Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Evil Shades lip gloss swatches

Here are my lip swatches for all the colours of Evil Shades lip glosses currently available. These were applied quite quickly with a finger but i think they give a good idea of the colour and the differences in opacity of each shade.

Wicked Glosses. These have a sort of duochrome effect to them.
Diana's Bow

Gorgeous sheer pink with a green reflect.

Sasha's Heart

Medium sheer plummy, browny, greyish colour with a green duochrome

Lillian's Light

Silvery sheer gloss with glitter and a slight blue and pink reflect.

Regular glosses:


Near opaque black with a slight silver glitter.


medium sheer super glossy lilac/lavender with silver glitter. As you can see i got this on my chin :P


Sheerish green with slight shimmer. It looks a bit brown but that's just because it's sheer and my lips are pink.

No Angel

Gorgeous near opaque red, one of my favourites.

Lethal Kiss

Lovely sheer peachy colour with silver sparkle. Really beautiful.

Guilty As Sin

Medium sheer pink with pink glitter.


Super glossy almost opaque raspberry with slight blue shimmer.


Amazing near opaque light cyan colour with slight silver shimmer. One of my favourites.

13th Hour

Very sheer brownish purple with silver shimmer. This is the only colour i was unimpressed with as it is just too sheer for me.


  1. Suffocation and Guilty as sin look super gorgeous. Suffocation especially looks like a milder, cooler cousin of MAC Funtabulous. Looooove.

  2. Femaleclaws:
    It really is like Funtabulous, only less than a quarter of the price :P i can't wait to try it over another light purply lipstick.

  3. The Suffocation lipgloss looks so shiny and amazing. I just bought that and the Acolyte eyeshadow to try Evil Shades out - and it's six quid something with shipping! Overjoyed.

  4. Oh... these are SO beautiful! And you have great modeling lips. ^_~

  5. Thanks for these! I love it when someone has a swatch- it makes it easier to know what I'd like to try. I appreciate it!


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