Sunday 31 January 2010


Have just this minute got to 100 followers!!
Thank you so much!
A giveaway will be coming soon, i promise :)

Rubbish night, amazing hair

Phew! I've just been through every post for this month and replied to every comment, so please if you're interested in reading my reply to you please have a look :)

Last night was pretty terrible for me. I was meant to be going out dancing to celebrate my birthday (this is actually the nearest to my birthday i could get all my friends together!) and then things just kept going wrong. Firstly my friend Ian said he couldn't come, then Claire fell down the stairs (she's fine but hurt her butt :() so she couldn't come, Matt who is also my sisters ex boyfriend but i also consider him a friend decided it would be too hard for him to come (as Lydia was coming too), then my friend Philippa had to work, but said she'd be at my house around 10, which was fine. Then something went wrong at phillys work and she was going to be late, but didnt know by how much. Then i couldn't find my passport (which i needed for I.D.). Then when i found it we waited a bit more for philippa, but when she finally arrived it was about half 11 and too late to go out (it would have taken us about an hour and a half to get to da club)
as id had a bit to drink i got really, really upset.
Anyway it was a real waste because i'd given myself amazing hair and makeup. It was a 70s glam-rock club, so i'd gone really overboard with glitter and metallics and neon and everything. My hair was really awesome, i stole the idea from an episode of Canadas next top model, where the hair was all pulled and teased to one side as if the wind was blowing it:

someone took a couple of photos, but only after id been crying, so my makeup is probably wrecked. I'll still show them when i get them because of the hair :P

I've cheered myself up today by watching a huge amount of television.

I've got a lot of good little bits from people's blog sales recently:

will be posting reviews or swatches of them all soon :)

On friday i spent a great deal of the day swatching a lot of indie companies makeup i've bought recently. Great fun, but unfortunately now i have many, many photos of my lips and i need to either work out what gloss they're wearing or re-take them. Stupid me! For this reason my Fyrrinae will probably be first (because i could easily tell their lip shades apart) even though this was actually the last parcel i recieved.

I'm at 99 followers now. I'm amazed, seriously. When i started this blog it was really just for my own benefit, i had no idea so many people would actually be interested in reading what i have to say. Thank you all so, so much, it really means so much and i just hope you continue to enjoy this blog!

Friday 29 January 2010

Avatar FOTD

So i went to see Avatar (i did like it, but everyone was right, it basically is Disney's Pocahontas in space) and decided to do blue lips in honour of the nice blue kitties. As you can see i just kept the rest of my face very neutral.
The lips are Illamasqua medium pencil in Debonnair and Illamasqua intense lipgloss in Gender. On my eyes i used Mac Eyeshadows in Gesso, Vex and some brown that i don't know the name of.

Today i was looking on etsy at all of the many, many mineral makeup sellers. I found a couple of exciting looking new stores, but i got really depressed by how many sets of TKBs 'pop' colours i found just under different names, or with a base mixed in, lots of the stores also sold some really pretty looking shades that i liked, but how can i trust they're not repackaged too?

I did a huge amount of swatching today, lots on the lips. Sadly i had a spot near my mouth the other day and now a red mark is left, so every photo has it marring my immense beautoy XD I should have concealer-ed it, but i was too lazy.

Now i am watching Top Gun. It is even gayer than i remembered.

Just before bed i wanted to apologise for my terrible slackness at replying to comments. I do make the effort to reply to nearly every single one, but usually it takes me forever :( I read them immediately, but because i'm useless at keeping up with blogs i'm following, and because if 'm making a post i give that priority it always seems to take me a while to get round to replying. I'm really sorry. So please, if you leave me a comment check back on the entry after a while, and unless i am being even crapper than usual, i will have got back to you :)

Thursday 28 January 2010

Blue Waterline FOTD

Just a very basic FOTD :)

ELF complexion perfection
Illamasqua powder blush in Nymph

Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Debonnair (product rave coming soon)
Lancome Oscillation mascara

Illamasqua Intense lipgloss in Mistress

If you didn't know, Illamasqua currently have 50% off certain cosmetics. It's only their products which are being discontinued, so there isn't a huge selection, but there's a lovely selection of cream eyeshadows and some quite wearable lip colours.

