Saturday, 13 February 2010


Ok like i said in my last post i've been very very naughty recently.
Firstly i got some bits from Asos:

Models own lip glosses in blackberry, fuschia and red.

The Asos/Ciate nail paints were only £1.50 each! I got all 3, Mary Kate which is A black with gold sparkles, pixie which is a sort of racing green colour (it looks much lighter and brighter in the pot than when you swatch it) and Agyness which is a sparkly purple. I realised Agyness is basically exactly the same as my Barry M vivid purple, so if anyone would like this i'll sell it for £2 including shipping in the UK (i've only swatched it once. On asos it would be £3.50 including postage).
I also got some gorgeous tights that were in the sale (they're gold and black and sort of a houndstooth design). I also got 3 Models Own lipgloss and nail polish sets in red, fuscia and red/black (you can see the red/black set is in it's case) which also included a nail buffer thing and were £4 each. The red and fuschia lipglosses are gorgeously opaque but the blackberry one is sheer, also the red/black polish is a dupe of my Barry M red/black colour so again if anyone would like this set it's yours for £5 including shipping (and also i'll be donating 10% of anything i sell for a while to Haiti). Finally the only thing that wasn't in the sale was the Urban Decay lip primer potion, but even then i got a discount as there is an Asos 20% code :) Haven't tried this yet but will keep you posted.

Then I went into town to get something secret for my Goomba's valentine gift and ended up getting far too much for me!

Firstly i went a bit mad for nail polish in superdrug. I've gotten really into nail varnish at the moment, i'm absolutely desperate for some China Glaze and color club, but as i cant afford the shipping from the US at the moment i thought i'd stock up on some cheap drugstore brands. The collection 2000 polishes were under £2 each and go on really nice and opaque. I also discovered a secret clearance stash of old Urban Decay polishes (they must have been hidden in the stock room, i don't even remember when my superdrug sold UD!) so i got 3 of them for £1.99 each. I also picked up a collection 2000 base coat/ridge filler that isn't pictured.

From left to right the colours are:
collection 2000 Hot Looks: Wham (a light grey), hoola hoop (a sort of bubblegum pink), minx (a pinky-purple glitter), vixen (a fuschia glitter), BMX bandit (a kind of cornflower blue, love the name!), button moon (a very pale blue with a slight green tinge. Again wonderful name!).
Urban Decay: Trip (a bright fuschia pink with slight blue pearl), X (a sort of brown/purple/gold duochrome) and finally Freakshow (which is purple with green and blue duochrome).

and here are swatches of all the polishes, including the ones from Asos. A lot of them look awful, they're gorgeous in real life. Annoyingly the 2 i'm hoping to sell don't look anything like they do in real life so if you're interested please tell me and i'll try and take a better photo!:

Models own red/black, red alert and foxy fuschia, Asos/ciate paints in pixie, agyness (looks dark grey here, actually a metallic purple) and mary kate (which has gold shimmer in real life you can't see at all here), Urban decay in X, trip and freakshow, collection 2000 hot looks in minx, wham, bmx bandit, hoola hoop, button moon and vixen.
Then i got this gorgeous pearl necklace from Accessorize. I've always wanted a necklace with just giant pearls (a bit like Frank n Furters :P) and while this one isn't my perfect version it's pretty close:

And lastly, Lush. Now i know, i know, i have already got enough toilletries to last a year or so, but i couldn't help but grab some of the valentines range and some others of their new products. I was also really really brave and it payed off! I love the sound of their new Turkish Delight shower smoothie but as it's £15 i couldn't possibly buy it without trying it out, so i asked for a sample. Now this might sound like nothing but because of my disability i was literally shaking and on the brink of tears thinking about asking because i was just so scared. But i managed to find the courage and asked and as a reward for my bravery (though of course the lovely guy at the checkout didn't know it was a reward, he was just being nice :P) not only did i get a sample of Turkish Delight, but he gave me a little pack they'd put together which includes their new Creme Anglaise body lotion, Sexy Peel Soap, American cream conditioner and Smitten hand cream. I left feeling really proud of myself :)

Anyway i picked up Love Soap (and of course i had to get it in the gorgeous heart shaped box even though i'm keeping it for myself!), magic mushroom bubble bar, space girl bath ballistic and Happy blooming bath melt and my sample pack :)

So that's all the shopping i'm allowed to do for myself for at least a month! (though internet shopping doesn't count :P) I'll be reviewing most of the things anyway, but if there's something specific you want to know about just leave me a comment :)


  1. i love the necklace - but last time i was in dorothy perkins, there was a pearl-ier set in that are more like Frank-N-Furters! I still need to get tickets for the tour!

    Lovely stuff, as always :) xxxxxxxxxx

  2. woooooo fab haul!!!!!!!
    those col 2000 nail polishes are amaze, i done a notd using BMX bandit the other day =D

    have a fab valentines day! xxx

  3. Congrats on overcoming your anxiety at Lush :) I have horrible anxiety problems as well, so I know it's a big deal. I reeeally want to try Model's Own! I want to try Collection 2000 as well, but I don't know where I can purchase it online >:[ And I think during Spring Break I'll finally get to go to a Lush store... *sigh*

  4. I can't believe you found old UD polishes! There are a ton of ladies that would simply die for them!!

  5. That's so fantastic you had the courage to ask :). Yay. That heart box is adorable! xo

  6. Wow :D I bought some Models Own nail polishes today too!

  7. Ah! I LOVE your tights that you bought. I am terrified of asking for samples as well. I feel like I need to BUY something before I can ask LOL

  8. So many nail colours! They all look so pretty. I really need to expand my collection.

    I love those big pearl necklaces too!

    And I want to try something from Lush, but I've no idea where to begin. That's a cute little pack you got. Maybe I'll summon up the courage to ask for a sample or two as well :)

  9. I picked up BMX Bandit today :) I love the colour, but the application is not as smooth as I had hoped! I've been spoilt by Barry M...


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