interested enough in my blog and believe enough in it that they would value my opinion or indeed believe it could be a goodd source of advertisement! I've been lucky to have only recieved products i have really liked so far (with the exception of the Illamasqua bronzer [which i still haven't tried because i don't wear bronzer... honestly don't know what to do with it!] And the Skin MD lotion which was fine but nothing special so i passed it on to my sister who really likes it) but if i received something i hated i would absolutely have the integrity to tell the truth.
To get something and then sell it on is just wrong.

To be honest I don't really understand how one gets lots of PR samples. Do you email and ask for them or are there lots of people who are just super lucky and just get offered to try them or even just magically sent them? If you're actually asking for them and then selling them that's just... indescribably wrong.

It's stuff like this which makes people mistrust beauty bloggers :(

Umm... reading back this post sort of sounds like i'm angling for freebies. I didn't mean it to come across like that because i'm more than happy to buy my own products! ... Having said that i'm not gonna lie, a freebie here and there would be most welcome :P heh heh

Anyway rant over! I apologise for my posts being a bit few and far between recently (and my comments being a bit slow because i'm still not recieving email alerts). My sister is moving in with us for a while and i have to get the room ready for her (which is a tough and long process as the room was previously used for storage and my house is hideously packed!). She's moving in at the beginning of next week so after that i should hopefully be back to posting regularly (or semi-regularly anyway :P) and have a lot of posts in the pipeline including more BFTE reviews, new swatches, one ALLMIGHTY haul and did someone say Lime Crime shenanigans?

(Ps i REALLY want to know who the blogger BBB is talking about is. Because i'm nosy :P If you know please email me!)

Bye bye

I'm sure most people interested in the indie or mineral makeup world will already know, but today came the sad news that Aromaleigh (probably the webs oldest MMU supplier at 12) is closing down.

Personally i was shocked, while products had been being discontinued recently Miss K had continued making some beautiful new collections of shadows, the most recent 'Lost n Faerie' hasn't even been released properly yet. However i guess it wasn't that shocking if you'd heard things that had happened in her personal life recently.

Some people had problems with Miss K and i'm not going to discount them as some of them were completely valid but she was always incredibly sweet to me and i don't think many people would be able to argue with the fact that she made some amazing products. The samples of the Victoria's Revenge shadows i recieved (and have swatched and photos but hadn't got around to posting them) are absolutely stunning, some of the most complex shadows i've seen.

I'm very sad to see that this is what she feels the need to do, it must have been a very hard decision and i really hope it will be for the best.

If you want to buy any products then there is now 35% off everything (code is in the link i posted above).

Friday 25 June 2010

Some recent art

Music rat 1

Music Rat 2

Music Rat 3

Ferret Yawn 3

I'm playing with acrylics lately, usually i use watercolour and it's a lot more 'slick'. I do like this too though, what do you think? Constructive criticism is appreciated :)

Are people interested in seeing my paintings and stuff? If you're not please be honest as i can use my other blog for it and then people who do want to see can look there :)

I'm entering the Sunday Times Watercolour competition next week, please wish me luck. And 2 of my pieces from last year are going into an exhibition in a local gallery, it's great because if they like my work i might be able to build a relationship with them.

I have been really getting interested in homemade and indie toilettry products and makeup. For a longtime i've wanted to make my own and just can't stop thinking about how nice it would be to run a little Etsy store (well along with the 2 i have already for my paintings and sewing :P) and make my own special blends and colours. However i would be a complete beginner, and so many people are so wonderful at it already is there any point? Do you think i should give it a go or just leave it to the professionals? I don't know what i could do differently except maybe add a new aesthetic.

And sorry for being useless at replying to comments recently. I'm going to go and catch up as much as possible before bed :)


2 weeks ago (i think... around that... god i need to get quicker at posting these!) I went to see my second favourite band ever, David Devant and His Spirit Wife (I've waxed lyrical about them before and am planning to write a post about the gig on my other blog soon if anyone's interested :) ) and got rather dolled up. As the band are named after (and used to have a vague conceit around) a magician I based my look on a sort of burlesque magicians assistant showgirl... thing :P At least that was the idea, you think i pulled it off?