Speaking of Illamasqua, they have definately now my favourite high-end makeup brand, sailing way above MAC. A while ago i sent them an email asking for some information about some products. The response was very fast and helpful, sadly though it was what i didn't want to hear.
Their custom cream and powder eyeshadow palettes have been discontinued :(
Illamasqua used to allow you to make custom 4 shadow pallettes with their cream and powder eyeshadows and lipsticks (apparently the lipstick pallette will still be available, but is not currently on the website. Fingers crossed it comes back soon!) For about £16 (as far as i can remember). Now of course the shadows you got in these pallettes were smaller than the individual shadows, but still it seems a wonderful thing to me to be able to choose your own little pallette for such a reasonable price. Recently i went to the Illamasqua counter in Selfridges and swatched to my hearts content, finally choosing the shadows i really wanted and went home ready to order my pallettes from the website. But sadly i can't anymore :(
I basically NEVER finish an eyeshadow, so to me getting 4 smaller ones for just over the price of one larger single was really very appealing.
Hopefully something similar will come along again soon.

Lots of indie and mineral makeup reviews coming! Tomorrow i'm going to be a swatching storm :D

Wednesday 27 January 2010


My Fyrrinae order arrived. It's all so gorgeous, i can't wait to play with it.
I've really been so impressed with all the small-indie brands of makeup i've been ordering so far. I didn't expect them to be lower quality than bigger brands, but honestly i can say i really didn't think they would be higher quality than them!

I have to do something scary later so at least this has set my day off to a good start.
Firefox has eaten all my tabs, i had loads of blog posts up to comment on but now they are gone and i'm going to have to hunt them down again X/ gragh

I was naughty yesterday and did a little spendage, but having seen the Barry M lip crayons in the flesh i NEEDED them. I swear it was a need!

Monday 25 January 2010

Hello Sailor!

This was my outfit when i went out on friday. My friend Joyless John said i looked like i should be going on a blind date with Popeye :P My look was supposed to be a pin-up sailor girl. I really need to wear a girdle or something under the dress, but it's unlined so when i tried it with my girdle you could see it! I need a slip. Anyway that's why i look pretty bulgey :P

Again the picture of my makeup is pretty rubbish X/

I was wearing:

illamasqua powder blush in Nymph
Mac powder blush in Frankly Scarlet
Mac Dame Edna 'spectacle' highligther

Sleek Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac

2 blues from an old 17 Palette
Mac Gesso
Bourjois clubbing liquid liner (cant find name, but it is a blue)
lancome oscillation mascara in black

Also i've put up the miscellaneous items and added some new jewellery and makeup to my previous blog posts, please check them out :)

Sunday 24 January 2010

Lime Crime Versus TKB

i am not advising anyone to stop buying from lime crime if they wish to continue, nor can i say with absolute certainty that these swatches provide proof that the magic dusts are repackaged, this post is just to provide information and comparisons for anyone who wants it.

So as i'm still sparking with anger at the sexist, generalising antics of the self-appointed queen of unicorns *eyeroll* i would post my own swatches of her eyedusts versus TKB plain bog-standard wholesale micas, sold as an ingredient for eye-makeup for $1.50 for a huge sample bag (over a tablespoon).
I made videos showing swatches of these on paper in real time a week ago. At the time i made these videos (and when i made my most recent order from TKB) i hadn't checked the latest list of TKB dupes, so there are some i swatched which didn't match, but that's because i was going on an old list of the dupes.
The updated list is:
Pink Poodle- TKB cloissone red
Snow Queen- TKB Sparkle Turquoise
Elf- TKB apple green pop
Pompadour- TKB Colorona dark blue
Princess Caraboo- TKB Emerald
Primadonna- TKB Strawberry POP
Empress- TKB Grape POP
Nymph- TKB Hi-lite gold
Siren- TKB Hot Mama
Medusa- TKB Blackstar Blue
Circus Girl- TKB lemon drop POP
Fairy Wings- TKB Hi-lite violet
Enchant-TKB Blackstar Green
Shoe Addict- TKB Blueberry POP
Twilight- TKB Ballad Blue
Mermaid- TKB Coral Reef Blue
Duchess- TKB Indian Blue
Mirror Mirror- TKB Antique Silver
Dragon Scales- TKB Chameleon Glitter
Lime Criminal - Actually a blend! 50/50 TKB Lemon POP and TKB Green Apple POP

