Sunday 7 April 2013

Just a few funny faces

Hullo everyone. Things are a bit hectic with me at the moment so as usual I am being rubbish with blogging. What a surprise! Lillian being a bit rubbish? Never! :P
Anyway I've just popped on to drop off a few faces, hope you like!

I wore my hair in a pony-tail for the first time in many years:

Behold my incredible lack of jawline!:

I  know I was wearing Sleek Candy Cane on my lips, have forgotten everything else though because I am rubbish.

Here is a photo of the one time I wore makeup on my trip to the arctic circle. There was absolutely no point in me glamming up as I was wearing ridiculous amounts of layers that covered most of my face. My hair looks awesome here though! All I'd done was blowdry it and it turned into a brilliant big mane.


Squinting. The sun was bright on the snow!


Face: Homemade Conjurers Cosmetics powder foundation, Sleek Pumpkin blush by 3 in Squash
Eyes: a few colours from the Sleek Storm palette, black mascara
Lips: Revlon lip butter in Candy Apple (applied very sheerly)

 And finally some absolutely terrible photos of a really fun glam look! I was drunk and used my phone as a camera hence the terrible terrible shots:

I'm going to redo this look as a tutorial soon because I like it.

How's everyone doing?


  1. I love your lovely enormous hair! I wish mine would go even half as voluminous as that.

  2. Ah, Miss Lillian, how fetching you look with red hair! Redheads have the same gene as our orang-utan cousins, which gives them an extrovert personality and a healthy libido.

  3. Oh my god, your hair is so beautiful! I love a good lion's mane. ;)

    Also, I'm really looking forward to that tutorial because that third look is amazing.

  4. Red hair looks great on you! I've always wanted to dye my hair in a bright red color but not sure if that will suit me, plus I hate having to maintain the roots.

  5. Gosh darn it, that middle look is so pretty! <3

    L. Figment

  6. Oh my god, will you seriously do a tutorial on that third look because I LOVE IT!!

  7. Your hair colour is fantasmo! Love it. x

  8. You should wear your hair up more often! it looks great. Aesome looks, hun

  9. Oooh sparkly lightening bolt! You say you went to the Arctic circle?? You should post some pictures of that, that sounds pretty neat!

  10. Yeah, you just threw that in there! (Agreeing with vulcan butterfly) sounds very intriguing!

    I love your hair accesory and that despite not wearing a ponytail for years you still add a little lillian flair! Lovely colours- orange hair is whoop!

  11. Yes!! I'd love to see the tutorial!! That lightening bolt rocks!

  12. OMFG, I love all of these so much!!!! Especially the glam one - can't wait for the tute!

  13. Why are all of your photos coming up in Xenia Limecrime Doe Deere searches? Kinda creepy. You look nothing like her, I get that you have had problems with her, but...why this???

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