This is just for me, a list I can look at when I have extra money. Of course if anyone wants to send me anything that would be most welcome :P heh heh heh

Paul and Joe brush holder

Lipstick: Girl About Town, Rebel, Cyber, Sin, Viva Glam Cyndi, smoked purple, Dubonnet
Lipglass: Viva Glam Cyndi
Dazzleglass: Funtabulous, Love Alert, Sugarrimed

Lipstick in: Perilous, Liv
Intense Lipgloss in: Succubus
Pure Pigment in: Fervent
False Eyelashes in: Decadence
Illuminator in: Halcyon and Poised
Various Medium pencils
Powder blusher in: Excite, Thrust, Katie, Unrequited, Hussy,

It's Raining Men shower gel
melting marshmallow moment bath meltMrs Whippy and Twilight bath ballistics

Barry M:
glitter liquid eyeliner in: Pink
Nail paint in: Indigo
Lip gloss wand in: Coral, strawberry milkshake, strawberry glitter, sugar pink glitter, bubblegum glitter
Lip liner in: Fuschia
Lip paint in: Sunset, Pink ribbon, Royal Raspberry, Dolly pink, Silver glitter, Mulberry, Chestnut Red

Lip paint in: 59
Sleeks Cream Lip Paint in: 93
All AMC lip glosses
Nail enamel in: 204, 203, 207
AMC matte eyeliner gel in: 84, 79, 85

Indie Brands:

Epically Epic Soap Company
Lip Balm in: Sharmrock Shake, Gummy Bears, Anjou Pear, Fuji Apple,
Lip Tint in: Epicberry Noir, Passionfruit Rose, Red Velvet Cake, Rosa, Bullfrog
Perfume in: I love Lychee
Custom Perfume: One in Rhubarb. One in Pear. One in Green Apple, Rhubarb, yellowcake and almond.  Possibly more.
Solid Lotion in: Yellow cake, I love Lychee

Custom scented solid lotion in: Pear, peach, rhubarb, tangerine, guava, marashino cherry and mimosa,

Intertubes in: Leroy Jenkins, Robe and Wizard Hat, Rickrolled, Yo Dawg
Eyeshadows in: Pikachu, Shaymin, Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Zelda, Dins Fire, Deku, Master Sword, Small key, Majoras Mask, Farores Wind, SS Anne, Rapidash, Articuno, Poliwrath, Gengar, Mew, Butterfree, spiritomb,

Haus of Gloi
Scents I love/think I'll like:
Who needs love, Elevenses, Honey Tree, Imp, Vice, Satyr, Twice is Nice, Madcap Garden, Litchi Milk Tea, Peach Mama, Troika,

Venomous Cosmetics
Lip Poison in: Hysteria, Sedated, Hypnotize, Corrupt, Cupids Arrow, Love Potion 9, Xanadu