Bustier: Vintage
Fringe shorts: Topshop
Tights: Emilio Cavallini
Shoes: Office
Necklace: Tatty Devine
Oh god can't remember what makeup i was wearing! Apart from Collection 2000 glitter eyeliner in Dig It and Mac lipstick in Lady Danger. My nails were Gosh Holographic which may be my favourite nail varnish ever (though it's the only holographic polish i have and i dare say i would love all of them) but look a the pretty!

Oddly I didn't get harassed by anyone to or from the gig, though i did make quite an impression on my friend Fred Pipes :P
Though i've been this size (well almost i think i've gained weight recently, diet failure! :P) I really am not used to my new body. I'm always shocked seeing it in photos. I'm trying my best to diet so hopefully in a few months I'll see at least a small weight loss.

Wednesday 23 June 2010

My First Franken :)

Well as you can see from the title this post is about my first Frankenpolish (the term Franken baffled me for a long long time). I really love the idea of making my own polishes and having seen that it really isn't that difficult at all means i am severely tempted to get myself frankening. But i doubt i will for a while because i need to get supplies like bottles, ball bearings, a nice supply of clear polish etc
However i thought i'd make one that is insanely easy. I've been wanting a gold-glitter-hologram polish for a long tme, as i've never seen one, only silvers and various other colours but no gold (please correct me if i'm wrong. Also anyone know a gold hologram polish that isn't glitter as there's no way i can make that :P) and i already had a load of the correct glitter from some art projects.
So basically i just bought a £1 clear nail polish (thank you MUA) and poured the glitter in, then shook it up.
It's not perfect, the glitter settles very easily and requires a lot of shaking, but the effect when it's on is quite good, especially as it only cost me a pound.


Shaken Up

After about 5 thin coats

And blurry to show the pretty colours :)

So you can see it's still a bit sheer, i think i'll wear it over a gold polish :) I'm please at how well this worked for how little effort it took, i'm going to make one more, using a black glitter i have. I hope that one goes well too because i've always wanted a black glitter polish (no other colours, just reflective black)

In other news it is too bloody hot. I hate it. I can't find my sunscreen so i know i'm going to born (luckilly my high SPF sunscreen is around) and i sweat and it just makes me miserable. And the doggies are miserable too, but they're also sleepy which makes looking after them a doddle :)
And i just realised that it is the football. Go on footballers and do your thang!

Monday 21 June 2010

RIP Frank Sidebottom - My Hero

I've just learned the heart wrenching news that one of my all-time heroes, Chris Sievey aka Frank Sidebottom died in the early hours of last night.

About a month ago he announced on his blog and twitter that he had been diagnosed with cancer but remained upbeat, selling a picture he made of 'Frank after chemotherapy' to raise money for a cancer charity and continuing to tour. Just last week he released a new comedy football song for the world cup and as recently as last night he was updating his blog on myspace.
Sadly he collapsed last night after recovering from an operation to remove a tumor from his chest and was taken to hospital where he passed away.

Frank was one of my biggest heroes. In my mind he wasn't just a comedion but a performance artist as well, and i was entirely taken in by the illusion that Frank was a real person (as i often am with puppets or puppet heads). There is just something innocent but extremely clever about the character of Frank, a melding of the real world and the imaginary one.  Chris created an entire world around Frank and it was really fully realised. He was a living cartoon. A sweet, fun and funny individual who just happened to have the head of a puppet.
Not only that but he was damn funny.

I was luckilly enough to see him live a few times, and even won a raffle prize of Little Frank's body. He inspired me a lot in my art, especially when i was beginning Art College and wanted to explore the fun side of art and the idea of alter-egos.

So rest in peace Frank and Chris. You were an amazing man.

Sunday 20 June 2010


Sorry for being so rubbish at posting at the moment guys! I will get myself back in the swing ASAP, i have a big list of posts i want to make so it's not me running out of inspiration, it's just the general tedium of day to day life that is keeping me from posting. Anyway have a couple of (rather dull) faces from last week.

Oh god i can't for the life of me remember what i was wearing....

