Thursday, 21 January 2010

Some art

This was made for my dad for christmas. It's the first time i've used acrylics in yonks and i really loved it, looks like there will be a lot of acrylic on canvas happening soon.

And this was a present for Claire's mum. I flocked the frame so it's all velvety :)

And now these are all sketches, character designs and so on for illustrations for a children's book i'm writing:

This is Visha, the roller skating bear.

The ring master.

Lulubelle the tight-rope walker:

And Pedro (the main character) the worlds largest elephant:


  1. I'm loving that chicken one, it reminds of the old Kellogs ads.

  2. Holy Crowseph!!!!! Those pictures are so magical!!!! I love how whimsical they are....especially the bear and the elephant ones!!!!!!

  3. You're so talented :) I adore Pedro the elephant, he's adorable!

  4. Those illustrations are adorable!

    I think people who can draw the same thing multiple times are incredibly talented. I can draw something good once, but draw it again in a different position? Nope. So you are one talented lady. :D

  5. I love your children's book drawings. They are so beautiful. :) The one of Pedro on the swing is my favorite.

  6. Rhamnousia:
    Thank you! He is like the kelloggs chicken! XD

    Magic and whimsy is just what i was going for with the circus picures. Thank you so much for such a sweet, lovely comment :)

    Thank you so much. I need to try and get the sory written so i can attempt to get Pedro's story published. It's a really long shot, but worth a try :)

    Lemon Bunny:
    Thank you! But actually i cheat a bit sometimes, for the people and bear i actually just traced my original drawing because i'm still perfecting their design. With Pedro it just came from drawing the same thing again and again really, practice does make perfect.

    Heather / Eyeconic:
    Thank you so much, you're lovely :)


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