Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Pretty simple, i wanted to try out a new product i got in the mail this morning (review coming soon)

Just black mascara, Barry M lipstick in punky pink and hi fi cosmetics glam rock eye glitz in pyrotechnic.

And as you can see, i bleached my eyebrows! I hated it at first, now i rather like it. It's fun anyway, and temporary and i can pencil them in any colour i want :)
When i decide to go back to normal it's gonna look really really odd :P


  1. Oh wow! Your eyebrows were the first thing i noticed. It looks more natural but it will take some getting used to I think. You look wonderful and I really want to try Hi-Fi's eye glitz.

  2. Blix:
    hee hee, it took me ages to get used to them myself! I think i like them like this, but i like them dark too, so i don't know how long they'll stay like this.
    And thank you, i LOVE the eye glitz, they feel a bit funny if you layer them heavilly like i do, but they look so gorgeous!


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