Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Happy Pancake Day!

I'm going to be eating a tonne of these :P

Also i don't want to reply to comments on my giveaway because it will make picking the winner randomly more difficult, so i thought i would reply here :)

I'll put up as many swatches as i can :)

I've just started my Week of indie makeup posts :D Also when i have more money i'm going to be trying a lot more indie brands, so will of course review those when the time comes :)

Thank you :) I'll try and do some experimental looks for you soon.

those are all great ideas, i'll get on them ASAP!

Thank you, i'll try and get some more EOTDs done, but i'm not particularly good at eyemakeup i must say.

Sure, i'd love to do a post on my silly zombie hair :D

That's a good idea, i really need to go through my stash for dupes actually, then i could maybe get rid of some!

I'm obsessed with nails at the moment too! I'm not particularly skilled at manicures though, only basic colours and things for me but i'll try my best :) Glad you liked my Mac rant :P

I do have many other Illamasqua lip glosses, and i've got a post coming up with lip swatches of them all :) I started it ages ago but need to re-do 2 colours as they're both pink and i've forgotten which is which XD

i love reviewing products, i've got a few half written at the moment so hopefully you'll enjoy reading some of those.

And to the overwhelming number of people who asked for more outfit posts i say tnak you and i shall try my best to get more than one a month up :P
The problem is that as i do my painting at home, only go out to work once a week and don't have school or anything anymore, i tend to just stay in all day apart from walking the dogs, which i do either in a really dull thrown-together outfit or, im a bit ashamed to say, in my pyjamas :P
I'm going to take to just playing dress up in the house to show you some of my favourite outfits and accessories, and also in the meanwhile i'll put up some more photos from the last year or so of clothes i love :)


  1. o: i'm astounded! 'i'm not particularly good at eyemakeup' you are amazing :) i wish i have your eyes, they look great and they're very deep-set! did you win jellyminx contest? I hope you did, if not you're still amazing. keep up the good work :) xx

  2. oo and happy pancake day! i knew I'd forget to comment this. *bangs head*

  3. Mmmm pancakes! I have perfume that smells like buttermilk pancakes and another that smells like french toast and they both make me want to eat pancakes all day long!

  4. I love oancakes! I made pancakes for my boyfriend on V-day :3 I cheated though - I used Batter Blaster (http://www.batterblaster.com/) but they turned out SO good. I want to invest in some quality maple syrup to go with these next time I make them!

  5. London's-beauty:
    Aww thank you! But there are people who are truly amazing, i'm quite bad at blending :/ I didn't win sadly, but the standard was really amazing :)

    Oh wow! I want these perfumes, i love scents that smell of food :P

    Oooh yum! I made my own batter but a load of people i wasn't expecting turned up, so i didn't have as many as i would have liked (only 4 XD). I haven't had American style pancakes in years, i love them!

    they were gooood :D


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