Friday, 19 February 2010

A week of Indie Makeup Day 4 - Hi Fi Cosmetics.

Hi Fi Cosmetics is run by Veronica, a certified makeup artist who states about her company: 'I specialize in unique, handmade, and highly pigmented mineral cosmetics with lots of sparkle and huge color payoff. I blend all of the colors myself, taking special care to only offer a product that I would use myself. I use these products on my clients, as well as on my own face!!'.

Hi Fi make an incredible amount of products,including powder eyeshadows, powder and gel blushers and bronzers, fine handblended glitters, shimmer gels, glitter gels and, a product that wasn't around when i ordered, lip glazes. Her prices are excellent at $4.99 for a 5 gram jar (filled to the brim with sifters) of eye shadow, paparazzi flash powder (and Veronica states clearly in these product listings that the amount is 3/4 of a teaspoon) and glam rock eye glitzes, $3.99 for a full 10 gram jar of Star glimmer gel, $6.99 for a 10 gram jar of gel blush or bronzer, $6.99 for a 5.9ml tube of lip glaze and $5.99 for a ten gram jar (with sifter) of shimmer dust or blush. She also sells little 3 piece sets for £9.99, including 3 eyeshadows and a 'look card' to help you recreate a look, so that's amazing value.
She also often has other sales, when i ordered she was offering BOGOF on all eyeshadows, paparazzi flash powders and glam rock eye glitzes.

Hi Fi currently sells on Etsy which makes ordering nice and easy. They don't list their ingredients on the website, but they are listed on the actual products and Veronica says you can contact her anytime before purchase for a full ingredient list. I couldn't find anywhere on the site that states whether or not the products are vegan or tested on animals (i must start asking this before i buy, i'm an awful vegetarian!) but have contacted Veronica to ask.

I picked up 4 eye shadows, 1 paparazzi flash powder, 3 glam rock eye glitzes and 1 gel blush. As i said at the time Hi Fi were having an amazing BOGOF sale so i only paid for the 4 shadows and gel blush. My total came to $29.70 including shipping to the UK and took about 3 weeks to arrive.

My order came really well wrapped with all the products bundled tightly together in catergories in zip lock baggies that were then sellotaped shut and then popped in a bubble mailer. Included with my order was my invoice with a short 'thank you' written, 2 business cards and a magnet, 4 eyeshadow samples and a code worth 25% off my next order over $20! :O So incredibly generous! (and no you cannot share my code :P)

So firstly the eyeshadows. The colours i bought are Grinch, (a beautiful glittering green the exact colour of the grinch in the cartoon), Raid the King (a practically neon red coral), Live Large (a bright violet purple with blue shimmers) and In Bloom (a hot pink). The samples i recieved were Champagne toast (a very shimmery gold-champagne colour), Brandy (a shimmery light pink), Chicago (a shimmery bright denimy blue) and Crash around me (a slightly dulled greenish teal).

no flash


Grinch, Raid the King, Live Large, In Bloom, Brandy, Crash Around me, Chicago, Champagne Toast

I think you can probably see for yourself, but these colours are all amazingly bright and vibrant and incredibly true to their colour descriptions. I have not yet tried a look with them so i cannot comment on their blendability or longevity yet, but will tell you soon :) I really like all the colours i recieved free!

The Grinch shadow was from their holiday collection and look how cute the label is! It's really kitsch and reminds me of a cheesey old christmas card, love it!

Next i got a Paparazzi Flash powder, which is basically a beautiful fine glittle dust. I chose the colour was Conspiracy which is a yellowy/greeny chartreuse colour with different coloured shimmers.

I got a gel blush in Amore, which is a beautiful shimmering orangey coral with golden sparks. This stuff is amazing! You only need a tiny bit to get a lovely sheer flush of colour or if you want it more pigmented you can just layer it. It was really flattering on my skin tone and amazingly this stuff acts as a sort of 'stain'. When i washed my hand to get the swatches off the coral flush stayed on but without the gold and a bit less vibrant. The pot came absolutely full to the brim. If anything i'd say it was a bit too full as when i closed the lid a tiny bit of the gel would squidge out from under the rim, but hey i'm not about to complain about getting too much product for my money!

And finally i picked up 3 Glam Rock Eye Glitzes, with are amazing glitter gels. The gel is absolutely saturated with glitter A thin layer gives you a lovely sparkle, or you can put it on thickly for a real jewel encrusted eyelid, though if you do put it on thick it takes a good while to dry so might smudge above your eyes. I picked the colours Pyrotechnic (a holographic orangey bronzey colour), New Age (bluey/greeney glitter) and Elecric (fuschia pink with green and blue glitter)

no flash


New Age, Pyrotechnic, Electric Glam Rock Eye Glitzes, Amore Blush, Conspiracy flash powder.

So would i buy again? Ohhooo yes. I absolutely loved all the products i bought. Honestly i cannot think of a single fault with them! I want to try the new Lip glazes, at least one other gel brush, all of the remaining eye glitzes, a shimmer gel or two and more paparazzi flash powders and eyeshadows. I think these products are amazing and even better considering how inexpensive they were. Veronica was incredibly generous and besides i've got a 25% off coupon :P


  1. OOO. I've followed her on blogger and maybe she'll have another sale soon so I can try out her stuff. =)

  2. Oooh everything looks gorgeous. Ta for the review...

  3. HiFi is a wonderful company! I love the eyeshadows and gel blush is so nice <3

    Thank you for the swatches!

  4. Never bought from them but you got me interested! *-*

  5. Lovely stuff! I haven't tried her glitter gels...I want to but I have some much glitter it's insane!

  6. Hi Fi is my favorite company :) Somehow I have managed only to try the eyeshadows, but I want to try everything she has, I know I will be impressed.

  7. These are beautiful! Love the shadows =)

  8. These look incredibly gorgeous. You inspired me to place an order. I love your make-up reviews so very much.

    P.S. Best wishes to your cat. I hope everything turns out okay! <3

  9. Jeweled Thumb:
    I hope she has a sale too, cheaper is always better :P But she's pretty fair as prices go anyway.

    Cheers! :D

    You're welcome :) I really love everything i tried!

    Hee hee, they're really good!

    It's really amazing, i love glitter and this stuff is just brilliant!

    I can't wait to try the few products i didn't pick up and i want so many more colours of the things i did buy XD Amazing company.

    They really are beautiful. They're actually brighter in real life, the camerea drained the colour out a little!

    Jody Pham:
    Thank you so much! You're very kind :)


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