Friday, 22 January 2010

if you cant do the time don't do the (lime) crime

So i've been trying to stay out of the whole Lime Crime drama for a long while now. Some of the things people were saying about her were just mean and had nothing to do with her products. But you know what, now i sort of want to join them in childish name calling because of this post of hers:

First things first, i don't think it's a good idea in business to slag off other companies, especially huge ones like Mac who have an enormous fanbase and so on. For goodness sake. There is no conspiracy to keep woman wearing safe, neutral colours.
The reason there are so many 'beige' colours in the make-up industry is because they sell. Women obviously want them and buy them, or they just wouldn't saturate the market. While of course there is a market for blue lipsticks or whatever, it is a niche market, if they were popular enough to warrant it all companies would be making them and every woman on the street would be wearing them.
And of course companies are interested in profit. Everyone, even tiny companies, is interested in profit in some way otherwise they would just give their products away for cost value. And she's one to talk seeing as her mark up from pouring wholesale mica into jars is probably rivalling some of the giants of the cosmetics world.

Once again she is claiming to be on a mission to 'free the rainbow' because noone ever in the entire history of the world has made colours as exciting as hers (she even has a little diagram that she made herself to show how all other makeup industry professionals think. If you look at the diagram though it's interesting to notice that other than 'oh no she didnt', 'airborne unicorn' and 'styletto' all of her lipstick range itself falls into these 'common lipstick shades'. Fuschia, orange, pink, pale orange and lavender are all inside the area she's marked off). Now of course this is just bollocks, if you're looking for bright, unusual eyecolours you can find them pretty much anywhere, but with neutrals mixed in and if you're looking for unusual lipsticks i already made of list, which in itself is just scraping the tip of the iceberg here:

And, even if you ignore companies which specialise in making bright, unusual colours, companies that usually do stick to 'safe' colours do range out into the realms of exciting, unusual colours. How about Chanels recent collection that contained a black, dark red and even blueish purple lipstick. Or the estee Lauder sparkling black lipgloss from a few years ago. Hell even 'No 7' do a lipstick i'm crazy for called 'Gay Geranium' which is a neon coral. Now to me this seems like quite a daring thing to do, to be from a brand that people think of as being safe, everyday makeup and then bring out something like a black lipgloss. To me this seems like even more of a risk than companies like Illamasqua bringing out a silver lipgloss because they risk alienating their regular customers.

I have 2 sisters. One is like me and loves wearing bright, unusual colours, my other sister prefers to wear neutral colours most of the time. Does this mean that unlike me and Lydia, Laura has been brainwashed by those horrible sexist men of the makeup industry who want to turn anyone beige for... some reason i don't understand. Am i a more interesting, unique and creative individual than my sister because i sometimes wear green lipstick and shes wear nudes? What do you think?
As an amazing commenter said in her thread 'people like my sister are not moths'.

Then this post takes a horribly offensive turn, to me at least.

'Everyone knows the story of Wizard of Oz. Dorothy and friends set off to find the amazing Wizard of Oz, who allegedly runs the Emerald City and has the ability to grant them their wish. I always wondered if there was some kind of a Wizard pulling the strings in cosmetics, someone who decides which shades are ok and which too crazy. And then I realized how ridiculous that was. There should be no Wizard! We should be the ones to decide what colors we want to wear! Someone is holding the rainbow hostage – and so I set off to find out who.

What I discovered that there, indeed, was a Wizard. And he happened to be of sexist tendencies. Did you know that MAC, Estee Lauder, Lancome and most major makeup companies are run by men? That’s right: the industry that makes products for women is dominated by men – and not the fabulous gay variety, either! These male CEOs cannot possibly know what women want, so what business do they have to dictate our beauty trends??'

Oh noes! Those awful men are holding the rainbow hostage!
And not gay men either, horrible straight men! They don't even wear makeup! Unlike all those fabulous fairies, every single one of whom flounces around in ruffles and glitter saying 'ooh ducky'. i don't mean to alarm you Doe but not EVERY gay person is Quentin Crisp!

Not only does she manage to be horribly stereotypical to gay men but also horribly sexist towards men. Just because i don't wear mens clothing doesn't mean i have no valid opinions or knowledge about it! And just because men don't wear lipstick (although how does she know? All those top men CEOS might be transvestites and try out their own cosmetics!) doesn't mean they cant listen to women and produce products that women want! Just one instance of this would be Fyrinnae, an absolutely amazing makeup company. It has beautiful lipsticks (in every shade of the rainbow), colour-changing eyeshadows and so on and so forth. And guess what, it's run by men!

