Monday 25 May 2015

MUA Wet Look Eyeliner and Luxe Velvet lip Laquer in Atomic

So here are some mini reviews of two of the products I picked up in Superdrug.

Firstly the Wet Look Eyeliner. Oh boy do I love this eyeliner! It stays on amazingly. Here is a swatch freshly applied:


And here it is about 8 hours later:

Now maybe you think I'm some sort of filthy, unwashed degenerate...And you would be right! But I had washed my hands (yes with soap, God Mum!) at least 3 times while it was on my hand. Very impressive. Later on I had a bath and started scrubbing at it and it began to peel off neatly which was very satifying.

Here it is on the eyes:

And again at the end of the day: 


You can see that at the end of the day a little bit has flaked off in the inner corner of my eye and that's about it (it appears much less shiny but I believe that's the lighting)

While it does not actually look wet, it is nicely shiny and more patent looking than any other eyeliner I've tried. And it's wonderfully pigmented, appearing a nice solid black and not patchy at all. The applicator is one of my favourite kinds, a pointy felt style tip that's a little softer and more bendable than a 'felt tip' eyeliner, quite long and nicely tapered. I find these styles the easiest to use as they let me hug the lashline and control the thickness of the lines.

The Velvet Lip Laquer is a liquid matte lipstick (the kind that goes on as a liquid and then dries and attaches yourself to your lips and becomes completely smudgeproof). I've tried quite a few of these products in different brands and these are my favourite. A problem I often get with these matte liquid lipsticks are that they don't go on quite opaque in one layer and to avoid it looking streaky I have to apply at least 2. But putting more layers on top just doesn't seem to work well in the formula and they end up sloughing off my lips. The MUA ones I've tried have all been opaque in one stroke and a little goes a long way. It dries a little slower than other brands but I find this helpful as it gives me more time to apply it evenly and neatly. And when it does dry it doesn't feel uncomfortable or dry my lips like other brands. It lasts about the same amount of time as other brands, which for me is basically all day...Until I eat. I find when eating the product either rubs off from the middle out or if it's anything remotely oily it sort of melts.

Atomic is a bright, red based orange. Here it is on my lips:

...Unfortunately it's a really bad photo. It is much brighter and more orange in real light.

Here's my face! (I'm also wearing one of the shades from the MUA Birthday palette and Makeup Revolution foundation in FB01 pink tones) Again the lips colour isn't really accurate:

The eyeliner is £2 and it is awesome so you should buy it, the lip laquers are £3 and if you like matte lips you should try one. I'm really happy that such a nice inexpensive brand is making such quality products :)

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