Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Teeny Tiny review

I got a tiny sample of The Body Shops seaweed facial wash. There's probably enough for 2 uses and i will use it all up and update if i change my mind, but at the moment i am not at all pleased with it. It's made my skin feel tighter and dryer! Ugh.


  1. oohhh i got some body shop samples in the weekend too! I got a sample of the seaweed deep cleansing mask,and the teatree blackhead exfoliating wash. i quite liked the teatree one, though i dont think it did anything for my blackheads (around and on my nose) but the seaweed mask was a total fail. smells soooo pungent and chemical like. at first i thought it was good but now the pores on my nose look huge and not cleared out at all. i dunno what to try next, maybe biore pore strips hmm.

  2. After I'm done with my current facial wash I don't know whether to try's facial cleanser or go for something from Lush. I might do a Lush haul.

    Also: I love your new background! I can't wait for Valentine's myself :3

  3. Catherine:
    i've heard that this stuff called 'charcoal mask' works better than pore strips. I've only been able to find it on ebay though.
    The seaweed thing i got didn't smell bad (it didnt really smell of anything) it just sucked all the moisture out of my skin!

    I've never tried either of those, i'd be interested to hear about the lush cleanser, particularly if you get one of the solid ones (seems so weird to me)
    And thank you, i can't either :D


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