Saturday, 27 February 2010

FOTD but not today

I was meant to go out tonight and was in the process of all dolled up but then i had a big panic attack so i'm sitting here with a half-done face (including pink eyebrows :P) feeling sorry for myself. Here's a (slightly rubbish :P) look from a few days ago. I was playing with my new Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows (video review and swatches to come :) ) and came up with a sort of 70sish look.

Avon tinted moisturiser
ELF studio concealer
Sleek 'The One' powder
Mac Joie-de-vivre Cremeblend blusher

UD Alice and White rabbit shadows (from the Alice BOS)
UD Flipside eyeliner
black mascara (can't remember which one. my favourite, Lancome Oscillation has gone missing X/)

Mac Dame Edna Coral Polyp

My bleached eyebrows are growing out and i cant decide whether to rebleach them or let them grow back to their usual brown. Hmmm.


  1. Awww...hugs for you lovie!
    My sweet husband has PTSD as well as mega Social anxiety which leads to a rather solitary life for us both, due to his panic attacks. He get's so bad sometimes he'll have a panic attack at the thought of me going to the grocery store. But love him, he can't help it, nor can you!
    I know how hard it can be and you just have to take baby steps.

    More hugs because you deserve them! :)

  2. this is beautiful! I love the eyebrows!

  3. loving that lipstick color, looks great on you.
    I hope you feel better. I always watch The Lost Boys or the Muppets when I'm down. :)

  4. awwww sweets its a shame u didnt go out =(
    i was out in wimbo last night, the good old slug & lettuce =D

    im really loving my alice palette, wore white rabbit & queen last night =D xx

  5. Totally keep your eyebrows a brown color! Personally, I lvoe the way brown eyebrows look with really.. really.. really.. light hair! Love your lips btw

  6. I'm sorry you didn't get to go out :(

    I really like these colours on you! I'm just waiting for my Alice palette to be delivered then I can play!

  7. Feel better! My S-A always hits me when I'm about to have a really good time, too!

    Love the look - I love 70s looks where you extend your makeup slightly to your nose! Looks super-cute :) xxxxxxxx

  8. Evil Angel:
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment.
    I'm so sorry to hear your hubbie is so bad :( I never worry at things like other people going places, but i really can go very few places on my own, and when i do i usually end up having panic attacks, though luckilly they're relatively small. I've not got much better recently but my doctor has set me up with another mental health assessment and hopefully that might start something good.

    Pink!! Thank you :D

    Thank you, i love coral lips at the moment.
    I'm feeling fine now, it always passes. And i love both the lost boys and the muppets :D I watched some rubbish tv that was on instead to make me feel better :P

    I'm going to try my best to go out next week, i love dancing and i'm fine once i've got a few drinks in me, but i get very panicked about leaving the house.
    Ah the slug and lettuce, i've never actually been inside but i walk past it on the way to the cinema :)
    I'm really pleased i got it, even though i really shouldn't have because i'm meant to be saving money. It's really great.

    Me too, but with the bleached eyebrows i can colour them in any colour i want :P Black, brown, red, blue, it's all good! But when i don't have time to pencil them in i can look a bit odd.

    It's ok, i probably wouldn't have had a good night when i was so wound up anyway.
    Thank you, do show your playing! :D

    Stinks don't it?
    Thank you! I've got a load of my mum's old mags like Honey and they always have good inspiration :)

  9. I know what it feels like to not be able to be in places alone, I have depression, so I also get a bit panicky, but I've started CBT therapy and its so helpful! its amazing one session, and I stayed in my own house alone for the first time in months! I hope you get better Lillian.

    Oh, and this look is lovely, you look so pretty.

  10. Simone:
    I have depression too at the moment but have some pills which fix the majority of those problems. I had CBT a few years ago for my anxiety and it actually made me feel worse :/ Thank you so much for your support. i really hope the CBT continues to help and you get better soon, though it is a gradual practice.
    And thank you!

  11. sorry for really late reply! i need to find a way for it to tell me.
    I had CBT with a different therapist and that waas fairly crap, but I think if you don't have one who you 'click' with it wont work too well, but at the moment it really is helping me.
    I'm sort of like you a think, like you come across really confident and sure of yourself (in a non arrogant way, like in a really really good way) but really, you don't feel it? that how I am alot of the time, but I think you're really great being able to post videos, and write blogs and things when you don't feel great about your self, because guess what...we love them!
    Best of luck with everything Lillian xxxx


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