Monday, 22 February 2010

Various Things

Thanks again to everyone who sent me kind wishes regarding Millie, you're all so kind.

I see i've nearly got 150 followers now, which is absolutely amazing and mind boggling to me, i can't believe so many people would be interested in reading my little blog! If anyone didn't know i'm already in the middle of a giveaway, so please feel free to enter if you haven't already :)

You won't be seeing any hauls from me for a good while, at least i hope you won't. Last week my bank decided to charge me £100 in charges, as i'd made a mistake and gone just a tiny bit over my overdraft (it's a long story but basically i was led to believe my overdraft was bigger than it is, so it's sort of my fault but it was a genuine mistake and not just me being reckless with money. Though frankly that wouldn't be too hard to imagine). I don't have a job due to my social phobia so my only income comes from the government (disability benefits), so i had to borrow some money from my Mum to pay the charge and get back into the black. So anyway i am on a HUGE no-buy for as long as possible to pay back Mum and store some savings.
This is easier said than done. I hate to say it as it sounds like i'm making it up but i genuinely believe i am addicted to shopping. Whenever i am feeling down or something bad has happened i go and buy something and it really does make me feel better physically and mentally. On sunday after Millie died i went and bought the Urban Decay Alice palette even though i knew i shouldn't because i am so poor. Not really regretting it though because i really, really wanted it. If you've seen confessions of a shopaholic... yeah thats me. Also that girl had some outfits i would have given an arm for!

If for some reason you want to feed my habit (or if i remain good help me get out of debt :P) i will be posting some new bits in my blog sale this week, or if you were interested in seeing what i do please check out my Etsy for clothes or paintings:

Anyway enough shameless begging!

At first i was worrying a bit as hauls make up quite a bit of my blog, but then i realised this could be really good as i can concentrate on reviews of older/favourite products and do some of the posts and videos you have requested.

As well as Millie's death and financial worries i have been incredibly upset by recent EastEnders (anyone else watch?) my favourite character ever ever ever died and, well i know it's silly, i can't help bring upset to the point of tears about it. Watching these soaps sucks you in and you begin to feel you know the characters and get really involved and then they kill them in horrible ways and you see the other characters having to grieve for them and it's just heartbreaking sometimes. Yes, i am pathetic :P


  1. I know all about having a social phobia. It sucks and people who don't have it don't seem to understand exactly how awful it is. :/ I have a horrible problem of my face going completely red at the smallest of attention anyone gives me in public...ugh.

    Sorry I didn't comment earlier, haven't been on blogger for awhile due to tons and tons of schoolwork, but so sorry to hear about your cat. Losing a pet is heart-wrenching and really hard to go through since they're just like another family member. *hug* :)

  2. I could help you haul by sending you some samples of stuff, if that counts--you're missing some TKB colors that I think are absolutely essential to LIFE, like Indian Blue.


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