Next time i make an order i'm going to get the proper dupe of Dragon Scales and then will do a new video and swatches. Also i have a sample of 'vixen' which was one of the discontinued matte shades, which were rumoured to be unaltered oxides, pigments or ultramarines and so completely unsuitable to be used on their own as eyeshadows. I will see if i can find the match for that too.

Anyway here's my videos. There are some coming up showing them swatched on skin (and including the 50:50 blend for Lime criminal, not the incorrect dupes i show in this video.) , but i'm having trouble getting them on youtube for some reason.

If anyone is going to make a ridiculous comment about how I could have just put TKB in the baggies myself, if you watch the first video from the beginning you can see i bring the bags out of a closed envelope sent from the US. Also if anyone thinks that maybe Lorilyn who sent them to me might have just put TKB in herself, why would she have included 3 colours i couldn't match at the time? And on top of that, what on earth would i gain by lying about this?

Anyway today i took some photos of swatches on my skin, both wet and dry. I didn't bother with Dragon Scales or Vixen because i don't have the matching colours.
In each photo the Lime Crime colours are on the left, the TKBs are on the right, colours applied dry at the top and wet at the bottom.

Lime Crime's 'Siren' Vs TKB's 'Hot Mama'

Lime Crime's 'Circus Girl' Vs TKB's 'Lemon Drop Pop'

Lime Crime's 'Medusa' Vs TKB's 'Blackstar Blue'

Lime Crime's 'Lime Criminal' Vs TKB's 'Apple Green Pop' and 'Lemon Drop Pop' mixed in equal qualities (i did this really quickly by just getting a teaspoon of each colour and shaking them together in the pot. I think mine has just a tiny bit more green in it than the Lime Criminal sample, but is basically exactly the same).

As you can see, there is (at least to my eye) not a single distinguishable difference. The colours are also all the same 'vibrancy'. While i'm no expert on mineral makeup, I would assume if they had at least had an eyeshadow base added it would make the colour paler (as the base is white), please correct me if i'm wrong.

I don't know how to feel about the colour 'Lime Criminal' While when i think of a 'unique, handmade eyeshadow' I certainly would assume the creator had done more than just mix equal parts of 2 wholesale micas, but on the other hand it does show that at least she has had the slightest possible hand in making one of her eyeshadows, by deciding to mix 2 colours. At least it is not a straight repackage, but it really is nothing to brag about.

I really wish i had a way to swatch more of the colours, but i certainly am never going to buy her eye dusts just to make the comparison!

Hope this was helpful.

Clubbing look

I went to my favourite club last week in a new dress from Asos. I like it very much, but it isn't the best fit!

I couldn't get a good photo of my makeup. It was Mac Gesso, Swoon and Passionate with Collection 2000 'Dancing Queen' glam crystals eyeliner, and Mac Dame Edna Coraly Polyp lipstick with Illamasqua Mistress Intense lipgloss. Oh and a neon red sticker as a beauty mark :)


HA HA HA HA! I think i was attempting to be seductive! XD

'Mr Talent sits there all ethereal he says 'my girl you need some new material
for your clothes may have some glitter, it would help some if they'd fit ya! As far as elegance, well you have none at all'

Saturday 23 January 2010

HTML help?

