Saturday, 23 January 2010

Lush 'You Snap the Whip' Body Butter

So when i was buying making my big lush haul (which you can see in my last post) i picked up one of these because i was so intrigued by the concept of a solid body butter. It smells amazing, just like blackcurrant cordial, which i love. In fact i loved it so much i picked up a second bar on my next trip to lush, before even trying it! It was £5.

the toothbrush in the photo is so you can see the size.

So i had a bath and was looking forward to using this. Basically you just rub the bar over your damp skin and it leaves little exfoliating grains and a greyish liquidy layer of product over you. Something i noticed was that instantly the bar starts to dissolve, and quickly. I really suggest if you use this or another body butter you put it in a soap dish of some kind after use, otherwise it gets messy, if you buy 2 body butters at the same time Lush gives you a free tin (which you can also purchase seperately for £2.95) I stupidly bought 2 on separate occaisions, so i've just kept mine in it's original paper wrapper.

I hadn't actually reaslised this had exfoliators in it, so i had used my usual exfoliator already. Anyway my skin was left beautifully soft and silky, though maybe not as 'hydrated' or 'plumped' as i usually get with body butters. My skin was left smelling lightly of the blackcurrant squash scent, lovely.

So i had a second bath using this, this time i didn't exfoliate before hand. Again i was left with nice smooth, soft skin, but not to the same extent as the time before.
Unfortunately, there is a real downside to this product.
After just two washes this is what i was left with:

(eww it looks gross don't it?)

While i hadn't been using the bar particularly sparingly i also hadn't be putting on thick layers or anything, nor had i dropped it in the bath or anything, so i'm guessing this is just average (i have another bar so i'll update if this changes). I used this tiny bit again and got about half of my body done before it dissolved away to nothing. So i would say that this product has probably got at most 3 good uses in it and to me that makes it a bit pricey at a fiver.

Another downside, well i don't really care but other people might find it a real problem, is that this product is really really messy. As i was rubbing it over my body and the product becomes liquid i found droplets of it just went flying everywhere, leaving me with little greyish splatters on the wall. Also as the bar is black prepare to sit in a grey bath after use.

So would i recommend or repurchase this?
I honestly don't know. I really, really loved the smell, and it worked pretty effectively. I can see this being a major bonus in the dead of winter. I don't know about you, but when it's freezing there's little i hate more than standing naked in a cold bathroom for about 10 minutes while i rub lotions and potions into my body. So having a product i can use in the bath that will give me the effects of a moisturiser seems a genius idea, i'll be able to just hop out, towel off and get into some nice warm pyjamas.

However, £5 for something i can only imagine getting 3 uses out of at the most seems really excessive. While a bath ballistic or something will cost about £3 and only last once, that's more of a novelty product that i personally would only use once in a while as a treat, whereas a body butter or moisturiser is more 'essential' and i use it after every bath or shower i have. So a fiver for such a small amount of product just seems too much for me.

So, really i don't know. I'm looking forward to using the other bar i have, but i really don't know if i would buy it again.


  1. I bought this purely because of the smell haha. I really love it and mine's lasted well, have used it 3 or 4 times and it looks barely used.
    I have kept mine in the tin and it's been fine. I use it when in the shower and although I don't use it under the direct stream it does get wet, but I've had no problem in it dissolving.
    It's really random, cos I know others have said this about some other Lush products but I've not had trouble with anything melting/disintegrating.
    Either way,it's a lovely product in itself isn't it :)

  2. Hmmm how odd! Maybe i have been using mine too heavily or something. But really as soon as a drop of water comes into contact with mine it just melts away.
    It is a really lovely product though, the smell is amazing and i was really impressed with how my skin felt afterwards.

  3. I have purchased this as well and have had a similar experience with it as Rebecca. I wet is and rub it all over my wet self, put it away, then scrub and rinse. I have used my bar about 5 times and have well more than half the bar left.


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