Tuesday 17 May 2011

Swatcharama - NYX Round Lipsticks

Doesn't look like Blogger is ever going to regurgitate those comments it ate so I'm really sorry if yours disappeared!

Hmm this might not be the most timely of posts because of the all to recent NYX sale debacle (how do all these companies keep getting it so wrong??) but I had this post all ready to go and even though it sounds like the customer service is appalling I still think the products are good and worth sharing.

I have a tonne of these lovely little things. They're so so cheap (especially if you buy them from Cherry Culture during a sale.) and pretty good! They're really pigmented and creamy, not at all drying, and while they aren't super long lasting they don't fade away instantly, I need to reapply after a few hours or after eating. A couple of the paler shades go a bit patchy on me, but not terribly. The only thing I don't really like is the scent, they're sort of flowery or perfumey and I don't like that on my mouth. You can't smell it at all once it's on though, just while applying. They're definately worth the price! The swatches on Cherry Culture are appalling though, so I've ended up with some I probably won't wear and will stick on my blog sale when I finally get it up.

Orange Soda - Very unusual pastel orange with a tiny hint of peach.

Lots more after the jump

Strawberry Milk - Very pale baby pink.

Power - pale pink with a very slight greyish purpleish heatherish tinge.

Iced Lavender - beigey nudey color with a hint of purple and a lovely blue sheen

Fusion - fuschiaish with a slight blue sheen.

Louisiana - Bright beautiful slightly warm pink

NYX - orange with a goldy coppery shimmer

Pandora - dark fuschia with a silver sheen

Eggplant -  eggplant colour with a tiny hint of silver glitter

All the following red shades look very similar in these photos. They're quite different in real life. I will try and get some new photos that show the differences better ASAP :)

 Chaos - Bright blueish red

Electra - Bright 'true' red. It's warmer than Chaos but doesn't seem to be particularly warm.

Black Cherry - warm brickish red colour

Snow White - dark slightly blackened brickish red

I've got some more coming to me once I can afford the shipping too! :P


  1. i love Louisiana, NYX, Chaos and Electra on you! I wish i could pull off bold colours but it is tricky when you're a redhead

  2. Orange Soda NEEDS TO BE MINE! :O

  3. Too many gorgeous colours for me to pick just a couple. Good thing these aren't available in shops or I'd be breaking my no-buy!

  4. My Cherry Culture NYX order arrived today with some lippies too - I got Apple and Mauve. Hopefully can get nice swatches like the way you do them :D

  5. OH WOW I really must get my hands on some of these, namely.....welll, ALL OF THEM!! I wonder if Orange Soda is similar to Playing Koi (MAC) as I really wanted that but was unable to procure it.

  6. Orange soda would be a great dupe for LC's Cosmopop (a lot cheaper too). But After their fail sale I think I can hold out on buying more of their products for now.

  7. So many lovely colours! I just saw some on sale on Cherry Culture, there's so many to pick from. I really like Fusion, Pandora and NYX on you :) xx

  8. Pandora is beautiful! I'll have to see what Orange Soda looks like in person, it was recommended to me as a nude, but it seems far too orange for that. Maybe they were on crack XD

    I really don't know how to feel about the NYX sale =/ my instincts tell me to hold off, but I love their products so damn much.

  9. Ooh cool! I'm so tempted to get Louisiana and maybe Orange Soda... I love your lip swatches!

  10. These shades are gorgeous. I bought quite a few of them because I got them for so cheap...Then I didn't really find myself reaching for them cause I'm not really a fan of the formula. I like the black label line much better.

  11. pixie81:
    I'm a fake redhead! I never really pay attention to whether a colour looks too bold for me, I just wear whatever colour I feel like and disregard whether it actually looks good :P

    Cosmetic Viking:
    It's a fantastic unique colour :)

    I know, there are so many colours! I could buy them all!

    Aww thank you! I've just looked up a swatch and Apple looks lovely!

    From the swatches I've seen, Playing Koi is a bit darker and brighter, not as pastel. It's a very cool colour!

    Orange Sofa is actually more like the swatch on the website that what Cosmopop actually looks like! I know, the more I hear about the sale the more hideous it all seems, but I love their products :/

    There's loads more on Cherry Culture I want! And thank you, I think the red colours are my favourites.

    ohho nooo it's nowhere near a nude! It's a pastel orange! I feel torn too, I really like all the products I have but that kind of customer service is disgraceful and not something I want to encourage by giving them money!

    Thank you! Louisiana is lovely and orange soda is so unusual, they make really interesting colours!

    I've not tried any of the black label ones, I'm sure they're a lot better considering the price difference but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I like these!

  12. cute!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO DO THAT.

  13. Thank you for the gorgeous swatches hun!
    Just followed you via GFC and bloglovin.
    Check my blog too if you like :)


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