Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars

I recieved these from my girlfriend as a christmas present. They are one of the greatest lip products i have ever encountered. They're not a gloss, not a lipstick but something really new, basically a runny liquid with the lasting power and opacity of the best lipstick you could imagine. These are really easy to apply with a lipbrush and youonly need a tiny bit to completely cover your lips. These are meant for mixing so you can customise your own shades and basically make any colour you could imagine, i haven't tried this yet because i don't have any jars small enough for testing it out. They're not matte, not shimmery and not glossy, but they do have a tiny amount of shine. They also have a minty smell (reminds me of buttermints) and feel ever so slightly tingly when you apply them. It's really quite nice but i can't see any reason for it, no plumping effects or anything.
Anyway here are some lip swatches of the colours i got. I hope to get about 3 more and as soon as i have some smaller jars i'm going to try mixing them.


Safety Orange:







(this is more pink and less blue toned in real life)



(this is more pink and less blue toned in real life)

As you can see these are so opaque they all completely block out my natural lip colour (with the exception of feathered which applies a little more patchy than the others).

Would i recommend these? Absolutely. In fact i would recommend them to everyone everywear who likes wearing lipsticks. Even if you would never wear a bright colour like the blues, greens and so on i have, there are many many other colours to try, like nudes and light pinks and as they are mixable you could add other colours to them to create your perfect colour. For instance if you wanted a more cool toned pink you could add a tiny bit of RX to 'Hush' (a very light pink). There is also a clear lip tar to sheer out the colours. And if like me you love an unconventional lip colour, with these the world is your oyster! Imagine all of the different colours you could make! A pastel turquoise, blackened purple, acid yellow! And the finish is just amazing.

Any negatives? The only one i can think of is that these do tend to feather or bleed around my lips, but then i often have this problem with lipsticks or glosses.

Available from here: for $12.50 which i think is a great bargain!


  1. Cool! I would love to mix my own colours so I may have to give this a try. :-) The red one is really nice.

  2. I really love their tars. I am slowly going broke buying them. I keep meaning to blog about them but I have gotten a bit lazy with it. hehehe....

  3. They look really good, will have to give these a look :)

  4. wanted to try out these for ages. i have my eye on 'grandma'!

  5. holy cow, those are insane. Must....have..... ok must wait till tax return. Broke!

  6. I totally need to try these. I love that lavender, its gorgeous!

  7. Yeah, I think the bleeding is the only problem...but still, those colours look amazing!

  8. Woah. Amazing colours! You have such lovely shaped lips :) xo

  9. damn! I need to get my hands on some of those.
    NSFW looks like a dream.

  10. omg! this lip tars sound so good ;__;
    gahhh! I'm saving up for ordering samples from Fyrinnae, some gifts from Aromaleigh for my friends... and now there are this OCC lip tars and omg! Morgana's new lippies! (have you seen the picture of Lillian, Slime and Serenity? AMAZING!)

    Gosh.. ;___;

  11. A need ALL of these espesh the blue one! They look fab xx

  12. Are you sure they're all lipsafe?
    That blue looks like ultramarine blue in a castor oil base and ultramarines are NOT lip safe according to the FDA.
    Also that green looks like Chrom. Oxide Green and it's not approved for use on lips by the FDA either.

  13. The OCC site lists Ultramarines in the ingredients. The FDA in the US does not approve Ultramarines for lip use.

  14. BLIX:
    theyre just so cool. I need jars to get mixinng! :D
    The red is really gorgeous, is one of the nicest i own i think, and i own a lot :P

    Dissolved Girl:
    Hee hee, would love to see your review when you get around to it :) They're fast becoming my favourite lip product.

    you really should, they're amazing!

    I really want grandma, it's one of the few still on my list :)

    Ha ha! Hope it comes soon, they really are THE BEST!

    Lisa Kate:
    you really must try them when you can, they're so good! The purple is really lovely and quite wearable i think. I can't wait to try mixing them, i'd like to add a bit of white to it and make a really pale lavender.

    It's hard for me to tell how bad at bleeding these are as nearly all lip products bleed on me, i'll try these with my too faced borderline pencil, which is meant to stop bleeding and see how it works :)

    Aww thank you so much! x <3

    they're just great, NSFW is absolutely amazing, such a great red.

    you'll have to keep saving i'm afraid, these are so amazing i can't let you pass them by! ;)

    yes you do, they're just wonderful. And the blue is one of the nicest blues ever!

    I'm afraid i really don't know enough about ingredients or what's safe to comment. They're specifically made for lips, so i would assume they're fine. Ive never heard that ultramarines aren't lip safe before. Thanks for telling me though :)
    And i can't see anywhere on the website that says it has passed FDA regulations, but then basically no small makeup companies can afford it.

  15. You are absolutely ROCKING the NSFW shade! Did you buy all these at IMATS? Love them and look forward to seeing what you do with them.

  16. Jesus these are beautiful, I think I know what I'll be buying the next time around I get some money.


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