Hi lovely people reading this
i am absolutely useless at html and other clever computer things so usually i just don't bother :P
But i am making some really, really long posts, and i would like to put them behind a 'cut' or 'jump' but have no idea how to go about it. If anyone can tell me how i would be really grateful :)


From last week

I was wearing:
ELF studio concealer and highlighter in 'fair'
ELF studio Complexion perfection powder
Illamasqua powder blush in Nymph

Illamasqua 'synth' eyeshadow
Collection 2000 glam crystals eyeliner in Rock Chick
Lancome Oscillation mascara in black

Mac lipstick in Gladiola (from the Dame Edna collection)

If i do say so myself i think i look quite pretty.

Weird as this might sound but i'm considering bleaching my eyebrows. It might look freakish without any makeup on, but with blonde eyebrows i could play with them so much, make new shapes, play with the colours and so on. I sometimes like to have really brightly coloured eyebrows, and while it does work with my brows already it would be so much better with a lighter starting point. The main problem would be when the roots start to grow through, i bet it would look AWFUL.

I had a nice night out yesterday, went with claire to see some friends of mine playing a gig. I'm thinking about starting a weekly post about music because i am a HUGE muso. Would anyone be interested in reading my thoughts about various musicians i either love or hate?

Lush 'You Snap the Whip' Body Butter

So when i was buying making my big lush haul (which you can see in my last post) i picked up one of these because i was so intrigued by the concept of a solid body butter. It smells amazing, just like blackcurrant cordial, which i love. In fact i loved it so much i picked up a second bar on my next trip to lush, before even trying it! It was £5.

the toothbrush in the photo is so you can see the size.

So i had a bath and was looking forward to using this. Basically you just rub the bar over your damp skin and it leaves little exfoliating grains and a greyish liquidy layer of product over you. Something i noticed was that instantly the bar starts to dissolve, and quickly. I really suggest if you use this or another body butter you put it in a soap dish of some kind after use, otherwise it gets messy, if you buy 2 body butters at the same time Lush gives you a free tin (which you can also purchase seperately for £2.95) I stupidly bought 2 on separate occaisions, so i've just kept mine in it's original paper wrapper.

I hadn't actually reaslised this had exfoliators in it, so i had used my usual exfoliator already. Anyway my skin was left beautifully soft and silky, though maybe not as 'hydrated' or 'plumped' as i usually get with body butters. My skin was left smelling lightly of the blackcurrant squash scent, lovely.

So i had a second bath using this, this time i didn't exfoliate before hand. Again i was left with nice smooth, soft skin, but not to the same extent as the time before.
Unfortunately, there is a real downside to this product.
After just two washes this is what i was left with:

(eww it looks gross don't it?)

While i hadn't been using the bar particularly sparingly i also hadn't be putting on thick layers or anything, nor had i dropped it in the bath or anything, so i'm guessing this is just average (i have another bar so i'll update if this changes). I used this tiny bit again and got about half of my body done before it dissolved away to nothing. So i would say that this product has probably got at most 3 good uses in it and to me that makes it a bit pricey at a fiver.

Another downside, well i don't really care but other people might find it a real problem, is that this product is really really messy. As i was rubbing it over my body and the product becomes liquid i found droplets of it just went flying everywhere, leaving me with little greyish splatters on the wall. Also as the bar is black prepare to sit in a grey bath after use.

So would i recommend or repurchase this?
I honestly don't know. I really, really loved the smell, and it worked pretty effectively. I can see this being a major bonus in the dead of winter. I don't know about you, but when it's freezing there's little i hate more than standing naked in a cold bathroom for about 10 minutes while i rub lotions and potions into my body. So having a product i can use in the bath that will give me the effects of a moisturiser seems a genius idea, i'll be able to just hop out, towel off and get into some nice warm pyjamas.

However, £5 for something i can only imagine getting 3 uses out of at the most seems really excessive. While a bath ballistic or something will cost about £3 and only last once, that's more of a novelty product that i personally would only use once in a while as a treat, whereas a body butter or moisturiser is more 'essential' and i use it after every bath or shower i have. So a fiver for such a small amount of product just seems too much for me.

