Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar

So you may have noticed i haven't been posting as much as usual (or maybe you haven't noticed seeing as i am certainly not the most prolific of bloggers!) Anyway the reason for behind my short absent is this:

If you've been a follower of my blog for awhile you may remember that a few months before christmas i rescued a Daschund but was unable to keep him as he kept attacking me :( I still miss him and really hope he found a nice home and didn't have any mental problems as we feared.
Anyway yesterday i went with my Mummy up to Kent and we picked up this guy. He's a strange case, not quite as simple as buying a puppy (he's 5 months old, so still a puppy but not really young) but not a rescue either. He is the sweetest thing, gentle and playful and already very attached to me. I love him <3
So anyway i've been getting the house ready for him all week. This involved tidying my bedroom, which is a mammoth task! I may show photos of it now as i'm so proud it's clean :P
I've got a lot half written posts on the go, so don't worry, there will be lots of reviews, hauls, giveaways and other things coming up shortly :)


  1. look at that little face =D
    dude check my reply on my last post xx

  2. Oh my god, I've wanted a Dachshund for so long! My mum even got me a soft toy version lol. How sweet :D

  3. What a sweet face! I cannot wait till we live in a place where I can get a dog.

  4. So cute!!! I love his name too!

  5. Noobarella:
    Thank you so much, you're so kind!

    Rebecca: me too, i've wanted one since i was about 10 :D I have quite a few toy ones as well!

    Dissolved Girl:
    Aww i hope you can soon! Dogs make a home nice and cosy :)

    Thank you, i thought it was a good one :P

  6. awww so cute - i just wanna squish its face ^_^

    im so happy for you, i hope he is well behaved


  7. Aww, he is adorable! I love Daschunds, so sweet. It's such a coincidence because I'm adopting a new puppy, too! I'm super excited. xD I also had to clean my room which ended up being a mammoth task, as well, haha.

  8. Look at those EYES!! What a sweetheart.

  9. Angie:
    he does have a very squishy little snout :D
    At the moment he's really great, he's learned his name already and comes when he's called :D

    Lemon Bunny:
    I love their weird long little bodies and tiny legs. Oooh do you know what sort of puppy you're getting? I hate tidying, cleaning is fine, but tidying sucks!

    thank you!

    he's a real sweetypie :)

  10. I'm not sure exactly what kind it is. My aunt's dog had puppies so we're taking one. The mom resembles a black lab and the puppies have sort of long, black fur. I haven't seen them yet, but everyone keeps telling me how incredibly adorable they are and I'm just bursting with excitement. I pick it up tomorrow, yay! I just really hope he/she doesn't enjoy chewing on furniture (wishful thinking, I know, haha)...

  11. Oh my god, you actually called your dog Sir Digby Chicken Caesar. That is incredibly great.

  12. Lemon bunny:
    oooh fluffy black puppy :D I hope you're having a great time playing with him :D

    Thank you, i thought so too :P

  13. OMG OMG OMG!!! So cute! I had a doxie for 16 years, from the time I was about 2 until I graduate from high school, and she was an absolute DOLL. They can be Hella stubborn, but if you train them right, they are just the sweetest little doggies!

  14. BB:
    Awww how lucky you were! He's really obedient at the moment, but is showing a bit of a stubborn streak, i bet he'll get even bolder as he gets older!


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