Friday, 19 February 2010

Run out of citrus based puns!

So umm... Yeah the Lime Criminal has struck again.
A while back when i was still fuming at her terrible business tactics i started writing a big post detailing all the shadiness Xenia has been involved in throughout her business life, but i thought better of it. I'd rather my blog was a positive place and would rather spend my energy writing reviews and posts about companies and products i am actually interested in and decided only to post my proof that her products are repackaged. Well... let's just say be prepared for some mammoth posts of epic shadiness coming your way!

I have steered clear of posting on the examiner article ( for a while now (though i couldn't resist it when someone suggested Shrinkle had paid me to bad mouth Lime Crime) because some of it just seemed ridiculous and i figured everything that needed to be said about Xenia's woeful business sense had already been said. But I have continued reading it because... well to me it's a bit like a train wreck, it can be horrible but i cannot look away!

If you aren't aware Shrinkle (or Amy) is a fashion designer who has just brought out her own (absolutely amazing looking) line of makeup ( Shrinkle used to be friends with Xenia when they were both making clothing for Xenia's Little Big Girl community. In fact it was Amy who kicked off Xenia's 'makeup artist' delusion by first introducing her to the big, bold world of Kryolan cosmetics. Xenia's first makeup tutorials used the Kryolan Amy had gifted to her extensively. Xenia also completely changed her fashion style from a more traditional lolita/kinderwhore thing to Shrinkle's brightly coloured, animal printed, 'trashy clothes for classy hos' style.

Eventually Amy got fed up of Xenia's shillbidding/selling dollar store sunglasses for a ludicrous markup etc and left (or was thrown out of, i forget) the Little Big Girl group, though has remained completely silent about what went on and any knowledge she may have about Xenia's backdoor shenanigans (slightly irritating cause i want all the goss, but also classy and good for her own business).

Xenia then started both anonymously badmouthing Shrinkle under a sockpuppet account (links to all of these will be provided in my bigger post coming ASAP) and saying things in interviews obviously aimed at her: 'some people still behave dress like they were teenagers, i'm classy enough to have grown out of it' (i'm paraphrasing. Also hilarious considering she now dresses even more childishly than Shrinkle ever did).

Recently when Shrinkle's Sugarpill makeup company launched Xenia congratulated her to her face. All the while anonymous people were badmouthing Sugarpill on the examiner article. People suggested it could have been Xenia but there was no proof...

Until Now.

A few days ago someone anonymous started claiming that Sugarpill was repackaged by posting photos of La Femme private label cosmetics they'd photoshopped Sugarpill on top of (the palettes and things are similar or the same but the colours are completely different and unavailable at La Femme). This person has been discovered to be Xenia.

Xenia's camera details from her flickr account:

the details of the photo posted by the anonymous badmouther:

As you can see the camera details are practically identical, but most telling is that the camera make and model is exactly the same and the dates on both cameras have been set as '2027' for some reason.

Oops, that was a bit silly wasn't it oh Unicorn Queen!

Also the anoymous posters flickr name is 'princessmoth'. Xenia once had a makeup tutorial called 'Moth princess' or something, as well as having discussed moths exclusively in her big sexist post a while back.

So that's absolute proof that Xenia is two-faced, having been nice to Shrinkle over twitter and so on, but slagging her off behind her back. So if you needed more proof that she lies, here it is.

Also if you were wondering, Sugarpills colours aren't available in the catalogue Xenia claims they are. And if you look at the photo details, it was taken on the 14th of february. Shrinkle didn't start sending parcels until the 15th so there's no way anyone could have had the actual product beforehand (unless Amy had given them to her, an idea which is laughable) so that just prooves it's a photoshopped photo.

You give unicorns a bad name!

if anyone needed further proof, for instance thinking that the photo of her and Poppy King could have been taken by someone else and sent in to Xenia or something, these photos of Xenia's hideous DIY jumper are taken with the same camera:
You can see the date on these is december '2026' so it all adds up.


