Monday 9 May 2011

Swatcharama - MAC Lipsticks

I've just finished replying to all comments since my hiatus (well apart from the post where I asked what I should post next :P) Sorry for the delay!

Mac Ruby Woo was the first lipstick I ever bought for myself and while I now hate that particular one I still really like Mac lippies. There are some Mac Products I won't buy anymore because I don't think they're as high quality as I can get from other brands or I think they're good but overpriced. But I still love the lipsticks, particularly the amplified cream and matte finishes. I do wish they'd make some more exciting colours though.

Aranged by finish :)

(I don't actually know what finish this is, it doesn't say on it and I've googled but can't find it anywhere! I don't know what collection it's from either. Sorry! If anyone knows I'll add it in :) )
Blue Eve - sheer and shimmery greeney blue with the tiniest hint of gold shimmer.

Tonnes more under the cut :)

Go For It (In The Groove collection)  - sheerish slightly muted purple with a tiny amount of silver glitter

Pro Longwear Lipcreme
Goes and Goes - slightly muted purple. Like an opaque version of Go For It without the silver.

Pro Longwear Lipcolour

Lasting Lust - Bright blue toned red. This is a liquid lipstick that comes with a gloss. It's super old though so probably doesn't look it's best!

CB96 - reddish orange with tonnes and gold shimmer


Viva Glam Gaga 1 - neither sheer nor opaque warm yellowish baby pink

Cockney - not quite opaque (though it's not sheer on me at all, I've seen some swatches where it looks really sheer!) bright red with a little golden shimmer. Very shiny!


Night Violet (Style Black Collection)  - dark purple berry colour


Viva Glam 1- Darkish brick red

Gladiola (from the Dame Edna collection) - bright matte blue pink. In real life it's brighter than it looks here.

Ruby Woo - I hate this lipstick. It's a gorgeous colour, a really retro very blue brightish red that is truly matte. However it is the dryest lipstick I've ever tried to use, I've actually cut my lip putting this on because I have to drag it across my lips so forcefully! It's really hard to apply it neatly because it's so dry. Pah!

So Chaud - either a very red orange or a very orange red :P a bit muted and brickish.

Russian Red - very similar to Ruby Woo in colour only it isn't quite as matte and has none of the application problems!

Lady Danger - Gorgeous bright warm red. This one applies beautifully, it's very creamy for a matte.

Amplified Cream

Neon Orange (pro colour) - bright red based orange

Morange - bright orange. 

Left: Neon Orange Right: Morange

These two look quite different in the photos but in real life they're almost identical. Morange is a bit more yellow based and looks a bit brighter.

Violetta (pro colour) - Bright pinkish purple

Girl About Town - Gorgeous bright blueish fuschia pink

Saint Germaine - pale blue based baby pink (I might take another photo of this, it looks a bit funny because my lips were stained from all the other lippies I'd swatched!)

Show Orchid (pro colour) - Bright blue pink with a very slight blue sheen

Kanga Rouge (From the Dame Edna collection) - One of my favourite ever lipsticks. Bright blue toned red.

Coral Polyp (From the Dame Edna Collection) - bright pinky coral

Impassioned - bright warmish pink 

 What are your feelings on Mac lippies? Some people swear by them, some think they're nothing special. For me I love the amplified cream formula and a lot of the colours are fab, but I also like a lot of other lippie brands about the same amount, so I'm not really obsessed.


  1. I only have one Mac and it's "meh". I look at those swatches and they just don't SING. You know. Like Lip Tars do. Lip Tars grab you by the short'n'curlies and throw you to the floor. But the Macs seem effete in comparison.

    I'd take Lip Tars and Illamasqua any day. Now they ARE strident.

  2. Great swatches! I do love MAC and a lot of my favourites in my collection are the amplified ones...they're not the be all and end all though!! A lot of people only ever seem to buy MAC and nothing else. I've bought a lot of NYX lippies recently because they are so much cheaper! I tend to go for MAC, Illamasqua and OCC for bold and bright and NYX for everyday and work! :)

    I'm with you on Ruby Woo! I love the colour but it should come with a warning! lol

  3. I like them. I have three- Viva Glam Gaga 1 (I want to see 2 in person before I make a decision to buy it), Russian Red (the Wonder Woman collection), and Cyber. I've worn Cyber only once because it's hard to find an occasion for blackened purple lipstick. :P

    I have my eye on this one other shade, O, as well- it's a sparkly, bronzey color in the tube, and then it's a dark rose with bronze-gold shimmer when on. It's gorgeous!

    I've got a couple of Super Dazzleglasses as well, and I'm hoping for some more funky colors like that blue to come up.

  4. I agree that the Amplified Cremes are the best. My faves are: Sandy B, Fabby, 'O', Blankety, Pink Nouveau, and Please Me.

  5. I only have Russian red and Cherry lip pencil. I hardly ever get around to wearing it because I'm obsessed with bright eye colours.

  6. Ruby Woo is the only MAC lipstick I own, I really should pick up Russian Red though. I love the color of Ruby Woo so much, but the dryness is killer!

  7. Ooh, I am tempted by Russian Red, none of the others are grabbing me though, not the fault of your swatches, I usually want several of the colours you show off! I guess MAC lipsticks just aren't my thing.

  8. I love Gladiola! It's so pretty! I wish I could line my lips perfectly the way you do. I like my MAC lippies and the variety of colors (Amplified Cream, Glaze are 2 of my favorite finishes). However, all time favorite lippes are from Morgana Cryptoria.

  9. Lovely swatches! I must say that being a lip product whore, MAC is definitely a go-to for me. I can't stand their eyeshadows (except the mineralize ones), their blushes are meh, the lipglosses are fun but STICKY, but the lipsticks are AWESOME! I ALMOST swear by them but I like to try lots of different stuff!

