Sunday, 31 January 2010

Rubbish night, amazing hair

Phew! I've just been through every post for this month and replied to every comment, so please if you're interested in reading my reply to you please have a look :)

Last night was pretty terrible for me. I was meant to be going out dancing to celebrate my birthday (this is actually the nearest to my birthday i could get all my friends together!) and then things just kept going wrong. Firstly my friend Ian said he couldn't come, then Claire fell down the stairs (she's fine but hurt her butt :() so she couldn't come, Matt who is also my sisters ex boyfriend but i also consider him a friend decided it would be too hard for him to come (as Lydia was coming too), then my friend Philippa had to work, but said she'd be at my house around 10, which was fine. Then something went wrong at phillys work and she was going to be late, but didnt know by how much. Then i couldn't find my passport (which i needed for I.D.). Then when i found it we waited a bit more for philippa, but when she finally arrived it was about half 11 and too late to go out (it would have taken us about an hour and a half to get to da club)
as id had a bit to drink i got really, really upset.
Anyway it was a real waste because i'd given myself amazing hair and makeup. It was a 70s glam-rock club, so i'd gone really overboard with glitter and metallics and neon and everything. My hair was really awesome, i stole the idea from an episode of Canadas next top model, where the hair was all pulled and teased to one side as if the wind was blowing it:

someone took a couple of photos, but only after id been crying, so my makeup is probably wrecked. I'll still show them when i get them because of the hair :P

I've cheered myself up today by watching a huge amount of television.

I've got a lot of good little bits from people's blog sales recently:

will be posting reviews or swatches of them all soon :)

On friday i spent a great deal of the day swatching a lot of indie companies makeup i've bought recently. Great fun, but unfortunately now i have many, many photos of my lips and i need to either work out what gloss they're wearing or re-take them. Stupid me! For this reason my Fyrrinae will probably be first (because i could easily tell their lip shades apart) even though this was actually the last parcel i recieved.

I'm at 99 followers now. I'm amazed, seriously. When i started this blog it was really just for my own benefit, i had no idea so many people would actually be interested in reading what i have to say. Thank you all so, so much, it really means so much and i just hope you continue to enjoy this blog!

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  1. oh dear, i'm sorry your night didn't work out. :(
    but i am looking forward to seeing all the swatches. I can't wait to see what you got from fyrrinea


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