So, really i don't know. I'm looking forward to using the other bar i have, but i really don't know if i would buy it again.

HUGE toilettries haul

Firstly i got a few bits from The Body Shop. I haven't actually been in there for about a year, and that was just to buy 1 bar of soap (i love thir tangerine scented one, it's delicious). I was sort of pressured by the saleswoman into getting a body-shop card, she was nice and all but i am so shy i get flummoxed by sales people and her slightly pushy tactic meant i end up just saying yes to try and get the conversation over as quickly as possible. It seems like a fine deal, 10 percent off everything for a year, free birthday gift and bonuses when you've made 5 and 10 separate trips there, but you have to pay for it. Well actually she claimed this was a 'deposit' but i think you only actually get it back through the discounts. Anyway it was about £2.30 but she said something about it usually being £5, i'm not really sure. But anyway i went back another time and redeemed my birthday gift and grabbed some bits from their sale. The woman serving me forgot to scrub out the birthday thing on my card, so i'm tempted to be very naughty and go back and claim a second birthday freebie. Evil Lillian!

So i got a couple of things from the 'Anitas favourites' range, it was 2 for £6, usually £4 each or something. I got the Passion fruit cleansing gel, which smells absolutely amazing! I wasn't sure what else to get, so i just sniffed around everything and my favourite was the Dewberry scent. I got the body lotion because i just seem to have a lot more use for it than shower gel. Now i sort of wish i'd got the carrot cream because i've heard wonders about it. There's always next time i guess :P

I also got some bits from their sale, 2 pots of raspberry body butter (which smells absolutely divine, like raspberry fruitella weets or something), 1 pot of raspberry body scrub and one pot of passion fruit body butter (which also smells amazing, i LOVE passion fruit). They were all £5, reduced from £12 but i see everything in the sale on the website is now down to just £3. I might go back and see if it's the same instore soon. I'm a terror.

I haven't actually tried anything yet, but will be sure to let you know how i get on with everything :)

Then came Lush... Oh dear.
First i went in before christmas to get a few bits from their limited edition range:

I picked up Handy Gurugu for my Mum, who used it once and then decided she didn't like the smell. Neither did i, so it's gone on my blog sale.
Bar of Angels Delight soap
So white bath ballistic
Fairy tale sugar scrub
2x Candy cane bubble bar
Satsumo santa bath ballistic

The i did something bad... I wandered in during their 'spend twenty get freebies a plenty' deal... and then wandered in again another day D: THE SHAME! However, not all of this is for me, i picked up something for my mum and some of it is going in my big lush giveaway coming up (when i can afford postage again X/).
So here's what i actually bought:

Dreamwash for my Mum
Marilyn hair conditioner (used this once and did it wrong, i put it on wet hair, you're meant to use it dry)
tester pot of Charity Pot
The Comforter solid perfume (amazing, smells like blackcurrants <3)
Stacker of soaps with Rock Star, I should Coco and Honey i Washed the Kids
Angels delight soap (LOVE this, smells just like sweeties)
Coolaulin Conditioner
American Cream Conditioner
Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel
2x you snap the whip body butter
ma bar bubble bar
Supernova bath ballistic
amandopondo bubble bar
creamy candy bubble bar

And then i got ALL of this free!:

2x big blue bath ballistic
Geophyzz bath ballistic
1 bars of angels delight soap
2 bars of noubar soap
2 bars of father frost soap (one is HUGE)
strawberry santa, sweety pie and snow showers shower jelly
2x lil pud bath ballistic
2x honey bee bath ballistic
Handy Gurugu hand cream
2x fair trade foot lotion (smells like spearmint chew, yum!)
2x Snow fairy gift sets.

Oh my god, Lush with these freebies you are really spoiling us!

Am trying these out one by one, and i'm going to review it all for you as best as i can, first review coming up tonight

I am now pretty much self-sufficient in toilletries D:! I am AWFUL! No my buying stuff like this until i've hit pan!... Well apart from maybe a couple of bits from the body shop again, because i have NO self control. Boo hoo.