I remember this one!
UD surreal skin cream to powder foundation in Illusion
Physicians Formula SPF 50 powder foundation in Translucent White
Sleek Flamingo Pink blush
Barry M Dazzle Dust in Oyster Pink (which i got with my More voucher)
black mascara
The lightest brow shade from Jelly Pong Pongs Wakeup Makeup
Topshop lipstick in Rio Rio

My nose looks super wide in the second photo! I might try contouring it sometime just to see what i look like.

Now it's Napoleon Dynamite time!

Sunday 13 June 2010

My favourite perfumes

I really love perfume, but don't wear it everyday. The reason is simply because i keep it on my vanity table and quite often forget to pop any on if i haven't been sitting down there (which i don't do when i'm in a rush). I tend to like very typically girly fragrances, light and fluffy and fun, usually with very fruity tones. I also love perfumes from indie brands that smell of sweets (i have a great perfume oil i was given as a gift and don't know the brand of that smells just exactly like bubblegum) with only one note. I dislike vanilla, musk (which is good as some are still made from poor mr musk rat :( ), woody or spicey smells. 

Anyway here are my top 5 perfumes.

I apologise because i am useless at describing scents and don't know anything about notes or stuff like that.

Le Belles de Ricci

My absolute favourite perfume ever ever ever! You can't really get it anywhere anymore except for on ebay and i am out of it, i need to get a lifetime supply somehow. I would bathe myself in it if i could!
I love everything about it, i think the bottle is beautiful, the colours are so pretty and the smell, oh god it's just angelic. To me this smells just like tomato flowers. This might not sound nice but i swear to you it is just the most beautiful smell ever. It lasts all night but isn't overpowering (as long as i resist drowning myself in it). Just perfection and it makes me so so sad that it's not being sold anymore.

Gap So pink

This is the perfume i wear most often and, as i don't have any Belles, is probably what i'd consider my 'signature' scent. To me it does somehow smell 'pink' like some sort of cynnasthesia thing, if a bright, hot pink had a smell i bet it would be very similar to this. The bottle isn't particularly interesting but the scent makes up with it. To me it's main note is of grapefruit, but also has a hint of bergamont and some sort of floral all mixed together, it's very fun and feminine but not really delicate, it's brash and fun and a bit trashy. It lasts quite a while but not all night.

Lush The Comforter

The scent of this is just lovely and very edible and tasty smelling, it reminds me of a blackcurrant pastille or cordial. It's main note is of blackcurrant but also has a bit of something a bit like pepper. I love the smell so much but don't wear it so often as the others as i find it's solid formula a bit of a pain to work with. It doesn't melt easily so it can be difficult to actually get it to go on. It seems to me to stay more on the finger i apply it with than on the skin where i intend to put it. It doesn't seem to last very long, but that might be because i can't get it to apply well. The little jar makes it nice and easy to carry around with you for though.


This one was my signature scent for a few years but i have moved on to the others on the list in recent times. I love the bottle, it is so cute and actually works as a spinning top! The scent of this is more floral than my other scents, but still has a distinct fruitiness. Like So Pink this has a main note of grapefruit, but this is covered by florals, there's some rose and a tiny hint of vanilla (weak enough i can cope with it). It's very sweet and almost sickly, but i like it.
Sadly my bottle of this appears to have soured a little, i have had it for a long time though and it was on my window sill in the sun for a while. I am dumb.

Claire's Accessories Cherry perfume.
Super cheap but super good! (couldn't find a photo online) This smells exactly like Cherryade, which to me is a great thing. There are no other notes at all, it's just pure fizzy, sugary, candy cherry flavour. 
The scent doesn't last that long but for £4 nd from Claire's i wouldn't expect it to, and it doesn't disappear instantly, just after about an hour. I left my bottle of this in the sun and it went 'off' after just a few month, so i'm not sure if that's just what happens to it or if it was because i left it in direct sunlight. I'll get another bottle and see what happens if i keep it out of the light.

Based on these does anyone have any suggestions for scents i might like? I think my next perfume purchase will be Next's Diamonds, which is meant to be an exact dupe of Miss Dior Cherie, which in turn is meant to smell like the Soap and Glory scent that i love so much (sadly the Soap and Glory perfume isn't quite the same as their products scent. At least it isn't to me!)