Today Xenia posted this:
which states she is now donating some of Lime Crime's profits to an animal charity. This is wonderful of course (maybe her conscience finally got to her about all that money she stole that was supposed to go to a shelter) and her makeup line has been certified as being animal testing free, wonderful too! But there's something else very fishy going on:
'offering vegan eyeshadows and lipsticks that are free of animal products with an exception of beeswax'.
Umm... if a product has beeswax in it it is NOT vegan! That's like saying 'this soup is vegetarian with an exception of ox tail'. Every single one of her lipsticks contain Beeswax, so it's not as if it's just a typo meaning some of her lipsticks aren't vegan. She's actually claiming that they ARE vegan, even though they contain an animal product.
And as well as this her eyeshadows are not all vegan, some contain carmine which is made of a certain kind of beetle. She even states on her website that some colours are not vegan ( but now has conviniently forgotten that to appear entirely cruelty free.

I am not a vegan, i'm a vegetarian but i do try and steer clear of animal products when i can. There's nothing wrong with not being an entirely vegan company, but to imply you are (while oxymoronically admitting you use beeswax O_o) when you aren't is just despicable.


  1. Babe, that's lots of gossip and shit going on! I knew that the LC drama was not done...
    I can't wait to read your next post about it!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Or I wanted to add :) I have some LC swatches on my blog and she once linked me in her FAQ. After I wrote about her repackaging, the link was gone! :D LMAO

  2. I hope Xenia gets her ass handed to her. Bitch deserves it.

  3. lol, what a turd burgler UnicornBarf is. oOo Unique colours that fit into the same pan as La Femme! OH NOES THE WORLD WILL END NOW. I heard MakeupForever will fit as well, OH NOES! MAKEUPFOREVER TOTALLY RIPPED OFF LA FEMME AS WELL!

    At least Shrinkle's shades are Unique, just because they fit the same pan doesn't mean they're the same (unlike the magic dusts from tkb)

    Man that girl just doesn't know when to stop.

    And that Encyclopedia is hilarious! :D

  4. ED didn't pick up on this until NOW? Good god, they are getting slow... Anyway, thanks for posting this, can't wait for Xenis next move.

  5. my goodness! I honestly had NO IDEA this was going on. Well, I'm pretty new to mineral makeup and small indie companies =/

  6. NOT happy with LC! Dough just digs herself a deeper and deeper hole... Hope her fans finally wake up and see what kind of person she really is >(

    Also: LOVE the person who made that ED page for her. She totally deserves it.

  7. None of this surprises me at all. I wondered what Xenia would have to say about Sugarpill.

    What a silly moo.

  8. LULZ forever. Seriously, Xenia writes her own material. Anything anyone "fabricates" about her isn't nearly as funny as the crap she really does pull. Funny and sad, I guess. And poor Amy for having to deal with her drama YET AGAIN. However, it's my guess that this half-assed slander campaign won't make even the slightest dent in Sugarpill's success because the few that were in agreement that it may be private label have already publicly apologized to Amy via twitter.

  9. I've been following Shrinkle since she was selling arm warmers on Ebay. I loved her style and thought she was hilarious. I started seeing mentions of "Lime Crime" so I checked it out and was disgusted with the blatant copycat designs she did.

    I've always gotten a bad vibe off of her, she gives me the creeps big time.

    Also, if she had any idea about really making cosmetics (not just tossing micas in a baggy and smooshing them), she'd know you can buy the palettes Shrinkle uses can be bought wholesale. I'm pretty sure I have the catalog somewhere in my house from research I've done in the past.

  10. This new drama has really made my week! While the failed bashing of Sugarpill was amusing, her blog post today had me in stitches! For one, she's been certified by /PETA/?! That alone is laughable and will prolly alienate a few of her vegan followers. Second, she's totally not vegan! Augh! Trying to claim that her company is vegan really made me angry. While I'm not vegan or vegetarian myself, trying to seem like a "better" company by making false claims is something that really gets on my nerves. I hate liars, and Xenis looses a little more of my respect every day. (I think it's nearing absolute zero by now.)