Well at the least when i am peniless i'll smell really nice XD

Friday 22 January 2010

Probably my favourite photo of me from last year

If a mouse can be special, well so can you! :)

if you cant do the time don't do the (lime) crime

So i've been trying to stay out of the whole Lime Crime drama for a long while now. Some of the things people were saying about her were just mean and had nothing to do with her products. But you know what, now i sort of want to join them in childish name calling because of this post of hers:

First things first, i don't think it's a good idea in business to slag off other companies, especially huge ones like Mac who have an enormous fanbase and so on. For goodness sake. There is no conspiracy to keep woman wearing safe, neutral colours.
The reason there are so many 'beige' colours in the make-up industry is because they sell. Women obviously want them and buy them, or they just wouldn't saturate the market. While of course there is a market for blue lipsticks or whatever, it is a niche market, if they were popular enough to warrant it all companies would be making them and every woman on the street would be wearing them.
And of course companies are interested in profit. Everyone, even tiny companies, is interested in profit in some way otherwise they would just give their products away for cost value. And she's one to talk seeing as her mark up from pouring wholesale mica into jars is probably rivalling some of the giants of the cosmetics world.

Once again she is claiming to be on a mission to 'free the rainbow' because noone ever in the entire history of the world has made colours as exciting as hers (she even has a little diagram that she made herself to show how all other makeup industry professionals think. If you look at the diagram though it's interesting to notice that other than 'oh no she didnt', 'airborne unicorn' and 'styletto' all of her lipstick range itself falls into these 'common lipstick shades'. Fuschia, orange, pink, pale orange and lavender are all inside the area she's marked off). Now of course this is just bollocks, if you're looking for bright, unusual eyecolours you can find them pretty much anywhere, but with neutrals mixed in and if you're looking for unusual lipsticks i already made of list, which in itself is just scraping the tip of the iceberg here:

And, even if you ignore companies which specialise in making bright, unusual colours, companies that usually do stick to 'safe' colours do range out into the realms of exciting, unusual colours. How about Chanels recent collection that contained a black, dark red and even blueish purple lipstick. Or the estee Lauder sparkling black lipgloss from a few years ago. Hell even 'No 7' do a lipstick i'm crazy for called 'Gay Geranium' which is a neon coral. Now to me this seems like quite a daring thing to do, to be from a brand that people think of as being safe, everyday makeup and then bring out something like a black lipgloss. To me this seems like even more of a risk than companies like Illamasqua bringing out a silver lipgloss because they risk alienating their regular customers.

I have 2 sisters. One is like me and loves wearing bright, unusual colours, my other sister prefers to wear neutral colours most of the time. Does this mean that unlike me and Lydia, Laura has been brainwashed by those horrible sexist men of the makeup industry who want to turn anyone beige for... some reason i don't understand. Am i a more interesting, unique and creative individual than my sister because i sometimes wear green lipstick and shes wear nudes? What do you think?
As an amazing commenter said in her thread 'people like my sister are not moths'.

Then this post takes a horribly offensive turn, to me at least.

'Everyone knows the story of Wizard of Oz. Dorothy and friends set off to find the amazing Wizard of Oz, who allegedly runs the Emerald City and has the ability to grant them their wish. I always wondered if there was some kind of a Wizard pulling the strings in cosmetics, someone who decides which shades are ok and which too crazy. And then I realized how ridiculous that was. There should be no Wizard! We should be the ones to decide what colors we want to wear! Someone is holding the rainbow hostage – and so I set off to find out who.

What I discovered that there, indeed, was a Wizard. And he happened to be of sexist tendencies. Did you know that MAC, Estee Lauder, Lancome and most major makeup companies are run by men? That’s right: the industry that makes products for women is dominated by men – and not the fabulous gay variety, either! These male CEOs cannot possibly know what women want, so what business do they have to dictate our beauty trends??'

