Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lush Giveaway time! - Extended deadline

DIT: Giveaway extended to the 1st of April.

Happy Valentines day everyone! I thought that a day dedicated to love might be a good time to show my appreciation for my followers by doing a giveaway :)
So the idea for this giveaway is to bring a bit of christmas cheer to the gloom of winter (well it's gloomy if you're in the same hemisphere as me anyway :P) so i hope you will enjoy!

First prize:

Snow fairy gift set including snow fairy shower gel including iridescent glitterbug massage bar, angel delight soap and 10% off your next lush purchase (not sure if this is applicable outside of the UK); snow fairy solid perfume (in a clear jar. I bashed the original jar and it wouldn't open easily so i decanted it for you, i promise it's exactly the same); chunk of father frost soap; christmas pud bath ballistic and ruby slippers bubble bar

Second Prize:

Snow fairy shower gel, chunk of father frost soap, noubar soap, big blue bath ballistic, geophyzz bath ballistic.

and there is an additional 5 prizes for runners up, but these are optional as until now all the prizes have been purchased fresh recently by myself. These prizes were given to me by a friend who is always given lush as a present but hates it, so i can't tell you when they were made. I've used some others she gave me and everything has worked fine and still been really nice, but i know a lot of people might not want these, so if you don't please tell me in your comment and i'll only enter you for the first and second prizes :)

(clockwise from top)  miranda soap, unnamed soap (possibly ice blue), tisty tosty bath ballistic, bubble bar mystery (may be sunny side)
So 5 people will get 2 of the above items each. You can choose and the first runner up will have first choice of what they want and so on :)

So a few little rules for entry:
1. You must be a follower to enter.
2. Comment on this post with 'enter me' and please leave me with a suggestion/request for posts you'd like to see on my blog.
3. If you post an entry in your blog linking to this leave me another comment with the link and you will get 2 entries :)
4. Anyone anywhere in the world can enter, but if you're outside the UK obviously the prize will take longer to reach you. If you are under 18 you can enter but you must get permission from parents/guardian because obviously i'll need your address if you win.
5. The closing date for entries will be March the 14th.

Good luck everyone!


  1. Yay! I would love to be entered into this contest and I want to be considered for the runner up prizes =]
    I'd like to see more swatches!


  2. fab giveaway dude!

    enter me please =D xxx

  3. Duuude I have never tried Lush. I want to so badly.

    I think you should delve into the indie makeup world more ;]

  4. enter me please! :)

    id love to see some experimental makeup FOTD's as i really like your style!


  5. Enter me please :)
    I'd love to see some products I couldn't live without and products I Hate entries/videos, or some OOTD/FOTD videos as you have such a pretty unique style.

    P.s would you do a whats in my bag video, as there so much fun watching!

  6. enter me too please. im a follower :)

    I would want to see pictures of what you wear. FOTD's would be nice and EOTDs because your eyes are beautiful. i would want those deep set eyes ><

  7. Oh lovely! Please enter me. I'm dying to try some more of these products (have only tried 2 things from this line! )

  8. Enter me please,I'd love to see more fashion/style posts because i love your look!

  9. Enter me! Please :)

    I'd love to see some product reviews and more fashion pictures (as in outfits of the day).

  10. Woah you are so very generous :). Please enter me.

    I'd love to see what products you use in your hair/how you do your hair.

  11. Please enter me? :)

    I'd like to see more outfit posts too! You're one of the most creative people I've seen with their style - flaunt it! :DD xxxxxxxx

  12. Please enter me, thanks!

    I'd love to see more wardrobe/outfit of the day posts, as I really dig your style! xx

  13. Please enter me

    I would like to see your OOTD, I love your style!

  14. Enter me please~

    As others have said, I'd like to see more of your fashion as well as some places you purchase your clothing (: Oh, and hair accessories! I see you sporting some of the cutest hairstyles in your pictures.

  15. i'm following and i'd like to see more posts on dupes :P

  16. I would love to be entered! Wow! Lush madness!

  17. enter me:) These are so cool:) I lovvvvvvvvve LUSH ( although when I go into the shop the smell overpowers everything and I get a massive headache!)
    I would like to see more NOTD (as I'm currently obsessed with nail varnishes) and I would like to sayy I loved you're little rant about MAC haha and the pigment jar size changes etc. I don't know why but it was just good to read!


    and I linked you:)

  19. Enter me please!

    I would love to see what are your favorite clothing pieces, as you have a WONDERFUL sense of style. <3

  20. Enter me. :D
    I would love to see some more reviews.

  21. Enter me... I'd like to see more style posts too please, although I love all the stuff you're doing.

    I'm JUST about to post a link for you. It'll be up in 5 mins...

  22. Enter me plz. :D And I'd love to see more of your Illamasqua glosses, if you have any other then Gender. :P

  23. Enter me please! I've posted a link in my blog as well ;)

    I'd like to see more outfits, 'cos I think you have a great sense of style. (Oops, I just saw that someone else has said that...well, it's true!)

    Also, maybe more product reviews? I don't know if that's something you're interested in doing, I just enjoy reading reviews :)

  24. i am a follower and my suggestion is more cute video of you xx

    ENTER ME, oooh err!!

  25. enter me pretty please!! i'd like to see lots of FOTD's!! x

  26. enter me! and id like to see moremoremore blogs about lush?! xx

  27. enter me :)

    would like to see...more outfit of the day photos? cause I really enjoy those that I've seen of yours so far!

  28. Enter me plz!

    I'd like to see more lush and product reviews!

    i posted a link to this!

  29. enter me! yaya i want some lush..and more lush reviews!..

  30. Oooh, Enter me, please! What a great giveaway!

    I would like it if you posted a bit more about hair. From what I've seen of your hair it's quite lovely and quite a bit like mine, I'd love to know what products you use/love!

  31. 'enter me'

    I would love to see your pet hates in the makeup world, what you would like to see vanish.

    Email on my blogger follow details

  32. Here's the link to my post :]

  33. Enter me please :)

    Id also like to see more of your fashions, art and makeup!

  34. Enter me Please!
    I just commented on one of your recent youtube videos. I would love to see a little tutorial on the alice in wonderland look you did with the beautiful blue eye shadow. I adore many of your looks and would love to try them out. Being new to make up I'm not quite sure how to apply them. But I'm willing to learn :)

  35. Enter me a second time, please, I posted about this on my blog as well c:

  36. I am a fresh follower :)
    "Enter me" :)

    I'd like to see more outfit posts :)

  37. Hi ,
    iam a new follower shaim
    Enter me please

  38. Enter Me ! :)
    I am new follower !
    i wannnnt to you to inspiration make up peacock :)
    my name ipeh
    email me :
    i put your link on my sidebar :

  39. Enter me please
    I would love to see hair products.

  40. Blogged about your giveaway on here, looking forward to the Illamasqua blog posts !
    Enter me please x

  41. Hi dear,

    i'm your new follower

    Enter me please

    i really love your posts about indie makeup which made your blog different from other blogs

    Keep it up OK!

    my post:

    my email:

  42. Fab giveaway! I love lush. :)
    I'd like to see outfits of the day, just to see how your FOTD goes with your outfits. :)

    Please enter me!


  43. OHHH!! LUSH! Please, enter me!

    I would like to see more of your looks! (LLL)

  44. Please enter me :) I'd like to see more FOTDs! x

  45. great giveaway :)

    enter me please.
    i love love love products you cant live without posts, so they'd be great :)


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