Imagine the uproar that would happen if a man working with, let's say aftershave or mens razors for example, something with products aimed solely at males, was to say that women shouldn't be allowed to be in charge of these sort of companies. There would be uproar, and rightly so.

Gender and sexuality have nothing to do with empathy with other people. I can imagine what men want, what might sell to men etc but because i'm in a lesbian relationship does that mean i know about better than a straight woman?? (or maybe it doesn't count with me because i'm bisexual, and thus not 'manly' like a gay man is 'womanly' in her opinion) No, of course not.
Sheer, utter, generalising, sexist, stereotypical nonsense.

So well done Doe. Now not only do i think that you're a big lying scam artist cheating people out of money, but a sexist person with awful ideas about what a gay person is.


  1. Heehe I agree. I had to force myself not to reply on her 'ahmazing' post.
    Bleh :/.

    And yeah if everyone wanted to wear blue lipsticks, I suppose we'd get them!

  2. oh sweet baby jesus. That woman is daft....Holding the rainbow hostage?? Are you fucking kidding me? Does she think she is Glinda the fucking good witch? I think someone needs to steal away her magical and mysteriously bland and mothlike ruby slippers.

  3. I just read her post and I find it highly offensive and sexist. I can't believe I just read that.

    "That’s right: the industry that makes products for women is dominated by men – and not the fabulous gay variety, either!"

    That hit the biggest nerve. Not all straight men are sports-loving beer-guzzling blockheads, and not all gay men are "fabulous" who knows everything about cosmetics. That's just ignorant and stereotypical. How dare she. She had an interview with an intersexed man (not sure if this is the correct term) very early in her blog, and talked about her own tomboy period when she was younger - and she just spewed that rubbish?

    Someone screenshot her article before it gets taken down. I don't want her to try hide her freaking bigotry.

    Also: Holding the rainbow hostage. Oh yes Doh, come up with your conspiracy theories about companies controlling what women wants on their faces. That will certainly come off as logical to your readers.

  4. Putting everything that was insulting in that post aside, her piont is still invalid.

    Everyone in buisness is in it to make money. Now the the bigger companies, like Mac, are trying to sell their products to the most people, so that they can get the most money.

    If most people wanted crazy, bright colors, than that is what would be sold.

    And it is not that hard to find bright colors. You can find them at the drugstore.

    No one is trying to keep the 'magical gay rainbow' from us. If more people wanted it, then more people would sell it. Simple as that.


  5. She really needs to be quiet.

    It's funny how she isn't scared to bandy about the fact that she will "get her lawyers" to make people take down their libellous posts yet she goes around doing the same thing.

    She really grates on me as she seems to think that she is a makeup renegade, as Zoe mentioned above, if it sold, more people would buy it. Also, Illamasqua sell really bright colours as do MAC, I can't believe she is convincing herself that she is as big as MAC, I never knew that MAC bought products from a wholesaler and slapped their own name on them?

  6. She has said some completely inappropriate things there. Jeez she's acting like she's just discovered colour or something. xo

  7. Just a thought. If she says that all heterosexual men are nasty sexist bastards, is she dating a gay guy or is her boyfriend a nasty sexist bastard?

    I just don't get her. I mean, does she really think that no one else makes colourful makeup? Does she really think that she makes her makeup herself?

    I think gender studies and lessons on how to make your own makeup would be in order for the Unicorn Queen.

  8. Right on! It took everything I had not to respond. I actually started to comment on her post. But then I thought why bother? Is not like it would make a world of difference.

  9. Ok, first of all: Aromaleigh Rocks! - Bright, colorful and fantastic colors!
    second: Morgana Minerals - amaaaazing crazy lipstick shades. Much better than hers in quality (I have both, so I can tell the difference...) - much more crazy than her line!
    While they are not big companies like MAC, they are fantastic and have better, brighter colors than LC. Oh! And much more options too!
    (woman owned, too, if she thinks she's the only woman out there...)

    Third: Fyrinnae. Men owned. Amazing make-up! I have bought a few samples and can't wait to get them, but it's easy to see: amazing bright and colorful! - and much more colors than she offers too!

    Men can do make-up. And they don't have to be gay (and gay guys don't have to be a "queen" either). Man can understand what woman want. If they did not, straight relationships would be pure suffering....

