Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A week of Indie makeup Day 2 - Fyrinnae
Fyrinnae is an amazing indie makeup company run by two incredibly lovely boys. They specify that they are not a 'mineral' makeup company (though their products do contain
some mineral ingredients) and all of their products are entirely cruelty free and vegan :)

The website is really easy to navigate and as well as clearly stating the ingredients Fyrinnae have special catergories of dye-free colours and recommedations for eye colours, as well as noting if any products are not safe for use on lips, eyes etc.

As well as the products i tried they also make finishing powders, primers, glitter, bronzer, highlighter, and various other products as well as many other varieties of eyeshadow. They used to make a sort of liquid eyeliner but it appears to have been discontinued, i'll find out if i can.

My order consister of 6 lip lustres, 2 blush samples, one full sized bottle of pixie epoxy and 6 eye shadow samples. I also recieved a free sample of their 'Jaguar' endangered collection eyeshadow. In total my order came to $36 and shipping to anywhere in the world is free if you spend over $20! A full size shadow's price depends on what collection you buy from but is always under $6, a full size lip lustre is $4.50, full blush is $6.50 and
I think these prices are really very fair and 100% worth it :)

My order came amazingly well wrapped. Firstly all the products in tubes were wrapped securely in bubblewrap, then tiffue paper, then bound in a sheet of corrugated card, then a small plastic bag and finally another layer of tissue paper, amazing! I can't imagine anything ever breaking with this treatment! An invoice with a thank you note was included too.

So first of all i shall discuss the Pixie Epoxy. I have heard this stuff is the thing of miracles and well... it sort of is! I'm not even sure if i'm using it correctly (i just pop some on and 'pat' my eyeshadows on top of it, is that it?) and yet the results i've got are amazing. Basically this makes any shadow look more vibrant and almost foiled when you apply it over the epoxy. Heres an example of the Jaguar sample i recieved free with and without pixie epoxy:

the swatch on the left has been applied dry over epoxy, the one on the right is just a regular dry swatch.
Is that an amazing difference or what?
Also i absolutely LOVE Jaguar. When i ordered i couldn't afford much so i picked only Arcane Magic shadows to sample, believing that as there colour shifted they would be the most beautiful and complex. Well they are amazing but i now see that if the other 'regular' colours are anything like Jaguar i was wrong to assume they weren't just as amazing!

The sample size of shadows is a generous 1/8th of a teaspoon for the more expensive shadows or 1/4 teaspoon of the regular shadows for £1.75 The blush and other face make-up samples are $1.50 and appear to be about the same amount as the shadows i got (the website does not specify how much). All of these samples come in 5 gram jars which makes me want to do a little happy dance, i LOVE getting samples in jars.
The blush samples are quite hard to apply as obviously a blush brush won't fit into the small jar, but then that's not Fyrinnaes fault as to combat that they'd have to send blush samples in bigger jars and that would just be silly :P And I still prefer it to samples in baggies.

Here are the two blushes i got samples of:

seduce, an amazing darkish lilac and charm a pretty pink with a tiny hint of lavender.
These are beautifully pigmented but it's easy to get a sheer sweep of colour. They blend really easily, i'd like to try a lot of the other colours and as i really like the colours i got, especially Seduce which is such an unusual colour, i'll probably get some full sizes.

Like i said before, all the eyeshadows i got are from the Arcane Magic collection, which are amazing colour-shifting colours. Not just duochromatic but they actually change colours depending on what how close they are to the light and what the source of light is. These are amazing. Of course i couldn't capture this at all in my photos, but here it goes:

Colours from left to right are: Farseer, Mystic, Dark Fabtasy, Warrior-Mage, love potion and evocation. (i just swatched them again as i had forgotten which shade was which in the photo and in this low light they look completely different! So cool)

These colours are just amazing. Not only do they have the colour changing effect but they are amazingly pigmented, blend incredibly easily and have several layers of colour and shimmer. Some new colours are coming soon (photos can be seen here at Anastasias blog: ) and of course i want, ney, NEED them all.

And finally the product i was most excited about, the lip lustres!

Fanservice, diabolique masquerade, Shangri-La, Bounce, Ryunome, Type A.

These are a bit similar to the OCC lip tars i love so much, in that they are a liquid lip product but not a gloss. These are thick and opaque (though you can get some semi-sheer shades) and have a shine but are not glossy. Some of these have an amazing multi-layered effect, a bit similar to the Barry M lip crayons i posted about before. These are really moisturising and feel really silky on my lips. A problem i had with all of them was feathering, but then any liquid colour (or some solid ones) feather on me, so i guess it's a personal thing depending on how feather prone your mouth it :) The colour range is just briliant, check out that blue, so gorgeous! And there are so many more i want to try (here are more swatches from anastasia I just bought mini tubes to try which are $2.50 for 3.5ml or a full tube (5.8ml) is just $4.50 and they come with little doe foot applicators which makes them easy peasy to apply.