Also just a little note:
I will try my best to have my blog sale goodies sent out tomorrow, but it depends on if some money has come into my bank. It's going to get in tomorrow, but it might be too late to get to the post office, if so i will send them tuesday morning. Sorry about that. x

Also i have started writing in my other blog, i know i've gone to and from using that blog a million times but i've decided i want a blog for my everyday musings as well as reviews of things like films and somewhere I can link to on my art website. If you';re interested in my paintings or any of the stuff i just described please follow me here   :)

Topshop makeup - my haul and thoughts

Topshop's makeup brand launched just over a month ago to much fanfare from the press and bloggers alike. Personally i had some high hopes from the brand as Topshop always seems to aspire to high fashion with a (slightly higher than usual) high street price tag so i thought maybe they would take some risks with their makeup line. I was a little disappointed when i first saw pictures from the launch because there were no real bright, exciting colours or innovative seeming products, but i did see some nice looking things so i  headed off to Oxford Street to see for myself.

I must say that my first impressions of the brand have been very favourable! I think the prices are fair (highest being £10 and the lowest £4 meaning they're slightly over drugstore prices but not as pricey as mid-end brands like Mac) and they have a nice selection of products. I like the fact that there will be a limited edition collection 4 times a year, it means that there will be exciting new products to see, but you'll have a whole 3 months to make up your mind and purchase. Everything I tried seemed to be of very high quality and, while the colour range might not be as exciting as, for instance, Illamasqua, but they're not dull either. There's lots of bright, fun eye colours and lots of highly pigmented red, pink and coral lip colours, not just lots of nudes and neutrals.

Personally i love the packaging. I think it's fun but classy, love the stripes and spots and like the fact it's made of metal, it's unusual. I also love that some products come in black boxes with illustrations of the product inside. 

Anyway here are my thoughts on the range.

The main range, so far, has nail varnishes, eye shadows, crayons, liners and mascaras, sheer foundations, highlighters and a concealer, cream blushes, lipsticks, crayons, 3 different kinds of glosses and balms.

The SS10 Range consists of false eyelashes, glitters, a lip and cheek stain, a big, golden pressed powder (possibly baked?) highlighter (seems to be sold out on the website), 3 trios of baked eyeshadows, 4 shimmery nail polishes, 2 pencil eyeliners and 2 soft metallic crayons for all over the face.

The packaging is similar to the main range but with gold and silver added to the otherwise monochrome packaging. Some have golden stars on the boxes and the crayons come in very luxe golden tube-things.

I tried the lightest foundation (Skin Tint in Fair) and it was too dark and too yellow for me but seemed to be a lovely consistency, feeling more like a moisturiser on my hand (where i swatched it) than a foundation. The colour range of the foundations isn't great with only 4 colours, however it does at least go up to a dark colour which looks like it would be suitable for lighter black skintones as does the highlighting liquid. I tried the eye crayon in Black Jack, which is a black with silver glitter, the pigmentation was great but I found the formula a little odd, to me it felt like i was rubbing charcoal on my skin, it certainly wasn't creamy like eyeshadow pencils often are. There are 3 different types of lip gloss, Glosses, Glazes and Polishes. The Glosses come in a squeezy tube similar to a Lancome juicy tube and are the most highly pigmented (apart from the clear one obviously), coming up quite similar to Illamasqua Intense Lip Glosses (which, in my opinion is wonderful!), they are very shiny. The Glazes come in a stiff plastic tube with a wand and are sheerer and slightly pearlised and the polishes come in a small pot (the lip balms also come in this packaging) and are quite pigmented, 'stiffer' not runny like the other 2 types of gloss and shimmery. 

From the SS10 range i only swatched the eyeliners and crayons. I didn't buy anything but having thought about it for a while i am definately going to get all of them (and possibly some of the nail varnishes). The eyeliner pencils were just beautiful, coming in stunning metallic pink and blue colours with hints of silver, the applied smoothly to my skin. And the crayons, well when i first applied them i thought i didn't need them because i have the Illamasqua liquid metals. The colours and consistency when first applied are very similar, but the crayons were slightly thicker. However after i got home from my day of shopping i realised that while all of my hand swatches had either disappeared entirely or faded into one big stain on my hand, the gold and silver crayons had stayed absolutely perfect. Even when i watched my hand they stayed strong. And so i need them, particularly for my eyes as i imagine they wouldn't crease as much as their Illamasqua counterparts.

