Wednesday, 27 January 2010


My Fyrrinae order arrived. It's all so gorgeous, i can't wait to play with it.
I've really been so impressed with all the small-indie brands of makeup i've been ordering so far. I didn't expect them to be lower quality than bigger brands, but honestly i can say i really didn't think they would be higher quality than them!

I have to do something scary later so at least this has set my day off to a good start.
Firefox has eaten all my tabs, i had loads of blog posts up to comment on but now they are gone and i'm going to have to hunt them down again X/ gragh

I was naughty yesterday and did a little spendage, but having seen the Barry M lip crayons in the flesh i NEEDED them. I swear it was a need!


  1. huzzah welcome to the world of fyrinnae obsession!

  2. I'm completely in love with small brands x.x'''
    I love Aromaleigh the most! I'm still waiting for my Fyrinnae samples! Aww the love!
    Oh! And Morgana lippies! The new ones look fantastic! Can't wait to try them too! (the pics are up!)

  3. My Fyrinnae order is on it's way! I was so surprised - I thought it wouldn't be sent out till the first week of Feb! I can't wait to try their Pixie Epoxy. <3

  4. I can't wait for my Fyrinnae order. They are so amazing! I also love aromaleigh. They are both fantastic companies.

  5. I still have not tried Fyrinnae...

  6. post your new goodies!
    i think i will also have to buy those barry m lip pencils later 2day.... Boots always manages to suck me through its doors =0/ haha!

    great blog!



  7. I absolutely LOVE Fyrinnae! The shadows suck just plain and dry, but if you apply them wet, then add a dry layer on top, they are OMFG GORGEOUS.

  8. CthuLynny:
    It's beautiful and terrible at the same time! I love it all so, so much and i fear a huge second order is coming soon!

    Me too! They're just impressing me so much more than i thought they would :)
    I've got some aromaleigh and they're eyeshadows are probably the best, and Morgana have the best lippies ever! I can't wait to get my samples through!

    Oooh how exciting! Let me know how you like it all! I got a full size of pixie epoxy, it's working really well and i'm not even sure if i'm using it correctly yet!

    They really are! Let me know what you get and how you like it :)

    you must! I bet you'll love some of their lip lustres :)

    dont worry, lots of posts are coming up! I've got photos all done and am just writing them up :)
    Ha ha ha! The lip pencils are amazing, i like them so much more than i thought i would.

    Ooh, i'll keep that in mind! I got their magical pixie epoxy, and that makes their shadows look stunning dry!


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