Friday, 12 February 2010

Grumble grumble

ugh i had an awful trip home from work (i have a very very part time job doing the accounting and admin for my brother-in-laws tree surgery form) my sister was down my way earlier so i got a lift up to their house but was ready to take the utterly ridiculous bus that goes from outside their house to mine to get home. So i left 10 minutes before the bus was due but as i left the house i saw it whizzing by. This stupid bus only comes once an hour (it's the strangest bus ever, most of the stops don't actually have any indication that they are in fact stops, you just stand at the side of the road and hail it. It passes through all these tiny residential streets and somehow takes about 40 minutes when if we drive there it takes 15 minutes tops) and as i'd finished all my work i couldn't be bothered to hang around for another hour. So I asked Neil (the brother in law) how to get to the bus stop that would take me to wimbledon. Neil gave me some completely baffling directions that changed everytime i asked him to repeat them. So i ended up walking along the bust route for half an hour until i found a main road, which luckilly has a bus stop that goes to Wimbledon. I then waited for a bus for half an hour during which time i discovered my special Nintendo DS thing (it lets me download games!) wasn't working, so i may have lost my Mario and Luigi: Bowsers inside story game, which would suck. Then at wimbledon i had to change and wait another 5 minutes for the bus to my house. All of this time i had no makeup on (which looks so much worse now i have blonde eyebrows, i look hideous) and was wearing, oh the shame, i was wearing my girlfriends jogging suit. I thought as i was getting a lift there and then just had the bus home, which is generally empty when i leave work, i could cope with being so slovenly. And it was freezing out.
Anyway i'm well aware most peoples commutes are worse than that, and they have to do it everyday, but i just wasn't prepare for it so it made me really anxious and fed up.

But that's enough grumbling, have some good news!
So far i have sent £25 from my blog sale proceeds to the youtubers for Haiti fund, just under half of the total i made :)
I want to thank everyone who bought from me, i really couldn't have given so much on my own. I hope you all enjoyed what you got :) I've lowered the prices of most of my remaining items, so please check them out, i will also be posting some new things next week (i've been saying this for ages but i've been busy with Sir Digby).

I've been so so naughty recently, i am absolutely skint but i've been hauling like a motherbitch. I also spent loads on valentines day! Luckilly i shall be paid soon, it's only a very small paycheck but it will help.

I've also continually forgotten to mention i have a twitter, it's here: please tell me if you have one too if i'm not following you already :)

Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar is asleep on the back of my neck. It's incredibly cute but very uncomfortable!

That's enough various chatter for tonight, back to the beauty posts!

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