Monday, 8 February 2010

FOTD - pink glitter

This was my look for the Devant gig. The photo is pretty terrible (i swear there is no good lighting in my house!) and i looked a lot more vibrant and bright in real life.

I was wearing:
Barry M lip laquer crayon in no. 4 Party pink (review and swatches of these coming soon)
Illamasqua blush in Nymph
and Hi fi cosmetics Glam Rock eye glitx in Electric
and my regular tinted moisturiser, powder and mascara.

And here is a really awful shot of my outfit. This was the first time i wore it and it's so pretty i wanted to show it.

And yes, i totally need to wear a girdle under this too. Sigh.


  1. Aww man! I love your eyemakeup so much! I love pink glitter LOL

  2. Madame Lilli, you are gorgeous and you should be looking into the mirror and telling yourself that. On the days that you feel like you can't I will!


    Your dress is pretty~~ And I'm really liking that shade of lip crayon.

  3. Ugh I hate it when my comments disappear!!

    Well, I love the glitter! I have the New Age one and I love it, I think I need this color too.

    And the dress is bangin'! I wish I had to the confidence to wear dresses again :(

  4. That is a gorgeous dress~

    what kind of shoes did you wear with it?

  5. Gorgeous. You look like Debbie Harry (my hero).

  6. I love the pinkness! And that dress is FABULOUS! I so want it.

  7. I wish I suited pink as much as you do. You look gorgeous!

  8. ohhhh cant wait for the lip laquer review!
    your lips were made for kissing, they are so full and pouty =D


  9. Oh you look super pretty! Pink is YOUR colour

  10. I love that dress!
    Did you get my other comments btw, they aren't showing up for me?

  11. Lovely little deer:
    thank you
    no, i haven't seen any other comments from you. I wonder what's happening? :O

  12. mmmm...glitter...*drool*. You look lovely.

  13. beautiful!!! Pink is totally your colour! I love this dress.

  14. Y:
    thank you so much! Pink glitter is excellent! :D

    awww you're so sweet! Reading your comment really cheered me up :D
    i'm a bit obsessed with the lip crayons at the moment, they're just so pretty and easy to wear!

    Lisa Kate:
    i want all the colours now! They're so great!
    I'm actually very unconfident about myself, but i feel uncomfortable in trousers, it's sort of like i overcompensate for feeling a bit ugly by being ridiculouly over feminine. Either that or i just wear pyjamas :P

    it is pretty great. I just wore some black patent vintagey style shoes. I was going to a gig so would be standing for hours, otherwise i have a great pair of candy pink high heels :D

    aww wow, thank you so much! that's a huge compliment!

    Heather / Eyeconic:
    thank you! It's from Stop Staring which are usually really overpriced but i got it in a sale. I like that it's vintagey but has modern bright colours :) I'm a pink creature :P

    aww thank you so much! I have really pink skin so i think that helps, i look awful in yellow though.

    your wishes are granted! :D
    Thank you, no-nes ever commented on that before! I guess because my mouth is quite small my pouty lips aren't particularly noticeable :P

    thank you! I think so too, pink is my favourite colour, it makes me happy, so it's great it suits me so much :D

  15. BLIX:
    it's excellent glitter! It's really so much more beautiful in real life.

    thank you!

    aww thank you so much :)

    thank you! Pink is my favourite colour in the world :D


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