Friday 12 April 2013

Snail Slime

Hi there. I've been recently getting really interested in trying some products that contain snail slime. It could of course be just a gimmick but apparently the mucus of a certain species' of snails contains loads of skin loving ingredients like allantoin and glycolic acid so I feel it could be worth a try. Now loads of people will probably find the idea of putting something that comes from a snail on your skin kind of disgusting, and that's fair enough, but I am not one of them. I bloody love snails and in fact have had their slime on my face before.

Me around the age of 15/16 with some friends.

The problem is that I cannot tell if the slime is collected in a way that is cruelty-free. Obviously it is not vegan friendly and whether or not the actual product I might choose is cruelty-free depends on the company that makes it but I cannot work out if the actual slime is produced under cruel or painful conditions for the snail.   I’ve been trying to research about it but I can’t really find a straight answer. It seems to be basically cruelty-free, the snails aren’t killed or seriously hurt but I’ve heard they ‘agitate’ the snails which could hurt them a bit. Agitation isn't a very specific term, it could mean they are hurt or made uncomfortable but on the other hand it just might mean they are wiggled around a bit or something! If anyone knows more about it please, please let me know.

Sunday 7 April 2013

Just a few funny faces

Hullo everyone. Things are a bit hectic with me at the moment so as usual I am being rubbish with blogging. What a surprise! Lillian being a bit rubbish? Never! :P
Anyway I've just popped on to drop off a few faces, hope you like!

I wore my hair in a pony-tail for the first time in many years:

Behold my incredible lack of jawline!:

I  know I was wearing Sleek Candy Cane on my lips, have forgotten everything else though because I am rubbish.

Here is a photo of the one time I wore makeup on my trip to the arctic circle. There was absolutely no point in me glamming up as I was wearing ridiculous amounts of layers that covered most of my face. My hair looks awesome here though! All I'd done was blowdry it and it turned into a brilliant big mane.


Squinting. The sun was bright on the snow!


Face: Homemade Conjurers Cosmetics powder foundation, Sleek Pumpkin blush by 3 in Squash
Eyes: a few colours from the Sleek Storm palette, black mascara
Lips: Revlon lip butter in Candy Apple (applied very sheerly)

 And finally some absolutely terrible photos of a really fun glam look! I was drunk and used my phone as a camera hence the terrible terrible shots:

I'm going to redo this look as a tutorial soon because I like it.

How's everyone doing?