Thursday, 18 February 2010

A week of Indie makeup Day 3 - Spell
I don't know as much about Spell cosmetics as i do about the other two indie companies because i have had contact with the others outside of ordering. Having read their blog i've discovered that the founder is a woman named Elle who has been a makeup artist and stylist for over 20 years and founded the company wanting to provide makeup free from any harmful chemicals. I have no reason to doubt this but i have to say i have been unable to find ingredients or information on whether the products are cruelty free on the website which does bother me a little.

Spell make a range of primers, blushes, foundations and even some skincare items but i only chose to purchase some lip products as i am a lippie fiend and had limmited funds. Since i placed my order it seems that practically everything i bought has either been discontinued or is being reformulated so i'm not sure how helpful this review will be! They have instead brought out a whole new set of colours of the 'obvious glosses' and a new range of potted lip colours.

Their prices seem around regular for an indie company, slightly more pricey than Fyrinnae at $8 or $9 for an eyeshadow (depends on what range the shadow is from), $12.99 for a foundation, $10.99 for a blush and from $8 to $10 for a lip product but Spell do not sell samples and i can't find anywhere on the website that tells you the weight or volume of product you recieve. My order came to $65.97 including shipping to the UK.

Spell always seem to have some great sales on (here is the page showing their current sales ). At the time i ordered they had a 3 for 2 on both their obvious glosses and baciare lip cremes and 15% off a set of four hologlosses, so i picked them all up :)

My order arrived wrapped in black tissue and then with all the glosses together in a plastic bag. There was no invoice or anything extra added. All of the glosses i bought were in nice regular sized lipgloss tubes with custom labels.

Groupie Glam, Nat, Shawna, Prom Date, Lilac Blossom, Caliente

Firstly i picked up 3 Obvious Glosses (1 was free). I chose the colours Groupie Glam, Shawna and Nat.

Shawna was described as a bright red gloss and it's probably the most opaque product i recieved which i appreciate, however to me it's more of a pink than a red.

Groupie Glam was pretty disappointing. It was described as having colour-shifting abilities from pink to blue but to me it's just a very sheer pink gloss with blue glitter. It's very pretty, just not what i was hoping for at all:

And Nat. This was described as a pin-up pink. And well... it is pink in the tube but so incredibly sheer it really just looks clear when applied to my lips.

Next i picked up 3 of their Baciare lip cremes (again one was free) which were described as a mix between a lipstick and gloss, a thick, opaque creme colour.

The first i got was Lilac blossom which is an absolutely gorgeous colour, a warming lilac with a little silver sparkle. However it is only slightly less sheer than the Obvious glosses. It took me about 3 'layers' of gloss to arrive at this opacity:

Caliente was described as an orangey red. Sadly it is sheerer than the Shawna gloss. You can see some gold sparkles in the tube but these don't seem to transfer onto my lips.

The last i got was Prom Date and this one actually lives up to the Baciare formulas claim of being opaque, creamy and yet still glossy. This was only one 'layer' of the creme in this colour compared to the several the other colours needed. Unfortunately I'm not actually too fond on this colour, it's just a bit 'everyday' for me, but that's just a personal thing. I cant remember at all what the colour description was so i don't know if it was accurate or not.

I want to end this post on a positive note and luckilly the last bunch of products i used, the Hologlosses are absolutely amazing! Followers who have been with me for a while may remember me raving a certain Estee Lauder lip gloss which has opalescant effects and a sort of blueish 'glow' ( well Spell have a set of 4 glosses which all have this amazing effect but in 4 different colours! These are all so gorgeous and unusual and i can't wait to try them over an opaque lipstick or liner. I'm imagining a pink lip with green pearlescence *___*

embers, blacklight, absinthe, moonlit.

See, absolutely gorgeous, no?





I've only tried these products on briefly to take lip photos so i'm afraid right now i can't comment on their longevity. None of them are scented at all and all felt very comfortable and moist but not sticky on my lips.

So would i purchase from spell again? Hmm well i wasn't too thrilled with my order and, unless they come out with some other hologlow colours, i wouldn't purchase their lip products again. As i haven't tried any of their other products i can't comment on them obviously but the fact that they do not state on their website if they test on animals or not does disturb me a little (i seemed to miss this when i ordered) and i usually like to try samples of colours before i purchase a full size. I've heard other people saying that their shadows and other products are really high quality so i certainly wouldn't rule them out, but i'm just not as enamoured with them as i have been with other Indie makeup companies.


  1. Ooh, those glosses were a bit of a disappointment, even to me. They looked very nice on your hand as a swatch, but you're right, their sheerness was really a turn off.

    On the other hand, I thought Prom Date was very nice! It's not as outrageous as I usually like to be, but when you go to a school where people respond badly to the abnormal, it doesn't seem quite so bad. Actually, it might even be a "weird" colour at my school. One of these days I'm wearing a blue or green lipstick to school, so BAH!

    I really liked the Hologlosses, too! The combinations with lipstick you could make, oh! You'll have to post any creations you come up with, please? :D

    Thanks for the post!

  2. omg those holo glosses look JUST LIKE the new crazy expensive ones from thierry mugler. Might have to order those!!!!!

  3. Sera:
    yeah, i really like Lilac blossom but don't think i'll wear any of the others :/ onto my blog sale they go!
    You're right, Prom Date is very pretty, i think i was just hoping for so much more from the whole order.
    And yeah the hologlows are amazing and of course i will show any cool combinations i do :D

    Jeweled Thumb:
    they are pretty similar! I think some of the Thierry Mugler ones have a base colour like pink as well as the hologrammy colour but still these are amazing! And the hologlows are still on sale, $26 for all 4 :)

  4. Hmmm I have never tried Spell since they don't offer samples... I don't really see a point when I really feel like I'm getting everything I want from places who offer samples for cheapos like me. :P

  5. Do you know what the ingredients are on the lip stuff? I have emailed them to ask and I got no response. :-( My husband has severe nut allergies so I don't wear lip products with nut ingredients to avoid a kiss of death...
    I mainly want the hologlow lippies; they look gorgeous and I'd love to try them. Just don't know if I can. I feel like all products need to list more information.

  6. Heather:
    i'm with you! I didn't mind ordering the lip products without samples (though now i wish i hadn't with most of them) but i wouldn't want to order a foundation or eyeshadow without trying a sample, especially when nearly any other indie company offers samples.

    i'm afraid i don't know, there's no ingredients on the tubes or on the website :/ it's really no good, luckilly i'm not allergic to anything. I haven't tried contacting them, but you could try just asking them. The hologlosses are really amazing.

  7. Hi Lillian! Fairly new to your blog but now following and loving it :)

    Really tempted to buy the hologlosses (I'm as mesmerised as everyone else is by them), but they are only available as a set of four and I was wondering how they hold up in terms of longevity in the packaging?

    Ideally, I like to just try Absinthe and see how it fared, but it seems Spell do not sell them separately :(



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