Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Barry M Lip Laquer Crayons

I probably should have waited for some sort of offer to be on to buy these as Superdrug and Barry M often have special deals on. But i couldn't wait, as soon as i saw these i had to try them, even going as far as to naughtily open some seals because there were no testers. And after testing them i had to buy all but one. The one i didn't get was no. 5 Ballet Pink which is a very very light milky pink, it's also incredibly frosty and much sheerer than the others.

from left to right the swatches are no. 3 Mandarin, no. 4 Party Pink, no. 1 Scarlet red and no. 2 Cherry red.

Lip swatches in the same order:

Mandarin is a sort of reddish orange, but is a bit brighter and orangey-er than it looks in this photo. It's got a lighter orange shimmer effect.

Party pink is gorgeous, a bright fuscia colour with lighter pinka and almost blue shimmer.

Scarlet is the most opaque and is a classic, metallic looking jewel toned garnet red.

Cherry Red is a more pinky/blue red than Scarlet, but is a bit darker and less pink than in this photo, it's definately red.

I absolutely adore these. The chunky pencil is really easy to use and makes a pretty neat line, though i applied these really quickly so they look a bit messy. I've heard a lot of people find these drying, i actually found them quite moisturising so i guess it just depends on your individual skin and lips. The colours are amazing, all the 4 i got are so bright and beautifully pigmented and have an amazing effect, It's not quite glitter or metallic, above i've referred to it as shimmer, but that's not quite right either. It's a sort of opal effect, it sort of reminds me of this effect in nail polishes:
(thanks to nail juice for the photo :) )
but the colours are generally in the same colour-range. In Party pink this is almost duochrome with a blue sheen. You don't need much, one coat is basically enough to be opaque. I've been wearing the party pink one the most, about 3 times with a full lip coverage and i haven't needed to sharpen yet. I certainly will repurchase when these eventually run out and i really hope they come out with some other colours!


  1. Hey, so glad you like them, I love how opaque they are but I do need something under them on my lips, which is probably due to the season tbh as my lips aren't usually dry. I'll let you know how they go in summer, as I have a feeling party pink will be my bff then ;)

  2. From other swatches I've seen, I was only expecting to like the party pink, but seeing them on the lips makes a big difference. I'm quite taken with the Cherry Red now as well!

  3. ohhh nice! I think I might have to go to town thise afternoon and get myself some!

  4. Ooh I really like the look of the mandarin one. You have such lovely lip! xo

  5. Small Town Gal:
    Hee hee! It's weird, my lips are super dry and chapped at the moment but these are no problem with me! I've seen lots of reviews from people who find them drying though. Maybe my lips are so dry they're pulling moisture out of the crayons XD

    Sparklz and Shine:
    They're all really lovely! Well except Ballet pink, i did not like that one at all. The cherry red is really beautiful. The swatches i took makeu it look like a dark pink but it's really a pinky cool toned red.

    I bet they would look amazing on you! :D

    Mandarin is gorgeous. And thank you :)


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