  11. Hi Lillian, thanks for documenting this!

    I just want to point out that Doe has since changed the name on her sockpuppet account and deleted the camera details, so that one link is now invalid.

    This has to be proof it's her.

  12. I agree with Kei. Why would they do that if they have nothing to hide? This has Xenia written ALL OVER IT.

    I love how her only defense is that people are jealous of her. Find some new material, lady!

  13. I actually got my sugarpill order in today...they are absolutely lovely! I was only able to afford a pigment and an eyeshadow...I may post some swatches when I make my next purchase...I also own quite a few LC products that i purchased before I knew of all this madness...such a dissapointment seeing her try to take Amy down so soon. *sigh*

    "I do not support PETA", lol.

  15. I LOLed so hard when I saw her post on Twitter about how "bees are hard to abuse." That's not the point, you twit.

  16. Hey Lillian,

    Great post! Here are some more screen captures, since "PrincessMoth" changed her name and made her account private:

  17. omg what an idiot! She got so busted!!!

  18. This is really funny. At first I was disappointed that I'd let her fool me, but I think it's rather funny now. She'll get what she deserves in the end.

    Hopefully, more fans will learn what's going on, and stop purchasing her products.

    Thanks so much for keeping us updated, Lillian! Looking forward to your next post!

  19. OMG this is hilarious! Xenia is such a joke.

  20. Ok, this is absolutely the smallest detail ever, but . . .

    I have been vegan, and I have been and still am very deeply immersed in the vegan community. There is no agreement about products that come from insects - honestly, there is little agreement about most animal products depending on who you talk to. I know some vegans who won't touch products that come from insects. I know some vegans who prefer to avoid them, but don't bother with them too much. I know some who absolutely think they don't matter. The various arguments I have heard are based on the complexity of the animal's central nervous system, and what is involved in obtaining the substance. But my point is that being vegan isn't a hard and fast thing, so I think it's unfair to comment on that particular point.

    SO. Without commenting on the rest of your article, the story of which I find shocking and disappointing but will refrain from judging until I have done my own research, I just wanted to make that clear. As far as the vegan issue goes, I feel that as long as the products are clearly labeled as containing beeswax and carmine, she's not doing anything wrong THERE. As to the rest . . . well, I'm sad to hear it.

  21. To the person above me, I agree that there isn't a lot of solidarity on the issue regarding vegans and insects (although a majority of them will agree about not using carmine, since that's just straight up dead crushed bugs).

    However, the main pebble in the shoe of the argument geared toward Xenia is that she seems to think vegans won't use beeswax simply because they think that the bees are being abused. That's like saying a vegan won't drink milk simply because they think the cows are being abused. If a vegan chooses not to use products containing beeswax, it is because they don't want to use anything that came from an animal or contains animals in it.

    P.S. I'm a vegan :)

  22. Tamara:
    It seems like Xenia just can't stop doing dodgy stuff, otherwise i'm sure it would have been forgotten about long ago!
    And that's hilarious and not the least bit surprising XD

    Me too. It makes me really angry to see such a nasty lying cheater going up in the world when genuine, honest people work their fingers to the bones and never come close to her level of fame.

    I love how her whole 'shrinkle is repackaging' thing came from the fact you can get the palettes on a private label thing. Of course she bought the palettes and packaging!

    Actually it's been around a few months, but got updated recently :)

    It's really awful. they're a terrible company anyway and now they've gone all Tonya Harding!

    It's really disgusting behaviour. Other indie companies often buy from each other and are friends and things, i've never seen anyone trying to discredit the competition before she came along.
    And yeah the ED entry is amazing!

    I knew she would be cross about Sugarpill, but this is just disgraceful.

