Saturday, 23 January 2010

HUGE toilettries haul

Firstly i got a few bits from The Body Shop. I haven't actually been in there for about a year, and that was just to buy 1 bar of soap (i love thir tangerine scented one, it's delicious). I was sort of pressured by the saleswoman into getting a body-shop card, she was nice and all but i am so shy i get flummoxed by sales people and her slightly pushy tactic meant i end up just saying yes to try and get the conversation over as quickly as possible. It seems like a fine deal, 10 percent off everything for a year, free birthday gift and bonuses when you've made 5 and 10 separate trips there, but you have to pay for it. Well actually she claimed this was a 'deposit' but i think you only actually get it back through the discounts. Anyway it was about £2.30 but she said something about it usually being £5, i'm not really sure. But anyway i went back another time and redeemed my birthday gift and grabbed some bits from their sale. The woman serving me forgot to scrub out the birthday thing on my card, so i'm tempted to be very naughty and go back and claim a second birthday freebie. Evil Lillian!

So i got a couple of things from the 'Anitas favourites' range, it was 2 for £6, usually £4 each or something. I got the Passion fruit cleansing gel, which smells absolutely amazing! I wasn't sure what else to get, so i just sniffed around everything and my favourite was the Dewberry scent. I got the body lotion because i just seem to have a lot more use for it than shower gel. Now i sort of wish i'd got the carrot cream because i've heard wonders about it. There's always next time i guess :P

I also got some bits from their sale, 2 pots of raspberry body butter (which smells absolutely divine, like raspberry fruitella weets or something), 1 pot of raspberry body scrub and one pot of passion fruit body butter (which also smells amazing, i LOVE passion fruit). They were all £5, reduced from £12 but i see everything in the sale on the website is now down to just £3. I might go back and see if it's the same instore soon. I'm a terror.

I haven't actually tried anything yet, but will be sure to let you know how i get on with everything :)

Then came Lush... Oh dear.
First i went in before christmas to get a few bits from their limited edition range:

I picked up Handy Gurugu for my Mum, who used it once and then decided she didn't like the smell. Neither did i, so it's gone on my blog sale.
Bar of Angels Delight soap
So white bath ballistic
Fairy tale sugar scrub
2x Candy cane bubble bar
Satsumo santa bath ballistic

The i did something bad... I wandered in during their 'spend twenty get freebies a plenty' deal... and then wandered in again another day D: THE SHAME! However, not all of this is for me, i picked up something for my mum and some of it is going in my big lush giveaway coming up (when i can afford postage again X/).
So here's what i actually bought:

Dreamwash for my Mum
Marilyn hair conditioner (used this once and did it wrong, i put it on wet hair, you're meant to use it dry)
tester pot of Charity Pot
The Comforter solid perfume (amazing, smells like blackcurrants <3)
Stacker of soaps with Rock Star, I should Coco and Honey i Washed the Kids
Angels delight soap (LOVE this, smells just like sweeties)
Coolaulin Conditioner
American Cream Conditioner
Yummy Yummy Yummy shower gel
2x you snap the whip body butter
ma bar bubble bar
Supernova bath ballistic
amandopondo bubble bar
creamy candy bubble bar

And then i got ALL of this free!:

2x big blue bath ballistic
Geophyzz bath ballistic
1 bars of angels delight soap
2 bars of noubar soap
2 bars of father frost soap (one is HUGE)
strawberry santa, sweety pie and snow showers shower jelly
2x lil pud bath ballistic
2x honey bee bath ballistic
Handy Gurugu hand cream
2x fair trade foot lotion (smells like spearmint chew, yum!)
2x Snow fairy gift sets.

Oh my god, Lush with these freebies you are really spoiling us!

Am trying these out one by one, and i'm going to review it all for you as best as i can, first review coming up tonight

I am now pretty much self-sufficient in toilletries D:! I am AWFUL! No my buying stuff like this until i've hit pan!... Well apart from maybe a couple of bits from the body shop again, because i have NO self control. Boo hoo.

Well at the least when i am peniless i'll smell really nice XD


  1. I LOVE when Lush runs the 'freebies' promotions like that! It's so brilliant! <33

    and not to sound like a bossy boots but i am actually telling you to go back to the body shop and getting that carrot moisturiser! ;)
    i just love it so much :DD

    amazing haul - i love mega toiletries haul. i may treat myself to one after my wednesday deadline :) xxxx

  2. I really want the raspberry body butter. And you are gonna smell amazing! :P

  3. I really like Body Shop's Camomile Eye Make-Up Remover! Lasts me forever and it's gentle on the eye :)

  4. I love the Passion fruit scent too, but sadly the've discontinued it.:( I stocked up on everything passionf fruit they had on the sale and I tink I'll buy some backups too. It smells so good that I actually tasted the body butter once. Haha :P

  5. AHHHHH I'm dying a little inside. I want bath products so terribly T_T We don't have a lush anywhere near here, I'm going to get to go to one during spring break though! I have never bought anything from the Body Shop although I would like to. fuck being broke

  6. woooo love Lush =D
    i got the strawberry santa, its sooo weird to use lol but smells AMAZE.


  7. MessyCarla:
    It's the first time i've been aware of one of there 'freebie' promos, now i am greedy for the freebies :D
    Also i caved and did, i got 2 pots in fact as it's a 2 for £6 thing :P
    I've never been into toilettries before, i always liked them, but never enough to really care about. Now i'm very interested in smearing things all over my skin XD

    It's amazing stuff, it smells just like sweeties, but in a really good way, not sickly or synthetic at all. I'm buying toilettries to smell good, so it's for the sake of the public! XD

    Oooh, sounds good, i've got really really sensitive eyes. I might give it a go when i run out :)

    Ha ha ha! Once i tasted a Lush chocolate scented massage bar XD I went back and got the Passionfruit scrub as it was down to £3 but i'm really fed up i didn't get the lip butter when it was available too. I LOVE their lip butters and i bet the passion fruit tasted amazing.

    I'm going to be doing a big Lush giveaway soon (when i can afford to pay shipping :P) with lots and lots of prizes :) The body shop are generally too expensive for me, but there was a sale so i had an excuse :P I think annoyingly for you Lush products are actually more expensive in america.. i heard it somewhere :(

    i haven't used any of the shower jellies yet, but i can imagine they're really weird to use! Rubbing a big bit of jelly on you? Strange!


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