Friday, 1 January 2010


I hope everyone had a really good new year! I had a bit of an odd one, just hanging around the house with fried and a bottle of vodka. It descended into a pre-teen game of truth or dare which then had Ian (the only boy in our group) being dresed up in drag, me having a glass of booze parcel-taped to my arm and everyone getting a bit too interested in everyone elses sexual history.
Today i woke up with my second hangover ever. It was horrible. I think i shall think carefully about drinking in the future, it makes the nights more interesting and easy but the repercussions are more horrible than i had imagined.

So i have some resolutions for the new year. Will i keep them? Honestly it's pretty doubtful, i'm rather useless at this sort of thing but they are all things designed to make my life easier and more fulfilling so i will try my very best.

1. Lose some weight. A boring and incredibly typical resolution. My reason is purely shallow, i don't care about my health or anything sensible i'm afraid to say, my reason is simply that this time last year i was at least 1 dress size smaller, and now i am too large for some of my clothes. I stil loe those clothes and it's sad to not be able to wear them.

2. Complete at least 1 painting/sculpture/illustration/piece of clothing a week. I NEED to get back into the swing of consistently starting and finishing things. I have so many 'talents' (if you can call them that) and the majority of the time they get put on the back burner or just forgotten about. i have so many half finished projects that i just need to turn my attention to for a few days to complete.

3. Sell Sell Sell! I have so much stuff in my house which i no longer need and am planning to sell but just haven't gotten around to it. Expect an epic blog sale of fashion/makeup/miscellanery soon, some stuff i'll be giving away. Stuff that doesn't sell here i will put onto ebay and anything that doesn't sell then will be taken to a charity shop. I need to just get it out of the house!
I will aso be putting more paintings/dolls/sculpture etc onto etsy. I figure the more i have out there the more likely it is i will make some money!

4. Save money. I'm not even gong to attempt to put myself on a spending ban, it just won't happen, but i will try my best to save at least a small amount of money a month.

5. Be as professional as possible with my art. As soon as possible i'm going to do a complete overhaul of my website, making it as original and exciting as possible, but still professional and easy to use. I'm also going to try and get any exhibitions possible. I'm trying to pursuade my friend Mikey to do a show wth me, not only doe (i think) our work go ogether really well, but he has lots of connections and will attract a lot of people :P

6. Wear more makeup! This might seem a bit of a silly one seeing as this is first and foremost a blog about my experiences with makeup but to be honest i don't feel i wear it enough. One of the reasons i started this blog is that from around the beginning of last year i stopped wearing as much fun and exciting makeup. Firstly i was so buy at college i would just run out of the house without bothering to spend any more time than was necessary. And while now i will put it on everytime i leave the hous i feel i have fallen into a bit of a rut. My look is always a bold lip with either plain eyes or eyeliner. I think this look is very flattering for me but have so many exciting coloured eyeshadows and so on and it does sadden me to see them sitting in my makeup box looking lonely and unloved. I used to be a lot more 'outrageous' with my looks as well, coloured eyebrows, rainbow eyeshadow, green blusher, drawn on monobrows etc etc and while some people still think my usual look is a bit 'out there' to me it just seems like an 'everyday' look and nothing special.

So I will be trying as hard as possible to stick to them, but in the highly likely event that i fail i'm not going to be hard on myself.
I've loved reading everyones end-of-year posts and hopefully i'll get my op products of 2009 up soon.
Happy New Year! xxx

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