Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Jellyminx Thinks Contest entry - Gloom

Jellyminx Thinks has been holding a contest for people to do a makeup look based on their birthmonth ( check out some of the entries, they're really wonderful). I was born in january.

My first look is based around the fact that one day in January (i think its around the 16th) has been judged, somehow, to be the most depressing day of the year. I wanted to make a look based upon this gloominess, i wanted to look a bit gothy and also a bit ill. You can see for yourself that i really didn't execute this too well.

It's obviously not a fashion look and i very much doubt anyway will want to copy the look, but heres what i did anyway (havent bothered to list any of the actual products, if anyone does want to know what something is just ask :)) :
I used my regular foundation all over, then set it with a white translucent powder. I then contoured my cheeks, forehead and sides of nose with a grey eyeshadow (this is sadly not really visible in any of the photos). Then i used grey eyeshadow all over my lids and under my eyes, then a black greasepaint stick, And finally i blocked out my lips with mac lip erase.

So, yes it's certainly not very flattering or attractive, but i think it looks pretty miserable at least!


  1. I actually like this one quite a bit.

  2. This does look sort of gothy and you did a good job at looking "down". :-)

  3. Jeweled Thumb:
    Thank you! I liked the idea but thought it looked pretty ugly.

    thank you! I want to do some more over-the-top looks :)


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