Lip swatches:

Type A:




Diabolic Masquerade:


So would i purchase again? Oh god yes, a million times yes! But there's just so much! Hundreds of eyecolours and dozens of lip lustres, not to mention the primers and face products i want to try! Where do i start?? Pricing is great, the products are amazing quality and depth and again you can just tell that these boys are just dedicated to their brand and are pumping out the most amazing, exciting products.
I would suggest everyone try out some pixie epoxy because it's just a miracle liquid! Anastasia is actually doing a little giveaway of some trial sizes of it for anyone who's never tried before, use the first link with the new arcane magic swatches. I can't wait to see what these boys come out with next :)

And here's my Face from today, using all Fyrinnae :) Seduce blush, Type A lip lustre and Evocation and Love Potion arcane magic eyeshadows:


  1. Wow! I love the blue lip gloss color. I wonder how someone would wear it as an everyday thing though!

  2. absolutely gorgeous!
    i dont know how you do it, but you can certainly rock blue lips!


  3. I want my samples to arrive sooon ;__;
    the lustres look great! There are many I want!
    I ordered hair dye, histeric, shangri-la and... I think that's it! I can't remember,hahaha!
    And you look gorgeous in your last pic!

  4. I love that you do lip swatches on your lips. And Type A really makes your eyes pop in that last photo :)

  5. id love to try out those lip lustres, always wanted to try OCC but the shipping is just too expensive! x

  6. I really want to try this company out, butI've spent far to much recently, so it will just have to wait. Love seeing posts about different companies though x

  7. I can't get my lip lustres as opaque as that... Tips?

    Love Type A on you!

  8. Wow, coolio!

    I've been eyeing Ryunome and Fansevice for a while now, and thanks so much for swatching them! Just my luck that you decided to order them. Based on your review as well as the raves from others, I think it is safe to say that I will be ordering from the lovely Fyrinnae once I get the chance.

    You look absolutely gorgeous in your pictures, might I add! 8D

  9. L.F:
    I'm so, so happy with everything i ordered!

    Thank you! Whenever i wear a 'weird' coloured gloss i just have really neutral eye makeup. It probably still looks very over-the-top but i'm so trashy i'm cool with it :P

    Thank you so much! I think it could be something to do with the fact my skin is so pink :P

    I bet you're going to be so happy with your samples! There are loads more colours i want too including hair dye and histeric :D
    And thank you, you're so kind.

    Thank you! I love playing with my new makeup so it just makes sense to take lip swatches when i'm trying the colours on :D
    And thank you, i think Type A goes particularly well with my colouring.

    Free shipping is a pretty good incentive to buy :P The lip tars are a bit different though, the colour is thicker and more opaque.

    Sparklz and Shine:
    I'm going on a huge epic no buy so i feel your pain but you must check them out when you can afford it (god i sound like theyre paying me XD)

    Hmm how odd! I really don't think i have any tips because I just applied it in one layer, not blotting or anything and no lip primer or anything! When did you buy them, maybe they reformulated or something? :/
    And thank you :D

    No problem, glad i could be helpful :D Those 2 are probably my favourites, they're just such pretty colours! I'm sure you'll be overjoyed with your order when you make it!
    And thank you very much :)

  10. I love Fyrinnae they're my favorite brand right now. Oh my dear you look breathtaking in that red. I really like the lilac blush on you so I may pick some up. This is odd and I hope not insulting but you remind me of how Luna Lovegood was in the books. She's my favorite character haha. <3

  11. Femaleclaws:
    They're all gorgeous aren't they! I want so many more!

    Thank you so much! The lilac blush is oddly flattering! I am so desperate to do another even bigger haul, but i have no money!
    And i don't find that insulting at all, Luna is one of my favourites too so it's a huge compliment to remind someone of her :D i want radish earrings!

  12. whoo hoo i love this haha. I found it through google looking for lip lustre swatches and stuff. seems i can't get enough of them. Already ordered 7, and 10 more are on the way, and i have like... alll the rest in my cart, but the site won't let me check out lol.
    ooh. and one more thing. I think you have like the perfect-est lip shape for swatching! seriously, so pretty! (hope that doesn't sound creepy :P)


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