Oh noes! Those awful men are holding the rainbow hostage!
And not gay men either, horrible straight men! They don't even wear makeup! Unlike all those fabulous fairies, every single one of whom flounces around in ruffles and glitter saying 'ooh ducky'. i don't mean to alarm you Doe but not EVERY gay person is Quentin Crisp!

Not only does she manage to be horribly stereotypical to gay men but also horribly sexist towards men. Just because i don't wear mens clothing doesn't mean i have no valid opinions or knowledge about it! And just because men don't wear lipstick (although how does she know? All those top men CEOS might be transvestites and try out their own cosmetics!) doesn't mean they cant listen to women and produce products that women want! Just one instance of this would be Fyrinnae, an absolutely amazing makeup company. It has beautiful lipsticks (in every shade of the rainbow), colour-changing eyeshadows and so on and so forth. And guess what, it's run by men!

Imagine the uproar that would happen if a man working with, let's say aftershave or mens razors for example, something with products aimed solely at males, was to say that women shouldn't be allowed to be in charge of these sort of companies. There would be uproar, and rightly so.

Gender and sexuality have nothing to do with empathy with other people. I can imagine what men want, what might sell to men etc but because i'm in a lesbian relationship does that mean i know about better than a straight woman?? (or maybe it doesn't count with me because i'm bisexual, and thus not 'manly' like a gay man is 'womanly' in her opinion) No, of course not.
Sheer, utter, generalising, sexist, stereotypical nonsense.

So well done Doe. Now not only do i think that you're a big lying scam artist cheating people out of money, but a sexist person with awful ideas about what a gay person is.

Thursday 21 January 2010


or Outfit Of A Day, but not today, today i am in pjs :P

this was my attempt to be a stylish clown, while still being super warm (you cannot see but i am wearing long johns under my leggings XD). The clown and dress were from Claire (she made the ruff, clever thing). and my face was really basic, just a bit of silver eyeshadow, black mascara (complete with a smudge beneath my eye X/) and red lips (NSFW lip tar, my newest favourite red lip)


Sorry if you've left me a comment or email in the last few days, i've been ill.
Nothing serious i'm glad to say, but my whole head aches, i've got a red raw throat and a cold and oddly i am tired all the time, even though i've probably had about 30 hours sleep in the last 2 days. Yesterday i stayed in bed up until about 5 o clock, then i went to see Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, which was fabulous. Then i went back to bed straight afterwards.
Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll is a biopic of Ian Dury, who used to be one of my favourite singers when i was a 15 year old punk. It was a deeply emotional film and Andy Serkis was absolutely amazing as Ian. They also did an amazing job on his prosthetic or cgi wonky leg.
Also as i was poorly i wore sort-of trousers for the first time in about 8 years, doing up the fly made me feel so masculine, and then i put on my big stompy dr martens as i've been wearing them a lot during the snow. All this combined has made me really reminiscent of my old punky looks and i sort of want to return to it occaisionally, but it's difficult because i like being so feminine these days. I sort of want to bring that raw, grungey sexuality of the punk look to my fashion, but still in a girly way. No trousers, that's for sure. I do miss my mohawk though :P

I've added a few extra bits to my blog sales, please have a look:
hopefully i'll be feeling better soon and can get the clothes and things up.
also i've added some new givaways to my list so check them out for more chances to win :D

Also here is a list of some reviews and things that should be coming up as soon as i stop being so rubbish!:

ELF studio line makeup
ELF studio line brushes
avon solutions winter skincare
Evil Shades haul and review
Spell cosmetics haul and review
Aromaleigh haul and review
Lime Crime vs TKB swatch photos
Benefit youre bluffing review

..whoa, i need to get my arse in gear! :P

Some art

This was made for my dad for christmas. It's the first time i've used acrylics in yonks and i really loved it, looks like there will be a lot of acrylic on canvas happening soon.

And this was a present for Claire's mum. I flocked the frame so it's all velvety :)

And now these are all sketches, character designs and so on for illustrations for a children's book i'm writing:

This is Visha, the roller skating bear.

The ring master.

Lulubelle the tight-rope walker:

And Pedro (the main character) the worlds largest elephant: