Sunday, 10 January 2010

Feminine hygiene!

So this morning i started my special magical lady time (i.e. my period) and while this is a bit of a strange post i thought i'd share with you my favourite feminine hygiene manufacturer, Moxie.

They have a really pretty website you can see here:
as well as plugging the product they have some really nice little sections such as '10 ways to help with the moods and blues' and things like that.

Moxie's mission statement is to make women feel more feminine and stylish during the time of the month women often feel at their most unattractive (i know i do) and while there's not much a box of tampons can do to make you feel better, Moxie seem to have succeeded by covering the products in the worlds most gorgeous, girly packaging. The boxes the products come in are just gorgeous and look like luxuriant, mini hatboxes and inside each you as well as the tampons/pads/panty liners you get a beautiful metal tin to keep the products in when you're out and about (though refills without the tin are also available, at least with the non-applicator tampons). The pads and liners are embossed little bows to make them even cuter, the wrapper of the non-applicator tampons has a little black bow printed on and the applicator tampons have a colour-coordinated plastic applicator. The product range includes panty liners, 'slender' pads, 'regular' pads and 'nighttime' pads and both non-applicator and applicator tampons (available in regular and super). All the products are colour-coordinated in beautiful, vintagey feminine shades of pink, peach and blue. I just really love them and am proud to show them off on my dresser.

How do they work? Well they're basically exactly the same as any other tampons/panty liners/ sanitary towels i've used, no better but certainly no worse. The one thing i don't like is that the tampons are not available in super-plus strength for heavy flow days and that the applicators are made of plastic which of course is bad for the environment. Otherwise though i seriously would be sad if i was unable to pick up Moxie and had to settle for another brand. Oh and the price seems much the same as other brands too, under £2 for a box of 12 applicator tampons or pads or 24 panty liners or 16 non-applicator tampons.

And now some photos:

this is the tin the panty liners come in. You can't see too well in the photo but the background is pale pinkey lilac with greeny blue polka dots.

this is the regular pads box. The tin inside is the same as the panty liners tin but bigger and striped instead of dotted.

applicator tampons box

and finally the beautiful tampon tin.


  1. Hi, from New York. Love the blog. Def features looks I am not brave enough to try.

    I bought these items stricly because of the packaging. I carry a huge purse and thought this was a really cute way to stay organized. I didn't reasearch the brand or anything like that. I got the pads and tampons and have no complaints about the pads. The tampons were another story. I didn't think they were absorbent enough even on my lightest day and I had trouble using the applicator. I have been using tampons for many years now and never have had that problem. A+ to this company for the cute packaging, but unfornately the tampon case now holds my tampax pearls.

  2. Hi Rhea! Thanks so much for your comment!
    How odd! I've had no problems at all with the tampons myself, to me they worked exactly the same as any others i've tried.
    Still at least you got a lovely tin :)

  3. where can you by the tins? i have looked EVERYWHERE!!

  4. I love these products. they seem to hold it all together throughout the day.


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