And now onto what i actually bought!

Neon Rose - a vey bright but light orangey coral and Crushed Berry - a true berry colour
I LOVE these. They are a cream-to-powder formula and are beautifully pigmented and... just lovely! I like to apply them with my fingers, but they do dry quite quickly so sometimes they can be a little hard to blend.

Rio Rio - an orange toned red and Brighton Rock - a slightly corally pink
These are beautifully pigmented and have a great matte finish. They are slightly drying but nothing terrible.
Rosa - a bright fuschia pink and Pulp - a shimmery true purple gloss
I haven't worn the Rosa Lip Stick pencil yet but it applied wonderfully to my hand and felt soft and was slightly glossy and really brightly pigmented. The Pulp lip gloss is nicely pigmented, but not quite the colour it looks in the tube. Also it's a tiny bit shimmery with a slight blue sheen.
Gypsey Night - a stunning black with holographic glitter and coppery flakies.
I also got the Matte topcoat, but forgot to photo it.
The formulas of both seem fine, nothing amazing but certainly not bad at all. They dry quite quickly and were nice and not at all thick or gloopy to apply.

From left to right:
Neon rose applied sheerly, Neon rose applied thickly, Crushed Berry applied thickly, Crushed Berry applied sheerly, Rosa, Brighton Rock, Rio Rio

Gypsey Night (craply applied and with a top coat that caused shrinkage, the polish itself applied very well)

There will be proper reviews of everything when i've used it properly. But so far i really like everything i bought. 

Hope you found this interesting! You can buy Topshop makeup from the website (available to the US too and possibly elsewhere, not sure) and selected topshop stores across the UK.

Saturday 12 June 2010

Soap and Glory Reviews

Soap and Glory is a brand i really like. They have lovely vintage style packaging, are reasonably priced, often smell gorgeous, never test on animals and the names are punderful! Also the brand is very often on sale or offer at boots (currently 1/3 off)
 One thing i do object to with the brand is that i wish they had more variety of products. They have about a million different body scrubs and moisturisers in their line but only one hair product, no facial moisturisers and with their cosmetics they only have lip glosses and one powder. I'm hopeful they'll start introducing a bigger selection.

Go beneath the cut for some product reviews :)

Thursday 10 June 2010

Magazine Freebies!

I'm sure most of you are aware of these as the news have been making beauty bloggers giddy all over the UK but i figured i'd just write a quick post on it anyway just incase anone didn't know.
You like free stuff? I know I do!

This week:
More magazine is giving away a voucher for a free Barry M Dazzle Dust in your choice of colour (i picked mine up and actually am considering buying more issues of the same mag just to get more cheap dazzledusts!)

Marie Claire is giving away a 50ml pot of The Body Shop Body Butter in one of 3 fragrances Mango, Shea or Love etc (sadly all the shops i went into only had Love Etc and i don't like that smell)

And Glamour magazine is giving away free Benefit pencils in Eye Bright, It stick and Bad Girl (haven't seen any issues of it near me :( )

Hope you guys can grab yourselves a nice freebie :)

And Red is giving away a Jemma Kidd lipgloss!

Wednesday 9 June 2010

A FOTD actually from today!

Shocking i know :P


UD surreal skin cream to powder foundation in Ullusion
Physicians Formula powder foundation with SPF 50 in Translucent light
Topshop Blush in crushed berry
Collection 2000 Glam Crystals eyeliner in Dig It
Black mascara
Morgana Minerals Lipstick in Metallic Maiden

I am currently enjoying being a ginger, but after i've used up the dye i have i think i will go back to blonde, this dye seems to fade very quickly and i can't afford to keep buying dye at the moment :(

I also have been instructed by Claire to thank everyone for their kind words about her fabric designs, she is very touched and grateful :)

If i am even worse at replying to comments than usual (am going to get through them all i swear) because for some reason i am only being emailed about half of the comments i am getting, so i have to check my posts to see all of them, and that's easy for me to forget.