    Another thing...

    While, yes, most make-up is beige, there are plenty of options for those who like colors! I took long to discover this and was fooled by her talking first but... yeah. There are great stores out there...

    My mother likes her make-up to be "natural". She does not love loads of attention. - She's still stunning, no matter what.
    It's great to have options to different tastes and groups....

    I have been trying to stay away from Doe, for I'm really mad at the whole repackaging thing...
    but I came here to read your blog, had seen Anastasia's tweets, and had to say a few words.

    I won't bad-word her, while I think she's a big fake - stealing and fooling people! Still, I think she should think twice before posting such things...

  10. That's hilarious. I read her blog last night in disbelief and wondered (ok hoped) that you might comment on it. Glad to know it's not just me who found it ridiculous!

  11. ...I didn't even want to read that 'article' of hers but after Anastasia (from L&L) mentioned it on Twitter, I was curious, and now after reading your rant...

    *goes and reads*

    She's so full of crap it's unbelievable. She used to use Kryolan before she started to, uh, 'make' her own make-up, so she's bloody well known for ages that there are bright colours out there - or colours other than 'beige', at least.

    I want to hit her over the head with a stash of Fyrinnae. That company is run by men and it has a huge range of amazingly bright shades - which, I might add, contain more workmanship in one particle than her whole freakin' fraud of a make-up line.

    I'm going to leave a comment mentioning Fyrinnae in her blog. How much do you want to bet that it gets deleted or not approved or whatever?'s not your f*cking rainbow, Doe. Not by a long-shot.

  12. I'm glad someone is addressing her post.

    I can't believe that one person could be so damn self-important ...

    How would she know about the day-to-day lives of CEO's at large makeup companies!? Has she ever worked for a large company (on the corporate side)??

    And I bet she's losing money on her business?! *eye roll*

  13. haha
    I left a comment on Doh's blog and Mark left me a hugly condescending, really long reply. I wonder why he even botherd.


  14. damn, that was a lot of spelling mistakes. sorry


  15. I read the post yesterday and was getting a headache from my eyes constantly rolling. And I, too, loved that girl's comment and Doe's horrible response to it. Sigh, she makes me ill.

  16. Faaaaabulous post, daarling.

    Yeah, anyway. I agree with it all, and am storing up my own rant, as we speak. I also love how anyone with a genuine, well-argued complaint got ignored or replied to by Mark - not Doe. If she's such a galloping campaigning feminist and heroine for a woman's right to sparkle, why can't she explain what she meant, by herself?

    Not to mention that every reply is "She didn't say that, what she said was" when actually, she very clearly said that.

    I mean, come on! She compares a man making make-up to a man making a tampon! A) Tampons are designed to meet a need which is biologically only found in women, B) Men DID invent tampons!

    She makes me want to smash the keyboard incoherently.

  17. She tries so. hard. to make herself look like this rainbow unicorn horn toting heroine...victimized by the bullies and color hating men she spends all day dreaming up. You know, while REAL makeup companies are formulating colors and crafting their own products. But because she either doesn't get that she's routinely offending people (last year she posted this equally awful, misguided, unresearched diatribe about manic depression) - or simply doesn't care because in her world she's a revolutionary - she will never learn her lesson. She's a bag of contradictions."Freeing neon" one day, and smothering anyone with a negative opinion the next day. Trying to ride the wave of DIYers and hundreds of other indie companies, yet claiming no one had bright colors before she came on the scene in 08.

    I want so badly to find good qualities in her. She's talented, she's mildly pleasant looking, and if she stopped being so damned obtuse she could almost be a decent writer. But every single time she gets close, she fucks it up by trying too hard, ripping people off (whether it be money or ideas), and acting like her shit doesn't stink. Like she never does anything wrong because she's above any wrongdoing.

    "People like cupcakes, and makeup? I'll write a tutorial combining the two!"

    "I love unicorns! Therefore, I am their queen!"

    "I'm a unicorn queen. Love me, gay people! I am your rainbow beacon in to the world of fabulosity!"

    Meanwhile, you know she is loving this and all the hits her blog is getting as a result. Now she's probably convinced that she's a genius that is simply misunderstood in her own time. Fear not, Candyfuture is just around the rainbow!

  18. Everything I wanted to say has pretty much been said... but I find it pathetic her husband is on her blog attacking everyone who dares to disagree with her.