  10. Oh I love this post! Coral Polyp and Frost look amazing! Gosh, more things to add to my 'must-have' list!

  11. Thanks for such great swatches!

  12. Love the swatches, I don't own any MAC lipstick, but I should try some...
    The viva glam 1 and Lady Danger are gorgeous!
    ps: I think the name is Saint Germain, like the quartier in Paris, because "germaine" is a very oldfashion feminine french name hehe

  13. I have a number of MAC lipsticks and all of them seem to follow the same trend of being LE colours >_> I absolutely adore Gladiola and Petals&Peacocks - those two are my all time favourites.

  14. I do swear by MAC lippies especially the amplified ones but that is not to say I don't go for Revlon either. I like Candy Yum Yum and Dark Side from MAC oh that and Show Orchid is fab

  15. I love Gladiola and Goes and Goes. And I *do* need Morange in my life. Awesome swatches!

  16. I only have one MAC lipstick, Impassioned, and I love it. Looks great on you :) I'm not a big lipstick fan, I prefer glosses... on me anyway, since the climate where I live is too dry to wear something that doesn't moisturize. Super jealous of your ability to wear really pale or really bold colors and still have it look great!

  17. eeee i want to buy a mac lipstick one time!

  18. I -love- Gladiola! I wasn't into Mac when that collection released... I've also eyed Coral Polyp numerous times and never gotten it from blog sales or whatever... boooo. Great collection!

  19. my fav ones are gladiola, toxic tale and kanga rouge. gladiola in particular drives me crazy and i'm afraid to finish it, so i'm everyday looking for some dupes!

  20. I love Goes and Goes! Does it look like OCC's Katricia?

  21. Awesome swatches! You got a handfull of them that I reallllly like

  22. Lovely swatches! I've been wanting to get a new Mac lipstick and can't decide what to get so I enjoy seeing pics of others Mac collections. You look amazing in the bright reds and oranges!

  23. Hot damn woman, every shade looks so nice on you! Go For It applies really weirdly on me, but it looks perfectly smooth in your swatch. I r jealous :(

  24. jaljen:
    What MAC colour do you have? I sort of agree and sort of disagree with you. I think Mac lippies are great for 'regular' colours like red and pinks, I love the formula and the shades are bright and clean. However if you're looking for 'unusual' colours like purples or blues or anything like that they're a bit rubbish! I think they're great everyday lippies, but definately not as special as lip tars or some indie brands.

    Ms. Wedgie:
    Thank you! Amplified are the best, so creamy! I'm with you, I really like the Mac lipsticks I have and would buy more if they had any colours that excited me, but they're not the only good brand in the world!
    And I know, it's an evil colour!

    I really love the look of Cyber, I might get it on a back 2 mac :) I really wanted to get some superdazzleglasses but couldn't afford them. They were so sparkly *__*

    Baroque In Babylon:
    I really like Pink Nouveau, it's just a perfect Barbie pink :D

    Ahh, I'm the opposite, I rarely wear bright eyes because I'm lazy and obsessed with lipstick :P Russian Red really is a fantastic red though!

    I know, the colour is just beautiful, possibly the perfect red colour, but it's just impossible to apply! Russian Red really is quite similar, just more wearable :)

    Ha ha sorry I don't mean to be a show off! I'm not proud of my ridiculous consumerism :P Russian Red is one of my favourites.

    Gladiola is gorgeous isn';t it? I love matte lippies and it's smooth and creamy as well as being a cool colour. I'm very flattered by you saying I'd lined my lips well, I shoved these on straight from the bullet and thought I'd done quite a crappy job! I love Morgana too :)

    Thank you! Agreed, their eyeshadows are a bit rubbish (well some are ok but most are like pressed dust to me!) and the blushes are nice but I can get better at other places, but I really do like the lipsticks.

  25. Lady In A Top Hat:
    Thank you! 'Frost' is the finish, the actual shade is called CB96 sorry if I didn't make that clear!

    you're most welcome! :)

    Those are 2 of my favourites too! :) And I think you;re right, I was thinking of the name when I wrote it :P

    I only ever seem to watch their limited edition lipsticks now, but I'm too poor to get them :( I really wanted some from the venomous villains collection. I loved petals and peacocks too, but it looked very similar to gladiola , only shiny!

    I really want Candy Yum Yum, but it's sold out and I'm too poor anyway ;__;

    Thank you! And you have good taste :D

    Impassioned is really lovely, I tend to prefer cool colours and so I forget how nice warm ones can be! I like the uhh glossiness of glosses, but don't like the upkeep. I'm too lazy! And thank you! I think bold or bright ones look better on me than pale though.

    You should, they're cheaper for you *shakes fist at Mac UK*

    It was my favourite collection ever! The colours were all bright and fun and the packaging is so cute and tacky :D Thank you!

    I have 2 backups of Kanga Rouge, it's possibly my favourite red lippy in the world ever. I really wsanted Toxic Tale, it looked so pretty!

    Hmm they're not dupes but they're sort of similar. I'll post swatches of OCC soon :)

    Thank you!

    Thank you so much!

    Ohhh flattery :) How odd! It's fine for me! Don't know why, my lips are super dry and usually flaky :P

  26. I like the quality and I LOVE the colors! I want so many pro colors now, I wnat to cry... No pro stores even near Finland :/

  27. I did a bad thing immediately after reading this post ... I went looking for Coral Polyp dupes and found none, then went looking for Coral Polyp and found only ONE for sale, and it was on evilBay for $18 ... yeah ... I bought it ^.^ This is literally my first MAC lipstick purchase ever!!! It's all your faulllllt *^.^*

    I also checked out Girl About Town dupes, but none of them look as nice as the real thing. Hmph. May have to be bad and get that one too xD


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