Monday, 15 February 2010

Muso Mondays - Thomas Dolby

Mr. Dolby is an odd choice because frankly i'm only really keen on one of his albums. While the others are good too, I just wouldn't consider them some of my favourite music. However his album The Golden Age of Wireless is absolutely fabulous! In my mind it's hit after hit with only one i dislike ('radio silence' it bores me) there's the haunting 'Airwaves' which makes me shiver, the famous 'she blinded me with science' about a romance between 2 chemists and my favourite 'Europa and the Pirate twins' which tells the story of childhood friends torn apart, one becomes famous and the other can't get close to her, but he remains hopeful that they'll be the pirate twins again :) I also love 'cloudburst at shingle street' which hs the most amazing ending lyrics: 'when i was small i was in love, in love with everything. And now there's only you'.

Beautiful synth-pop 80s fabulousness. Songs with lyrics about science, childhood, submarines and windpower!

Another fabulous thing about Thomas Dolby is his amazing look and concept. He basically dressed and acted like a mad scientist, but experimenting with music instead of.. science stuff :P

I had a strange experience a few years back concerning mr. Dolby. I went to a gig of his and adored it, i wrote about it in my livejournal and commented about how i was just disconcerted by the fact he now looked like an ordinary middle aged man. I didn't mean it in a bad way, i was more making fun of myself because i'd had this bizarre image of him in my head of still looking like a big 80s mad scientist. Somehow he came acoss my blog and commented that he didn't think he looked that bad for a man of 50. Of course i was mortified that i could have accidentally hurt him so i wrote a grovelling apology in reply. I don't know if he ever saw it. So if somehow you manage to find this too mr dolby i am truly sorry and never meant to imply you looked old or anything, i think you are fabulous!

Anyway i don't have much else to say, but i think he's just fab. Oh and he was responsible for the soundtrack of the infamously bad flop 'Howard the Duck'.


(most of the songs i mentioned are on youtube but embedding is disabled, if you're interested check this: )

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