    I know, she's just digging herself deeper and deeper into a big dirty ditch! How has noone told her to just knock this kind of shit off? She's nearly 30 and still acting like a 12 year old internet troll :P
    I certainly don't think this nonsense is going to hurt Sugarpill in the slightest, but it sure makes Lime Crime look worse.

  23. lexibot:
    Xenia just prances through life copying one person and then moving on to the next.
    Her basing the idea that shrinkle's makeup is repackaged because you can buy the packaging wholesale is especially ridiculous seeing as the packaging for her own eye dusts are just bog standard 10 gram jars.

    I know, also a few years back she went on about how she hated PETA and didn't believe that animals had rights!
    She really is awful, she just lies and cheats and so many people believe her. It's awful!
    Also i still owe you a bunch of tkb samples, i haven't forgotten i promise, i just can't find any ziplock bags anywhere!

    Thanks for telling us all about this Kei, thank God you discovered it! I'm going to replace the deleted links with some print screens. If she thought deleting it was a good idea she was horribly mistaken, if it wasn't her that posted it why would the person have any reason to hide it?

    I hate the 'jealousy' thing too. To be honest i am jealous of a lot of people, but these are people i like and inspire to be like, not vile lying cheating women.

    Ooh please do post swatches! I can't wait to get my order! It's pathetic behaviour trying to hurt someone who helped to make her wha she is today.

    she's one big walking contradiction.

    I know, also it's just not true! Lot's of bees get killed by accident.

    Thank you so much Ellie! WIll change my post to include these ASAP.

    I know, what a dumb mistake! You'd think she'd have more experience in underhand tactics!

    she fooled so many people, it's only natural to think the best of people, especially someone who projects such a sweet, innocent image.
    And she really is a sort of figure of fun with me now, but she also makes me so so very angry.

    It just keeps getting better and better doesn't it!

    well i'm not a vegan myself, but i figure even though there are vegans who will use certain products in order to call a product 'vegan' it wouldn't be able to contain any animal derived product, as any vegans who won't touch insect products could be tricked into thinking it's safe for them. While she does admit it uses beeswax she writes it in a way that could be confusing 'vegan except beeswax' which to me just means it's not vegan. As for the carmine eyeshadows she does note them on her shop website and in the comments, but in the main post she claims they are all vegan, so if you just skimmed the post you could be tricked.

  24. hi,
    i'm glad you're still posting these because i love the "goss", and i really hope LC gets what she deserves! so please keep up the good work!!

  25. I tried to comment a question seven times asking the percentage she was donating. She didn't approve a single comment.

  26. Is your makeup vegan?
    Most Magic Dusts are, except Pink Poodle and Diva which contain carmine. Our lipsticks are free from all animal products except beeswax.
    BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE THEN!!! beeswax, vegan/veggie whatever or not is STIL and animal product, dressed up however you like, its fact.
    I think when it comes to stuff like this, companies should make it clear if they use animal products, as clearly as possible.

    When I first ever saw her make up line, I thought it was interesting, but it IT can easily be duped, no matter how much she fights it, it can. her lipstick swatches, are also misleading, I'm happy that I saw a swatch of cenrifushia before I decided if I wanted to buy it, her swatches are clearly photoshoped but I assume she would also deny it, as she sates that her lipsticks are low sheen but in the pictures they look to be much more high shine? this woman is clearly pretty twisted.

  27. haha wonder how she came up with the idea for saying they're repackaged :P

    Sorry, I hugged a traffic light yesterday and shaved off one of my bf's roommate's eyebrows and glued the sleeves and the collar of his t-shirt to him a week ago, but her behaviour is so childish and petty I cant even imagine doing it

  28. That girls make up gives unicorns a bad name :P

  29. I'm about to buy some of her products. I am curious to know whether there is carmine in her red eyeshadow and lipstick...But if there is, I'll hit the wall because it says the eyeshadow is vegan on their website, but there's no ingredients list. :(


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