Thursday, 7 January 2010

My favourite looks of 2009

I was having a look through all the photos on my computer from this year and thought i would post some of my favourite outfits or makeup looks from this year (before i started this blog or ones that never got posted).

Here's the first. It's actually an incredibly bad picture of me, my head looks rounder than ever and there are seious issues with my boobage, but still:

that's me at my graduating show from university, you can see some of my paintings. The dress was a joint effort between me and Claire and was made of plastic sheeting, foam board, staples and glue as well as fabric! Not the best fitting garment, certainly not the most flattering, but pretty damn showstopping if i do say so myself!


  1. That dress is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life!

  2. Wow, thats some dress. What is that a scene of under the stripes? I like the little matching hat. Is that a picture of a bear in a hat that I see in the background? :D

  3. This dress is awsome! So cool!!!

  4. I LOVE that. You have no idea how much...

  5. Wow, that dress is amazing! I'm betting you didn't do much sitting down that day. :P

  6. Heather:
    thank you so much! I really want to wear it again, but when on earth will i have the opportunity to dress as a circus tent? XD

    Ash: said...

    Thank you! The dress is meant to be a circus big top, so the scene is various circus performers i painted (a tight-rope walker, clown, ring master etc). And yes, that's a bear in a hat and roller skates :D

    Thank you :D

    Thank you so much!

    Thank you, i love it too :)

    Lemon Bunny:
    Ha ha! I actually could sit down in it, but it was really uncomfortable so yeah, mainly i was standing :P


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