Friday, 15 January 2010


There are a lot of amazing giveaways around at the moment. I figured i'd share them here for anyone who didn't know about them. I can hardly pretend this is a selfless act, a lot of them give you a second entry for posting a link on your blog, but still, spreading the love is always nice :)

Bicky's prize is a wonderful little mix including lush (the candy cane bubble bar is one of my favourite things ever), barry m, gosh and tasty chocolate! What more could a girl need?

Yoetki is doing the l'oreal lash renewal serum challenge and sharing a set with one lucky reader:

Anastasia, one of my favourite bloggers is giving away prizes to 3 people. including Gosh, Sleek and aromaleigh

Sabrina at Obsessed is givng away a soap and glory body butter (i love soap and glory, the stuff smells so damn good)

Kelly at Jellyminx is giving away 2 prizes!
First a straight giveaway here:
and then a contest here:
i'm really excited trying to figure out a look for it

Krasey beauty is celebrating her blogs first birthday with an INSANE prize worth $1000!

Jeweled Thumb is having a wonderful giveaway for reaching 50 followers:

Dainty Dollymix is celebrating getting 300 followers with a wonderful assortment of prizes:

Leesha-rae has an amazing prize of 2 nars duo eyeshadows here:

100th post giveaway at Koala's Life:

a wonderful Liz Earle giveaway over at Get Lippie:

The Lip print is giving away a marshmallow lip gloss:

and Jeweled thumb is also having a 100 follower giveaway!:

Good luck everyone!

Apologies for my lack of knowledge with html. In the past i've got Claire to help put in links with nice titles and things :P

And finally i want to announce i will soon be having a 'christmas in springtime' lush giveaway, to just give an extra present to some people in the gloom of the years early months :) There will not only be a grand prize but lots of little runner up prizes. The reason i'm waiting a little while is because at the moment i'm not actually sure i have the money to ship the prizes internationally, and i want the giveaway to be open to everyone.


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  1. Great list! Going to be checking them out and hopefully get some more blogs to read and maybe win a prize if im super lucky!



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