  19. Tamara:
    i couldn't help myself and commented, but i kept my vitriol at a minimum, but that doesn't mean i was nice XD
    I've had blue lipstick for years, even Avon made one once, it's just really not a big, shocking idea and blue is the only really unusual colour in her range.

    I know i know, even if she wasn't being offensive she's just really embarrasing!

    That was the bit that got to me too, the rest was just her usual drivel about inventing colour (maybe she thinks she IS dorothy in OZ and the rest of the world is stuck in sepia Kansas), but that part was just awful.
    Of course some gay men do wear makeup, but then so do some straight men. Not all gay men are going to be able to relate more to a woman than a straight man and it's just moronic to assume they are basically the same because they all sleep with men.

    I've screencapped her post and all of the interesting comments incase she starts deleting like she did the last time she got negative comments.

    Quick, run, the cult of beige are gonna convert us!

    Exactly, someone posted a really good comment that just said 'it's supply and demand'. There are more 'dull' colours than brights because more women buy neutrals and naturals. That's also why companies like her will work, because people go elsewhere to get 'unusual' colours, meaning companies like OCC, Illamasqua, Fyrrinae etc get a cult following. If every makeup company made unconventional colours all year round noone would buy Lime Crime because they could walk into any drugstore and try out about 5 different blue lipsticks or neon eyeshadows for much less money!

    Also Marks comment to you was amazing. So patronising and just plain rude! That's no way to run a business. you can't insult people who are potential customers, it's business suicide! Xenia should keep him away from the keyboard!

  20. Rhamnousia:
    It really makes me wonder if she is actually deluded to think her little company is rivalling giants like Mac and Estee Lauder. I really hope she's just pretending to make herself seem better to potential customers, but i wouldn't put it past her...
    And it doesn't matter than mac actually take the time to make their own products because the company is run by men. And not gay men either!

    If this is the first time she'd said things like this i'd maybe give her the benefit of the doubt that she'd just made a slip-up, but previously she's said really dodgy stuff about gay people. When she was still trying to be a pop star she put out an ad for male dancers but specified they had to be gay. When people got a bit offended she said the reason was something about how gay men have a natural rhythm straight men don't. And she goes on and on about how Lime Crime is the only makeup line that has bright colours in spite of all the evidence.

    Mark probably doesn't count because he is the 'unicorn king' or whatever.
    She really just takes the cake. I can't tell if she's genuinely deluded, or if she's just desperately relying on the fact that the majority of her customers appear to be young, naive girls who will believe what she says.

    Dissolved Girl:
    i commented anyway. I doubt very much it will do anything, but i just didn't want to let it lie.

  21. Hello, first time I've commented here, so I'll greet you first.
    Although I've not been personally involved in the LC shenanigans, without it I may not have caught up on the excellent MMU places that I am now looking to own everything from. (And I do remember the original taped-up dress.)
    This issue made me particularly snappy, though. I really don't like drivel being perpetrated in the name of 'progressiveness' or suchlike, and Doe has ticked many boxes there.
    OK, the gay issue first... is she expecting droves of gay men to fawn over her, going 'Ahhh, the pretty darling thinks we're all *fabulous*!' and generally getting the vapours. And if they do, then what... profit?
    Hmm. Like most humans, gay men aren't that easily fooled. I hate to think of her saying some patronising nonsense about the brains behind Fyrinnae, for instance, or discovering a straight man with an eye for colour-mixing and declaring him an honourary gay. Because otherwise he could not possibly exist. Oh, and ugly undercurrent of male homosexuality being all feminine, of course. Ok Doe, stereotyping is just as bad when it's positive. I will get just as irked by someone saying 'women are so much more understanding and kind' as 'women are all thick' even though the former's complimentary. It negates individuals and screws those of us who don't fit the narrow definition. I can't believe she hasn't worked it out yet. Same as what she's doing to the women who prefer their neutrals; seems like they're inferior specimens. Maybe she thinks they're missing an enzyme.
    Btw. I'm also a bi girl (and also an illustrator, somewhat) and like you, puzzling over which stereotype I get. Half pwetty-pink-pwincess and half galumphing monstrosity, probably.

    What gets me particularly is that this is some sort of feminist crusade to help women. Doe, no one is helped by gender idiocy. I'm a feminist, or an equalist to those who have an irrational problem with that term, and part of that is erasing the ways in which men are screwed up by sexism too. The mentality telling me to get back in the kitchen is the same one decreeing that men can't wear pink or do anything 'unmanly'. FFS how is what Doe is claiming any different? Same old tired idiocy.

