Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Haute Mess Award

I wasn't exactly tagged for this, but Lulu over at Makeuploveer (http://lmdpassion.blogspot.com) tagged all her followers and I wanted to do it :P
7 facts about myself..

1. When i was very little i wanted to be a Lady farmer like my favourite character in a book, Sophie (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sophies-Adventures-Snail-Sophie-Hits/dp/1844289915/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1263344715&sr=8-1) before i realised Farmers usually have to raise animals for meat.

2. i have been a vegetarian since i was 7 years old.

3. I haven't worn a pair of trousers (excusing pajamas) in over 5 years

4. The first people i can remember fancying were Vivyan from the Young Ones:

and Dennis Pennis:

5. Last year I Won first prize in a kareoke competition singing one of my all time favourite songs, Sparks This Town aint big enough for the both of us. It was a special kareoke run by my friend Martin where comedians sing and then some of the audeince gets to as well. My friend Foz plays the guitar in the band.
you can see me here:
i was very, very drunk. Oh god the horror D: But still somehow i won!

6. I collect Mickey Mouse Ears. At the moment i have about 15.

7. My favourite artists are Peter Blake, Klimt, David Hockney, Lucian Freud and Dr Seuss.

Now i'm meant to tag 7 people, but seeing as i wasn't properly tag i feel it would be a bit unfair, so again i invite all of you to do this :):


  1. I <3 Dr Suess tooo!

    and Im doing yer tag

  2. You are just cute as a BUTTON I tell you! I just adore your style and the things you share on your blog. :)

    Also, I was in love with Vivyan too. So I think that means we're kindred spirits. xo

  3. Cthulunny:
    he's just amazing, have you seen his oil paintings? They're just stunning.
    I thought i was following you already, but turns out i'm not, sorry about that! Am now andthanks for plugging me as zany :D

    Thank you so much :)
    Vivyan is just amazing, i first saw the Young Ones when i was about 6 and got obsessed with him. When i was 8 i would wear big black Dr Martens to school and dyed a big splodge of my hair orange XD

  4. You have a good voice! Congrats! That's cuteee!

  5. I loved watching the video Lillian, it was great, you seem so confident there.
    and I love the mickey mouse fact! when I am in Floria I will pick up a pair of ears for you xxx


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