Friday, 29 January 2010

Avatar FOTD

So i went to see Avatar (i did like it, but everyone was right, it basically is Disney's Pocahontas in space) and decided to do blue lips in honour of the nice blue kitties. As you can see i just kept the rest of my face very neutral.
The lips are Illamasqua medium pencil in Debonnair and Illamasqua intense lipgloss in Gender. On my eyes i used Mac Eyeshadows in Gesso, Vex and some brown that i don't know the name of.

Today i was looking on etsy at all of the many, many mineral makeup sellers. I found a couple of exciting looking new stores, but i got really depressed by how many sets of TKBs 'pop' colours i found just under different names, or with a base mixed in, lots of the stores also sold some really pretty looking shades that i liked, but how can i trust they're not repackaged too?

I did a huge amount of swatching today, lots on the lips. Sadly i had a spot near my mouth the other day and now a red mark is left, so every photo has it marring my immense beautoy XD I should have concealer-ed it, but i was too lazy.

Now i am watching Top Gun. It is even gayer than i remembered.

Just before bed i wanted to apologise for my terrible slackness at replying to comments. I do make the effort to reply to nearly every single one, but usually it takes me forever :( I read them immediately, but because i'm useless at keeping up with blogs i'm following, and because if 'm making a post i give that priority it always seems to take me a while to get round to replying. I'm really sorry. So please, if you leave me a comment check back on the entry after a while, and unless i am being even crapper than usual, i will have got back to you :)


  1. awesome, lol. weirdly enough it actually suits you! =D x

  2. It really does suit you! I adore the colour.

  3. You have the ability to pull off any colour! Love it!! :) xo

  4. Wow, you look so good with blue lips! :D Maybe I need to try geen some day!

  5. I actually love it on you too. I can just imagine what blue lipstick would look like on me haha

  6. woah such cool lipstick!

    lovelove, M.

  7. Hey, I thought from the photo the lips were the occ lip tars yo showed recently, but on reading the text it's Illamasqua, thought you might like to know that Alex Box was wearing a blue Illamasqua pencil on her lips at the IMATS today. Not sure what colour exactly but it was very similar!

  8. You look awesome! This is great! Man, one of my friends told me today she HATES Avatar. What the hell??? I thought it was a beautiful movie.

  9. ROFL, Top Gun...Ugh, I hate that movie!

    I really need to get some blue lipstick, you always make it look so appealing.

  10. Yesss. I was searching all over Google for a swatch of Gender, have been wanting a blue gloss for ages. But went ahead and ordered it yesterday anyway. Looks brilliant on you! Hope I can say the same. :D

  11. Noobarella:
    Thank you, i think so too! :D

    Small Town Gal:
    Thank you, i think being pale and pinky helps with the blue :P It's an amazing colour.

    aww cheers :) i'm not sure about that though, there's a grey lipgloss i want to try but i think that may well be too much even for me! :P

    Thanks so much! I like green lips too but haven't found a really good green lippy i like yet, they're all too dark or dull, i want grass-colour :)

    aww, thank you! It's fun though, you could always give it a go around the house ;)

    thank you, Illamasqua are just amazing.

    Sparklz and Shine:
    I saw pictures, she looked amazing with the blue! It looked very similar, i think it may have been the same pencil actually (the gender lipgloss is lighter and slightly turquoise but the pencil underneath looked basically the same as Alex's). I wish i could have gotten to IMATS :)

    Thanks so much!
    How odd, i didn't think it was amazing but it was decent enough and really stunning to look at. I don't think there was really anything hateful about it.

    Lemon Bunny:
    It's hilarious! The Volleyball scene XD
    Thanks so much! I'd suggest maybe getting a blue Stargazer lippie to try out, it's not the best quality, but really really cheap, so if it turns out you hate blue lips you've not wasted much :)

    It's an amazing gloss! It's over a slightly darker blue pencil here, on it's own it's slightly lighter and very slightly turquoise. It's absolutely stunning though, and i LOVE all of the intense lipglosses, they're just amazing. Hope you love it on yourself :D


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