  22. Cacau:
    Brilliant points!

    I love all those companies, and they have a bigger selection of products and brighter, more interesting colours than Lime Crime and more importantly they actually make their own products!

    There's nothing wrong with 'beige' makeup, the fact of the matter is that because more women tend to buy neutral shades more companies will make it in a bigger quantity! There are no men conspiring to make women want to wear 'dull' colours, why would there be?

    luckilly it seems like a lot of people think she's as ridiculous as we do!

    She even used to wear Kryolan or Ben Nye in photos and then claim she was wearing Lime Crime. You've kind of got to admire her balls to think she can get away with things like that!

    According to some candyfuture idiot Fyrinnae only count towards making Doe's point because the men behind it are gay...
    I can't express in words how utterly stupid that is!

    And Simone i'm afraid you're wrong, it is Doe's rainbow. She invented it, along with liking unicorns, cupcakes and cute animals.

    Did she not think anyone would find it a bit suspicious that she's claiming to know for a fact that not one of the CEOS of those huge companies actually cares at all about their products?
    How on earth is she meant to know this? She runs a small company that started less than 2 years ago, and before that she didn't have any intention of working in the cosmetic industry.
    She really does seem to believe that she farts rainbows.

  23. Lemon Bunny:
    Ha ha, Doe will do those things to you. I get a sore throat from snorting and grumbling in disgust.


    They just seem really, really dumb. At the first sign that people were offended what i would have done was say 'oh im sorry, i can see your point! I worded that really bad, what i meant to say was blah blah bullshit'. Instead she spent ages defending her statement by saying men shouldnt be in the business because they don't wear makeup, then suddenly changed tact to say she meant 'a certain type of man' when she hadn't mentioned that at all. All while Mark is patronising and insulting people. What a way to run a business, with your husband there to bully anyone who dares disagree with your bigoted opinion.

    I really laughed at her tampon argument because i knew they were invented by men.

    And really, even if we just presume that these men she's speaking of have never worn makeup in their lives, it doesn't mean they don't know what women want!

    Looking forward to reading your take on it :)

    The sad thing is that it seems like so many of her little posse really believe that she is purer than snow. Some of the comments left defending her are just amazing like this one:
    'I get that what you said can be kind of sexist, but I really think that all the people bitching are just using this as an excuse to give more drama.'
    So... this person agrees that what Doe said is sexist, but doesn't think that's a problem. The mentality leaves me so utterly confused.

    You're so right about her contradictions, one minute she's deriding makeup lines fronted by men, the next she's saying that she loves Nars and he's fine because... uhh... somehow she knows that he is really passionate, but all these other men running giant companies have no passion, when she's never met them!

    I keep, keep, keep giving her the benefit of the doubt. After she insulted me and my Mum i still thought 'no, she wouldn't steal from charity', after that i thought 'maybe i should give her makeup a go, it seems like pretty colours', then after i find out it's repackaged i think 'well at least her lipstick might be good' and then she threatens to sue Grey for posting a bad review. I can't say that there is nothing good about her, but i am looking as hard as i can and i can't see anything.

    At least it seems like she's shooting herself in the foot. If she keeps up like this soon she'll only have a few girls naive enough to believe she's still a unicorn god or whatever.

    i know! He's so so condescending and rude, even to people who left comments that really aren't that bad. And how stupid is he, this is just going to make his wifes company look worse!

  24. Fuchsia:
    Lovely to meet you, thank you for greeting me with such a well written comment :)
    I also learned about a lot of amazing makeup companies from the scandal of lime crime, so i guess i should be thanking her for that at least XD

    What she's saying isn't 'feminist' or 'progressive' like she pretends, it's just postitive discrimination! 'there arent enough women in the makeup community, so we should get rid of the men at the top, even though they're doing a great job and replace them with women for the sake of it'.
    She's been weird with gay men for a good while now, back when she was trying to make it as a pop star she was absolutely desperate for the pink pound and started making stupid blanket statements along the lines of 'gay men have better taste than straight men', 'gay men love me because they love colour' etc.

    The blanket statements she made in that blog insult just about everyone. Women for saying that we're being controlled by some sort 'wizard' brainwashing us into buying beige, gay men by saying they are inherently different from heterosexual men and all understand about makeup and straight men by saying they cant understand women and can't be passionate about makeup.

    i guess the only people she doesn't offend are her team of canfyfuturites, because they can see past the 'cult of beige' and know that the allmighty unicorn queen is there to save us by freeing the rainbow!

