Monday, 22 February 2010

A week of Indie Makeup Day 5 - Morgana Minerals

Some lip swatches swatches and a mini review of my first haul is here:

Morgana Minerals is a company run by a lovely lady named Melissa who started making mineral makeup so she could custom match her own foundation and then just grew passionate about creating her own cosmetics.

Morgana sell handmade mineral lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations, hand-blends of glitters, as well as some other brands of makeup, hair dye, brushes and various other bits. She also has some makeup items made by a private label company, such as the current cream shadows. Melissa has some new products due to be released soon including lip glosses, pressed shadows, her own formulations of cream shadows and liquid liners, can't wait to see them!

Her website is really easy to navigate and has a cute, gothy look to it (your shopping basket is renamed a shopping casket :D). The ingredient information is a little irratic, for instance the ingredients for the lipsticks are on the main lipstick page, some eyeshadows have individual ingredients for each shade and some don't have any ingredients listed. All of her lipsticks are vegan (no beeswax here!) and Morgana never tests on animals. Some of her own eyeshadows and some of the private label products do contain carmine. If you're unsure about whether or not a certain colour contains a certain ingredient getting in contact with Melissa is dead easy, there is a 'contact me' page on the site for you to input your question or request. I had a query for this review and she got back to me in less than an hour! There is also a forum with places to request new colours, photo swatches and so on.

Morgana has a minimum spend of $15 for your first order, but if you have already purchased from her you can request to order less. shipping is free anywhere in the world with orders of samples or about $7 for international shipping of full size products (though this may vary depending on how much you order). Their prices are great! $10 for a full tube of their amazing lipsticks, $5 for a 5g jar of eyeshadow or glitter or $8 for a 10g jar and $4.25 for 4 grams of glitter.

I went for a massive haul of samples including basically all of Morgana's new lipstick shades, some glitters and some eyeshadows.

There was a little delay in sending my order (though in the end it only arrived about a week and a half after some other orders i made the same day) but Melissa kept me really well informed and gave me a discount code for 15% off my next order. Not only this, but apparantly my package cost less to pay than usual or something so Melissa gave me a code for $4 credit off my next order and remember i got free shipping because i only bought samples!

My order came tightly packed in a bubble mailer (completely forgotten if it was wrapped in tissue or anything) with an invoice and thank you note.

Firstly i got a few samples of glitter. Morgana's glitter samples are incredibly generous at $1 for a whole gram. I'm not sure if all of them are colours created by Melissa (i dont understand how a plain colour like the orange or pink could have been mixed) but lots of them are clearly hand blended, beautiful mixes of colours. There's not much else i can say about these, they're just regular glitters. Some of the colours have smaller sized particles than others, and these are described on the website. I don't think i'll be buying full sizes of these, not because i dislike them in any way, but simply because the sample size is so generous i doubt i'll use them enough to need a full 4 grams!

shifty eyed, twinkling teal, mysterious, rainbow sea serpent, twinkling red

As you can see i picked a lot of similar green/blue colours :P

Next i tried a lot of eyeshadow samples, some from each collection currently available. These were all really lovely deeply pigmented shadows that blended easily and had variable shimmer and glitter. The samples come in baggies and are 1/8th of a teaspoon for $1, which is quite a nice amount, though in this case I will be buying some full sizes of my favourite colours :) Haven't worn any yet so i can't comment on the longevity.

Regular collection:

Zaria, Drusillas sister, coraline, fantasy, mischievious, warped

pirate collection:

tavern wench, buried treasure, arrr matey, jolly roger, marooned

halloween collection:

ectoplasm, sinister, shallow grave, uninvited presence

christmas collection:

twinkling cherrine, harken, north pole, snowballs chance

Then i got a heck of a lot of lipstick samples!
A sample of lipstick is 50c and you get a little slither in a baggie. The slither is probably enough for 3 or 4 lip applications. I really find these lipsticks amazing and some of the new colours absolutely make me drool! The formula is just unbeatable, creamy and incredibly opaque. Again i haven't worn these properly so i can't tell you how long-lasting they are.

valentine, coralines kiss, slime, silverwitch, devilish, lillian

glittering poinsettia, pumpkin eater, blood, serenity, rustic, margarita

spellbound, watermelon, gunmetal blue, violets kiss, serpent

azalea, medusa, raspberry, red licorice, blueberry, mistress

Very cherry

Would I purchase again? Absolutely, i love love love so many of the lipsticks and i need full tubes as soon as possible! There's also quite a few eyeshadows i would like full sizes of, and more samples i want to try. I really love this company, there were the first mineral makeup i ever bought from and i have been more than happy with all the products i've tried. The lipsticks are just absolutely amazing, the quality, variety of colour and price are just perfect.

Lip swatches of all of the swatches to come soon (going to take me an age! D:)


  1. The lipsticks look SO GOOD! I'm forced to wait for White Day (I think everyone and their grandfathers know by know lol) and I can't wait. Valentine, Watermelon, Azalea and Lillian are my favourites.

  2. I love Melissa so much! She is so nice and helpful.

    I'm really hoping to get my hands on some of those lipsticks soon. Blood looks great

  3. The middle one in the first row is gorgeous, both with and without flash.

    I have a Stila colour which is very similar to that and I've only recently started using it a lot.

  4. Those colors are so nice. I was thinking about placing an order with them and now I'm pretty sure I will. I love the ectoplasm color it's so well... GREEN!

  5. Femaleclaws:
    They are really amazing, the ones i have full tubes of seem just as high quality as mac or other high end lipsticks i've tried!
    I want full sizes of Azalea, slime, serenity and Lillian (of course :P) already but need to try the rest on my lips before i decide. I'm sure i'll want most of them though, but i'll have to wait a long long time before i can afford any!

    Zoë Danger Awesome:
    She really is a sweety! I like blood, but to me it looks the same as Glittering Poinsettia but without the glitter. I figure i might as well go all out with glitter :P

    It really is a beautiful colour, i can't wait to try it in a look :)

    Ectoplasm is one of my favourites too! And i love all the christmas colours, so bright and bold!

    they are! Can't wait to try it all on properly :)

  6. I am madly in love with Morgana's lipsticks! I'm buying a full tube of Serenity ASAP.

    As to their longevity: they last for about 3-4 hours before they start to get "patchy" or "slide off," although if you use a lipliner, it's more like 5 hours. Hey, if I only have to reapply once a day, that's fine by me! :)

  7. I recently picked up a new tin of Nivea Creme from RiteAid, because I can never resist a tin of Nivea Creme. It came in a special Valentine's Day packaging that I thought was adorable -- I was planning to send it on to Denis, who is often plagued by dry skin. I personally swear by that stuff - nothing else can deal with my dry winter skin the way Nivea Creme does. (Though, we will not speak of Nivea Soft here - that stuff is pure evil. I repudiate it.)However, I noticed that this new tin of Nivea Creme was... different, from the previous tins of Nivea Cremes that I've owned. It melted faster, and absorbed more quickly into my skin, and felt much less greasy. Honestly, as much as I love the stuff, I've always found it too greasy to use anytime except in the winter. Greasy though it may be, to its credit, its never broken me out. Now, this "different" tin of Nivea Creme piqued my interest, so I went home and decided to compare all the various version of Nivea Creme I owned at home.


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