Saturday 16 May 2015

Lippie of the day number one!

So at the moment I'm not leaving my house much at all due to my chromic fatigue and social phobia and as i am lazy if I'm staying at home i tend to stay in my pyjamas as long as physically possible. So putting on a full face of makeup is just not gonna happen the vast majority of days. However I've decided that i shall start a project to wear a different lip product every day (or the majority of days, I'm not gonna pretend I'll manage it every day!). It's nice for my self esteem to make just a little effort with my appearance even when I'm just indoors alone. And it will give my ridiculously huge lipstick collection some well needed attention!

So without further ado here is Lippie of the Day number 1: Topshop Gloss Ink in Smitten.

Topshop has discontinued the Gloss Inks and I am really sad about it! I only have this one shade and i really wish I'd bought more when i had the chance. The formula is like a mix between a lip stain and a gloss. It's hard to explain. It's very thick and it sticks to your lips like a magnet, but it doesn't feel very sticky or wet. I love the look of lipstains but sometimes find them a bit drying and flat looking as they sink into my lips. As this is a hybrid it doesn't dry down like that and is very comfortable to wear. 

It's brilliantly adaptable, you can apply just a tiny bit as a flush of colour 

Or you can slap it on thickly for opaque coverage and better shine 

One of my favourite ways to wear it is to apply it very sheerly to my whole mouth but then build it up ib the centre for a slight two-tone effect. 

Smitten is a lovely bright raspberry pink with a small amoubt of subtle pink shimmer (you can only really see this in the photo where I'm wearing it thickly). The product has very good longevity, it fades a bit after eating/drinking but the colour does last all day or until I wipe it off. The packaging is sleek and quite classy looking black with a rubberised finish. It cost about a fiver i think but sadly as i said earlier you cannot get them anymore :(

If anyone knows a similar product please let me know in the comments!
And here's my very very simple face using it. Nothing but the Gloss Ink and a bit of black mascara.


  1. Love it! Love the color and the finish. Good to know that it lasts longer for I prefer long lasting ones.

  2. That two-toned effect looks cute, like doll lips. I wonder if that is similar to the YSL glossy stains and their L'oreal dupes, it's a lovely color and it's a shame that it is discontinued. I die inside just a little bit every time something I love is discontinued or unavailable to me.

  3. i have all of these except the light pink they did i adore them sad to see them gone


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