    I too see myself as an 'equalist', if we want to be accepted the same as men (as of course it should be) we must accept men too, not claim that we are superior to them in certain ways.
    Lovely to meet another bi-girl illustrator :) if you ever get a blog of your own please let me know so i can follow you.

  25. To hammer the point home: I could replace every single time she used the words "men" and "sexist tendencies" with the word "blacks" in her post and all of a sudden her fans would see how disgusting her post truly was. All it is reverse stereotyping. She thinks that because she's a woman and women have been regularly discriminated since the dawn of time; that by discriminating against men, she's making a right with her wrong. I love how she tried to backpedal though, with her claim that she was only discriminating against a specific type of man. Honey, discrimination is discrimination is discrimination. Women are every bit as capable of making and vetoing decisions solely based on the bottom line.

    No, I am not accusing her of being racist (although several people did when she posted that picture of a black girl holding a banana), just giving her futurettes that are probably now stalking your blog food for thought.

    As a side note: John Demsey, the human in charge of MAC cosmetics previously worked with Revlon, Alexandra de Markoff Cosmetics, Lancaster, Bloomingdales, Macy's, Bennetton and Sak's 5th Ave. I don't agree with a lot of MAC's business practices and they're hardly the best makeup company out there, but that MAN certainly has more knowledge about the makeup industry and furthermore, the fashion industry than duct-tape-mc-deere.

    Part of Illamasqua's driving force is David Vanian from the Damned, a MAN who wears makeup on and off stage. He's straight. And married. Too Faced Cosmetics (a brand that's slowly taking over my make up bag) is run by two MEN, one of whom previously worked for Estée Lauder.

    Even if she left out all the "controversial" sentences out of her half-assed article, she's still left with a pile of garbage that was unresearched and based on lies. Makeup companies are run by men who don't wear makeup and therefore sell only beige? BALLS! It took me five minutes to google all the info I just mentioned. If I was her professor, I'd give her an F.

    Sorry if my comments to you are long winded. Bullshit, especially bullshit geared towards scamming young people out of their money really touches a nerve ;)

  26. Oh! And Revlon! FOUNDED BY TWO BROTHERS! They revolutionized nail polish by using pigments instead of dyes in 1932!

  27. Have only just caught up on all this... and I am in total agreement with everything you said :)

    Rainbows and unicorns my arse.

  28. Tea:
    I also love how she claimed she wasn't being sexist because she knew that the men she was talking about are sexist.
    How does she know? The idea that there must have been a lot of women better for the job, but were turned away because men were

    It's just obvious to me that these men are clearly doing there job well, otherwise they wouldnt be where they are today.

    And it's just so stupid. Why on earth would men want to sell beige instead of another colour? There just is no reason whatsoever. The reason more 'subtle' colours are sold is just because more women want to wear them. I really hope she was just making her stupid entry up and doesn't actually believe her own bullshit.
    And no worries, i love your comments, they're always sensible and great to read.

    And the creator of Maybelline was a man and made the first commercial mascara!
    But clearly men shouldn't be allowed in the industry.

    cheers! :) She brings a bad name to poor mythical unicorns :(

  29. well said! for example, i LOVE bright make-up - i think it's fun and exciting - on others, but i don't wear it myself.
    it is not because i am scared of the attention or anything (my style is notice-able anyway), but because i am a mulatta of high, high yellow complexion with tons of dark freckles and imho it neither fits my colouring nor features.
    i am not being forced to think so, it's really, fully and totally my personal opinion, and no one is forcing me to stay away from blue, green, or whatever lipstick at gunpoint, lol.

    as for her sexist comments: i really have nothing more to say about this. how anyone can still take her serious is absolutely beyond me, and her getting away with stuff like that just further proves my belief that her following is mostly made up out of 12-year-olds who don't know how to reflect and take in anything she says as if she's a higher being.
    also, i know enough 100% straight men who use make-up. (but i don't explicitly mean anything flamboyant.)

    note: i used to look up to her for the clothing she made... she was one of my role models in sewing. then, after you posted about the duct tape incident, i knew that i had already surpassed her some time ago. i would have never gotten the idea to do such a sloppy job, ESPECIALLY if i am trying to sell my work.


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