I have a lot of new things going up on my blog sale. I'm sorry if you dislike me posting them but i like to offer what i'm selling to my friends and followers first and it keeps me from having to pay ebays rediculous fees!

And finally as i'm sure everyone in the UK is aware, whether they want to be or not, tonight saw the beginning of our last ever Big Brother. I usually try my best not to watch it but then get sucked in around halfway through. But this time i am going to have to watch it for a while, until i have properly seen the bathroom.
This probably sounds rather odd but i ahve a good reason! My friend and ex Illustration teacher, Chris Gilvan Cartright, was comissioned to design the wallpaper and interior of the bathroom. You can see some photos here but it's hard to see it clearly. Chris is insanely talented and i am so proud to know him. Tomorrow i'm going to see him in his Caberet act with my other friend Foz, yay! :)

Tuesday 8 June 2010

BFTE Foundation in Alabaster

Disclaimer: I recieved this product free for review, however the review i have written is entirely truthful based on my own experiences.

Out of the amazing package i recieved from Crystal of Beauty From The Earth for review this powder foundation is what surprised me the most. I had never tried a powder foundation before and, stupidly i now realise, didn't imagine that the coverage would be any good. I guess i just expected a loose powder foundation to be similar to a loose setting powder... I was DEAD wrong!

I think this is probably the best foundation i have ever used. I have quite good skin so didn't start using foundation at all until about a year ago, i like a matte look but only need light coverage and have dry skin. I think i can get a good look with liquid foundations but probably haven't got the full hang of them. I usually end up applying too heavilly and cant do it all with brushes without getting a streaky look and i am so pale and pink i find it really tricky to find a good match anyway.

This, to me, is pretty much perfect. I just have to buff a little of this on with a powder brush, the way i would with any powder, and i'm left with a really even, flawless and matte look. It conceals all of my redness and discolouration but doesn't look cakey or overly made up and i don't need to use any setting powder. It usually lasts me almost the whole day but in this really hot weather i sweat a lot and i need to reapply after a few hours.

Wanna see for yourself?

The little sample pot i recieved lasted at least 5 full faces plus some light re-applications. The colour Alabaster is the very lightest shade available and is absolutely perfect for my skintone. I also recieved 2 other shades of foundation which both work just as well as this one, but the shades do not match me quite as well.

A sample jar costs $2 and a full jar is $12 for a full jar (not sure of the amount you get as i couldn't find that info on the website). I will definately be buying a full jar once i use up some of my other foundations.

A lot of recent(ish) looks.

I do apologise for my sporadic posts of late. My lovely Claire just got a job, hooray for her! And so now i'm taking over the housework and looking after the dogs during the day and when she gets in at night i like to spoil her :) I am also trying to paint every day as i have been in a bit of a creative slump recently and various other things have just come up. But i'm going to find time to get back in the blogging swing as i have a lot of posts I am excited about writing :)
Anyway because i've been a bit slow recently i've got a lot of FOTDs from quite a while ago and i thought i'd just post them all at once. If you want to know what a specific product is please just ask :)

I went dancing:

Hilarious face but it really shows the neon-ness of the lipstick. 

My awesome shoes and tights.

Another dancing look:

And this was one of my failed looks for the Illamasqua elements look.

Thursday 3 June 2010

Recent(ish) OOTD and FOTD

My amazing playsuit was made by Claire. Not only that but she actually designed the fabric! Take a look at her spoonflower account here (isn't she talented? <3)
My tights are from Topshop and the shoes are very old from Office.
My hair looks funny because it was wet.

The only photo i got of my face, very unflattering :P
I was wearing:
UD Surreal Skin Cream to Powder Foundation
some kind of powder.
Topshop Neon Rose cream blush
Mac Saint Germain lipstick.
Black eyeliner and mascara.

And when i came home i found a romantic prospect lurking in wait for me in the garden!
I love me a toad :)

oh and here are some photos of me and Digby that would be great if my arm didn't look like a giant ham :P