Thursday 21 May 2015

A little Superdrug Haul

I was feeling a bit down at the weekend and as I was in town already (you should go see Mad Max! :P ) I wandered into Superdrug to cheer myself up a little. Now I know that shopping is a really bad remedy for feeling down but I hadn't treated myself to any makeup or frivolous stuff in a while and... Well unfortunately for me it works. And it's less destructive than vodka frenzy.

Anyway here's my haul:

MUA had an offer where if you spent £8 you got a free limited edition palette and they had a bunch of stuff I hadn't seen before. So I got a highlighter (or 'Undress Your Skin Illuminating liquid glow' to give it it's full, ridiculously long name) in Pink shimmer, Whipped Velvet blush in Chichi, Wet Look eyeliner, Velvet lip Laquer in Atomic and the palette.

NYC was on some offer, I think Buy 1 get 1 Half Price. So I picked up two of these 'Smooch proof liquid lip stains' (which from swatching I thought they might be like the Topshop Gloss Inks but they're not really :( ) in 'Faithful Coral' and ...I don't know the name of the red one. Stupidly the name is only written on the outer plastic wrap that seals the product. So as I've removed that to use it the name is gone forever!  A 'Fancy Dotty' nail polish in Greenwich Goddess and a peel off base coat which should be good for glitter polishes.

GOSH was £2 off everything so I picked up a 'Xtreme Liquid Gel Eyeliner' (how can it be both liquid and gel at the same time? Answer me GOSH!) in the shade '007 Lavender'.

Finally there was a very naughty impulse buy of some real techniques brushes. But they were over 50% off and my old ELF face brushes are slowly dying so..yeah. That's my excuse :P It's the 'Sculpting Set' with a Sculpting Brush, Fan Brush and Setting Brush.

I'll have some reviews of the MUA products coming up, is there anything else you'd like a review of? What naughty splurges have you had recently?

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